Thursday, March 16, 2006

Getting America Right

I was joined today by Edwin Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation to talk about...

Where did we take a wrong turn?That’s what proud conservatives are asking. The era of liberal dominance is finally over, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it. Government spending is out of control, huge waves of illegal immigration threaten our security and our American identity, more and more Americans look to Washington for the “quick fix,” the government grabs for more power at the expense of our liberty, American businesses are fleeing overseas, and terrorism threatens us more than ever. How do we deal with these crises when our leaders refuse to?

By following Edwin J. Feulner and Doug Wilson’s unique and practical six-point plan —specific steps that every one of us can take to put America back on course. As conservative leaders—Feulner as president of the nation’s preeminent think tank, the Heritage Foundation; Wilson as chairman of America’s leading conservative news and community website,—the authors know that what will rescue us now are the things that have always made this nation great: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, a strong national defense, and the rule of law. We must demand accountability and a return to our core principles.

Getting America Right also reveals:

Stunning real-world examples of government run amok, and how it hurts you.

The politicians who are selling out, and the brave souls who are fighting for what’s right .

How to restore fiscal discipline among Washington’s pork-addicted pols—Feulner and Wilson identify ridiculous programs we could slash immediately, with no harm done .

The blueprint for getting the federal government out of our way and out of our pockets .

The threats Washington is ignoring, and the steps we must take at home and abroad to ensure our security .

What you can do to hold politicians accountable .

What is at risk if we fail? Nothing less than the freedom, prosperity, and security of ourselves and our children and grandchildren. We must get it right—each and every one of us. And we need to start today. As Newt Gingrich writes in his foreword to Getting America Right, “The blueprint for our action—yours and mine—is contained within the pages of this remarkable book.”


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