Wednesday, March 14, 2007

4 get jail in election day tire slashing

Michael Pratt, son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, leaves the courtroom Wednesday after being sentenced to six months in jail for his part in slashing the tires of 25 vehicles at Republican headquarters before the 2004 election.

When three GOP staffers jam some phone lines on Election Day, it's election tampering. When four Democrats slash $2,500 worth of tires to keep Republicans from voting, it's "a silly prank"


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Republican's don't know how to slash tires. It takes years of training. I tried it once, broke my pocket knife, and almost lost a finger..

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous bill "the future antichrist" clinton said...

I remember reading several reports of white male DEMOCRATS who beat black Haitians with baseball bats during the 2000 election, because the Haitians apparently tend to vote Republican. (I dunno. I can't understand that one, but it was in the reports.) When the U.S. government Civil Right Commission (or whatever it's called) headed by the angry-looking old black woman (Frances Beery??) investigated the alleged attempts by Republicans to keep blacks away from the poles in 2000, the commission conveniently neglected to investigate these reports regarding the Haitians.

Lesson to be learned: The average Democrat activist isn't interested in fairness or equal opportunity, so don't give them any credence, when they wail and moan about Republican infractions.


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