Friday, November 03, 2006

US Military Spokesman: Press Shouldn't Pry Into Soldiers' Private Concerns

NewsBusters is reporting...

As reported here, in a story airing on 'Today' of October 28th, NBC reporter Richard Engel delved into the most private concerns of US soldiers serving in Iraq. Engel queried one solider about his fears of dying in combat, or as he put it:

"You ever worry one day your number's gonna come up?"

Engel also drew soldiers out on their concerns as to the faithfulness of their loved ones back home, inviting them to discuss "the Jody," described by one soldier as "the guy who is back home with your wife or your girlfriend." Added Engel: "They worry and tell stories about soldiers going home to empty houses."

Maj. General William Caldwell, chief spokesman for the US military in Iraq, responded to the story today in the course of a conference-call interview. Gen. Caldwell, in Baghdad, took questions from media representatives in the United States including this NewsBuster, who invited the General to comment on Engel's story. Said General Caldwell:

"I don't think that's something that needs to be asked about. It really should not be in the public domain. I don't think these people should pry into people's personal lives."


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