Monday, June 18, 2007

Grandmother's Plea Won't Keep Teen Carjacker From Jail

WFTV9 is reporting...

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A grandmother's tearful plea, Monday, couldn't keep a confessed teenage carjacker from spending years behind bars.

Alvin Henry was just 14 when he pulled off two violent carjackings in Orlando just several days apart. He's now 15 and, in court Monday, he struck a deal that will mean many years behind bars.

Henry has had a very tough life and it's about to get even tougher. He could spend at least ten years in state prison after pleading guilty to two carjackings.

Here is another Judge, Orange County Circuit Judge Bob Wattles, we need to thank for getting tuff with these punks.


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the mama? Where's the papa? Why is a grandmother raising a 14/15 year old? Lock up the parents with the kid for the next 10 years so they can bond as a family, and let grandma enjoy her midlife.

At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know all the details of this case. I just know I recognized Alvin, a former student of mine, from the news coverage.

I am sure if it is described as "violent carjackings" that they were horrible crimes. Obviously, that is inexcusible. Obviously, consequences have to be paid.

However, your comment about "getting tuff with these punks" seems to me indicative of how "these punks" get that way. Being treated as garbage early on and when they are desperate for help as I feel Alvin was when he was at my school and not getting that help certainly didn't help anything.

It's easy to throw out hateful comments about another human being. So much harder to actually look at the forces creating violent human beings and try to be part of something that makes a difference.


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