Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lou Dobbs unloads on the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church once again putting itself in the center of a debate over amnesty for illegal aliens. Church leaders in California during Ash Wednesday services called for Catholics to commit themselves to quote, "immigration reform".

In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahoney told parishioners, quote, "They are innocence impacted by an unjust system that has failed and will continue to fail them and our society until true comprehensive reform is passed by Congress and the president."

Another California bishop called for his parishioners to dedicate a day of fasting during Lent to immigration reform.

Ah, the good Cardinal Mahoney again. A pious man, I'm sure. But his heart rests with those who violate American borders and laws, and not with law-abiding citizens of this great nation, which, by the way, permits him the freedom to put his interests in filling his pews with good Catholics who are here illegally ahead the laws of this land and our national interest.

It's interesting that the good cardinal and his fellow enthusiast for the illegals of Latin American, bishop Jamie Hosoto (ph), say that Lent is the appropriate time for their parishioners of Los Angeles to fill out cards and send them to Congress calling for immigration reform.

Now to me, that seems just a little bit outside the spirit of the Church and Lent. It seems, actually, a bit secular,in fact. Lent is a time, after all, for Catholics to sacrifice. But these two leaders in southern California apparently think sacrifice should be born by all American citizens of every and no faith.

The good cardinal and bishop seem to be enthusiastic about the idea of all of us giving up our national sovereignty for Lent. How's that for sacrifice?

Dobbs is right! These guys are on the wrong side of the fence. This is a social justice issue. If Mahoney really cared about the new members of his flock he'd be calling for a crack down on US employers that are exploiting the illegals.


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous bill "the future antichrist" clinton said...

The bible says somewhere (I don't wanna take the time to look up chapter and verse. Trust me!) that God sets the borders for peoples and nations.

When the Roman Empire became utterly corrupt, they allowed the Visigoths to invade in much the same way the Hispanic Catholic illegals are now invading the U.S. Eventually, the presence of the Visigoths weakened the ability to protect the border regions, and the Ostragoths (sp?) overran the borders and eventually sacked Rome. One hundred years ago, Kosovo was overwhelmingly Serb, but, since the Soviet Union allowed infiltration from Albania into Kosovo from the end of WW2 up until the Soviet Union crumbled, Albanian muslims invaded Kosovo, and eventually turned it into a muslim province. The number of ethnic Russians is declining in Russia, including those who live in Siberia. The Chinese who live across the border from Siberia are slowly infiltrating and gaining control of Siberia, which is much like our Dakotas, cold in winter with fertile grasslands in summer. Eventually, Siberia will become a Chinese province. South Africa was relatively uninhabited (due to disease or war or something)when the Dutch, English, and Zulu were all begining to occupy the area at about the same time. The Zulus and later the other major black nation (Inkatha?) moved more people into the area over the decades, and now, by virtue of having the most people, the two major black nations control the area of South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.

About fifteen or twenty years ago, Time Magazine published a major piece predicting that whites would become a minority in the United States around the year 2050. I, like many white people, was alarmed that "my" world could actually crumble in such a way, but, since then, I've come to terms with the notion that God has decided to move the borders between and among peoples and nations, just as He's done throughout history. Much of our country will become Hispanic, and the Roman Catholic Denomination will wield much more influence among the poor, Hispanic sheep than it does now among the nominally-Christian but primarily materialistic white Americans. Anybody who feels uncomfortable with this should get down on his or her knees and appeal to the only one can make it happen otherwise.

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most Hispanics today are leaving the Catholic Church for self styled religious sects based on Christianity mixed with ancient paganisn. The Catholic Church is losing Hispanic followers by droves to new indiginous cults. There is also an influx of Hisapanic (Latinos, or whatever you want to call us), to Islam. Many Spanish speaking mosques have sprung up in New York and Puerto Rico.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1960, John Kennedy went from Washington to Texas to assure Protestant preachers that he would not obey the pope. In 2001, George Bush came from Texas up to Washington to assure a group of Catholic bishops that he would obey the pope. — Washington Times, April 16, 2001

Why is Cardinal Mahoney bragging about "commanding" five million people to be lawbreakers?

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anti-Catholicism: The last acceptable prejudice in Western society.


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