Friday, November 03, 2006

Slip Sliding Away!

Q: Why is this man smiling?
A:He just beat the system!

Siplin won't serve more jail time
The Orlando Sentinel reports...

An Orange Circuit Court judge sentenced state Sen. Gary Siplin to 36 months probation, 300 community service hours, $1,890 in fines and court costs. He also was sentenced to one day in jail but was credited for time served when he was arrested.

Siplin, now a convicted felon, didn't comment when he left the Orange County Courthouse trailed by a handful of reporters.

"We are glad this part is over," said Siplin's attorney Diana Tennis. "We will let the appeals court sort it out. It will be interesting."

Assistant State Attorney Ken Lewis asked Judge Julie O'Kane to sentence Siplin to a year in jail.

"He's acting like only he is above the law," Lewis said.

Before the sentencing, O'Kane acknowledged how unique the case has been and how much attention it has drawn from the public.

"My decision today has no way been influenced" by what anyone has said in the community, she said.

"Mr. Siplin is a public officer, and the crimes for which he was convicted resulted in a breach of the public trust," she added.

Membership has it's privileges. Did anyone see the secret handshake?


At 9:17 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Don't know if you ever heard of Coleman Young, the 5 term corrupt Mayor of Detroit. He could have been the mentor for Mr. Siplin, and probably the Orlando Mayor's and City Council. Coleman had a interesting way with words; note his quotes. Don't think they ever found his Kruegerands.. Probably didn't look in his freezer.. Coleman was also a mentor for John Conyers, possibly the next head of the Senate Judiciary committee.


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