Friday, June 01, 2007

Cost of Low-Skilled Immigrants


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a (not for long) registered Republican, this President has insulted me, as an American citizen, for the last time. It's time to bring on John Conyers impeachment hearings. Lets keep the clowns in the Senate and the House busy throwing pies at each other for the next year and a half. They reported on the news tonight that voters are now registered 42% Independent, 26% Republican and 32% Democrat. The Democrats are now the Socialist Party. The Republicans are now the Democrat Party. How about a "For the People Party?" And it ain't John Morgan!!! Maybe it's time for one or two of the Republican's ie: Hunter and Tancredo, to run as Independent the "For the People Party", that will actually stand up for Democracy in American, and inforce the "existing" immigration laws they created in 1986, to fix the immigration problem. Are we just making the rules up as we go along? I thought these Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States? Whom are they representing? Maybe I don't want to pay taxes any more. Is that OK with you Teddy Kennedy and S. Mell Martinez? With 42% registered Independent, it may be time. Don't think there were those numbero's when Peerot ran for President.. We the people, are fed up, with business as usual!
Of course we will need primaries for an Independent Presidential candidate to weed out the prospective WINO'S, RINO'S, like Bloomberg that would like to buy his way in as El Presidente. If this immigration bill is passed, I fully believe this Country will be in anarchy within the next few years. Rules and laws that built this country will no longer apply. I for one will not pay taxes, so I can buy equivelent to a new Mustang convertible every year for an illegal immigrant family. Will you? KMA George Bush; S. Mell M. too.. Maybe I'll steal some ID's so I can buy myself a big screen TV, and some rims for my SUV.. No sense in trying to be a role my for my children anymore. I'll teach them to scam the scammers that's been scamming us for the last 20 years. Anarchy. That's whats coming. It's already started right here in Orlando, within the past 5 years.

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About 8 years ago this father on my sons soccer team was telling me he came to America in 1985, and was now a dual citizen American/ Armenian after the 1986 amnesty. He was a mechanic and his employer witheld social security tax but he made most of his money in cash. He told me he came to America because it was a great place to make money; but not a place to raise a family even though he had two American sons. He had no bank account in America and dealt strictly in cash; and had a family bank account where he sent cash/money (by underground courier) back to Armenia. He was going to retire, move back to Armenia, and live like a king on social security checks; which he could never do in the US. He used the term, American's are fools.. Smiling fools. George Bush is the true example of an "American Smiling Fool" When his wallet is gone; it'll be "whale sheet.., musta left er under the bed in the White House.."

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in South Florida Friday and Saturday, and in Juno Beach I didn't see any illegal Mexican's in the shawdow's there. They were riding bikes up and down the main road into town, and playing soccer at Jupiter Lighthouse park. Suppose they are celebrating their soon to be citizenship. Than I stopped for gas in Boca Raton, and what appeared to be, in broad daylight! an illegal Mexican trying to buy a pack of cigarettes with a $100.00 bill. They didn't accept $100.00 bills. All he claimed to have in his wallet was $1,000 cash in $20's and $50's. (just like the average American Citizen carries around on a Sunday afternoon..)

One of the clown's in Congress needs to propose a bill where any money transferred to Mexico, Honduraas, or wherever, be charged a 20%,30%, 40% penalty to recoup the lost income tax's and social security taxes being lost, by these people working for, and dealing in cash. How about starting with Bank of America, CitiBank, and Western Union.

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once they become citizens, than the AFLCIO can unionize them and get their wages up. The Gov't will also place them at the top of the list as minorities for special programs such as affirmative action for job placement, college admissions, small business grants. Than we may be able to reduce the current cost of the low-skilled immigrants, and our children and grandchildren can learn to pick fruits and vegetables, work in the meat packing plants for the low wages; the jobs Mexican's will no longer do.

I thought Ford opened an engine plant in Mexico back in the late 70's or 80's? My neighbor back in the 80's had to wait a year for a replacement engine from MX, for a manufacturing defect. Why don't we employ them in the auto industry? They don't need health insurance benefits, etc. like the standard UAW union worker. It'd reduce the price of a car by over $2,000. Maybe even make the US car industry competitive again. Same with the US steel maufacturing industry. Get rid of the union's and employ these cheap labor Mexican's.


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