Monday, August 28, 2006

High School Students Will Learn About Teacher's Sex Change

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Students at Batavia High School in Batavia, New York, will begin the school year by attending question-and-answer sessions about one of their teachers who's undergoing a sex change. The teacher, who wasn't identified for privacy reasons, is still going through a medical gender transition, but will return to school in September dressed as a woman and will be addressed as woman as well. Under state and federal laws, a person with gender identity disorder is considered disabled, so is protected from discrimination and must be reasonably accommodated by an employer.

Administrators, counselors and psychologists who've gotten training in gender identity issues will hold the student forums, which will be followed by a meeting open to the public. There'll also be a meeting for staff and parents to outline the medical and legal concerns surrounding gender transition. Superintendent Richard Stutzman said he hoped all these discussions will keep the issue from being a distraction in the classroom or at school functions. He told AP, "The kids are my biggest concern right now. I want to make sure that we truly address the needs of our students."


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