Friday, April 29, 2005

Rapid Judgment Segment Results

During President Bush's press conference he said there isn't much he can do about rising gasoline costs. Do you believe him?

10 Yea 2 Nay

Bush to Propose Oil Refineries at Former Military Bases

Due to pressure over high energy prices, the AP reports that President Bush will propose tackling the root causes of the problem by encouraging new oil refineries to be built at closed military bases and jumpstarting construction of new nuclear power plants. In a speech Bush will also reportedly propose giving federal regulators the lead authority to decide where to locate terminals for processing imported natural gas. States have increasingly been taking the lead on this issue.

In addition, Bush, in his second energy speech in a week, is expected to propose adding vehicles that use clean-burning diesel fuel, hybrids powered by gasoline and electricity, and fuel-cell vehicles to the list of automobiles eligible for $2.5 billion in tax credits over 10 years to encourage further use of this technology.

Meanwhile, a Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that less than half of Americans support the way the president is handling energy policy. Bush met Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah at his Texas ranch on Monday (April 25th) but reached no agreement that would lower gasoline prices in the near term.

According to the Associated Press, "The lack of adequate refining capacity is frequently cited by experts as one reason why gasoline prices have surged dramatically in recent years. No new refineries have been built in recent years even though the demand for gasoline has risen."

Do you think encouraging new oil refineries be built at closed military bases and jumpstarting construction of new nuclear power plants is a good idea?


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

Ft. Ord, on the coast of California, near Monterey closed in the early 1990's, being retrofitted with a refinery? Or, would a nuclear power station on the outskirts of Ft. Pierce? I don't think that will ever happen. Why? The Democrat Socialist Party will obstruct any and all suggestions, or moves, associated with those former proposals. Images of Valdez, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island will be forced down the already constricted throats of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack. I'd like to suggest a 1 for 1 exchange of one barrel of oil for every alien who crosses the border illegally. Furthermore, for every million barrels that are exchanged for said illegal aliens, one oil refinery should be built along the border. With an estimated 11 million plus illegal aliens in our country, that would mean 11 new refineries would sprout up. 11 new opportunities for the 5.6% of unemployed Americans to work. Along the border would be ideal; it won't be as far for the illegals to roll the barrel. Seattle, Denver, Chicago, or Long Island would be considered cruel and unusual punishment by some. See how this possible solution would help those in Central Florida who can't find jobs in construction? Illegals wouldn't have to travel as far to pay back to a society which has given them so much for free. Or is this "Beyond Thunderdome"?I am not smart, but I have guts; and guts are enough.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger wayTOtheRIGHT said...

Of course the idea is just to simple. (That is Bush's biggest problem. He is a simpleton.)

You are right Sick Boy the Eco-Commies will never let it happen.

And, once again are Republican buddies will not have the intestinal fortitude ("guts") to make it happen.

I am not so smart either, but not sure I have the guts to make anything happen. I've been listening to the latest Kenny Chesney album. It is all about living life in the islands. That may be all I have the guts for as I watch our elected leaders fail us.


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