Friday, March 10, 2006

Crotty issues county wide gag order???

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting...
Orange bans comment on Crotty deals
A memo urging staff not to talk to reporters comes 3 days after a probe of the mayor was announced.

Orange County officials Thursday barred county employees from talking to reporters about any government dealings with Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty's former business partner, Daryl Carter.

The orders to keep the county's professional staff silent came three days after Gov. Jeb Bush assigned a special prosecutor to probe a lucrative South Florida land deal that Crotty and Carter partnered on in 2002 and 2003.

"I'm tired of this witch hunt," County Attorney Tom Drage said of reporter inquiries. "We're not going to go into what happened three or four years ago in the county. We're not going to have this issue tried in the media."

One of Drage's deputies drafted a memo urging "that County employees should refrain from making public comments about matters that will be covered by the pending investigation."

The memo continued: "Advance public statements [by county staff] would serve to preempt the Special Prosecutor's function which we have no desire of doing."


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