Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Three Students Arrested When Evacuation Turns To Chaos

WFTV9 reports...

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. -- Chaos erupted outside an Osceola County high school on Tuesday morning. One student was slammed to the ground, while two others were pinned against cars. All three were arrested.

Ciara Smith, 17, was the first student to be arrested by Kissimmee police officers after she tried to jump a fence to skip school. Her mother said Ciara was wrong, but she also said the Kissimmee officers were wrong in the way they handled her.

Smith defied an officer's order more than once to stop. She walked away, she pulled her hand away when he tried to arrest her and, again, kept walking away when he told her to stop. So the officer tackled her. Check out the video HERE.

Ciara's mom is on TV crying the blues claiming the police used excessive force. She should have been tazed! The other girl that struck the officer from behind is lucky she wasn't shot.


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