Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eliminate "Toxic" people from your life!

It's Jack Canfield again...with one of the most important Mentorship lessons I have yet to send you. It's something high achievers have known throughout history... That is...surround yourself with positive people.

If you think about it, there are people you meet in life who are positive, nurturing and uplifting. These are people who believe in you, encourage you and applaud your victories. Contrast that with "toxic" people -- the dream-stealers, the negative ones, the people who bring tension, stress and disorder to your day.

Stop spending time with toxic people! And work hard to bring more positive, successful types into your life.

There's a valuable exercise my own mentor W. Clement Stone taught me. Make a list of everyone you spend time with, then put a plus sign (+) next to the positive ones and a minus sign (-) next to the toxic ones. You'll probably see a pattern begin to form.

Perhaps your entire workplace is filled with toxic people. Wow...what a revelation. Or perhaps your friends and family are constant nay-sayers, belittling you and undermining your self-esteem. Take steps now to either decrease the amount of time you spend with these toxic folks or set appropriate boundaries in how they relate to you.

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