Monday, July 18, 2005

Transcript of Tancredo comments

Comments made by Rep. Tom Tancredo on Friday during an on-air interview on radio station WFLA in Orlando, Fla. Host Pat Campbell and the congressman were discussing the possibility of future terrorist attacks inside the United States.

Campbell: Worst case scenario, if they do have these nukes inside the borders and they were to use something like that — what would our response be?

Tancredo: What would be the response? You know, there are things that you could threaten to do before something like that happens and then you may have to do afterwards that are quite draconian.

Campbell: Such as...

Tancredo: Well, what if you said something like — if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, um, you know, you could take out their holy sites . . .

Campbell: You're talking about bombing Mecca.

Tancredo: Yeah. What if you said — what if you said that we recognize that this is the ultimate threat to the United States — therefore this is the ultimate threat, this is the ultimate response.

I mean, I don't know, I'm just throwing out there some ideas because it seems to me . . . at that point in time you would be talking about taking the most draconian measures you could possibly imagine and because other than that all you could do is once again tighten up internally.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish our leaders and PC crowd would finally wake up and realize that the Muslim religion is at war with the west. They preach their hatred in the mosques, recruit their murderers in the mosques, their religion and governments financially support the terrorists, etc. Every time a terrorist strikes, the "mainstream" Muslim community remains silent or half-heartily condemns the bombing while loudly worrying out loud if their will be a "backlash".

I agree with Congressman Tancredo that we should nuke the Muslim holy sites, especially Mecca, if we are nuked by these Muslim terrorists. Personally I think right now we should also target these clerics that preach this hatred and recruit these terrorists. We should target them for assassination no matter what country they are hiding in. I also think our government should target the families of these terrorists and clerics. For example, one terrorist in London had a wife and newborn baby. Some of the 9/11 terrorists had wives and children here in the USA. They should not be allowed to live and the terrorists given notice that their families are not safe from us. Cruel, yes, but our enemy is much crueler and personally I don't think they should be allowed to reproduce. This is a brutal war after all.

Be safe and be well

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

...and this is why Tom is correct:

Shallah: "I do not condemn the killing of civilians in Netanya"

This story
states that "[Ramadan Abdallah] Shallah, former director of the Palestinian think tank founded by
at USF, left Tampa in 1995 and emerged later as the commander of the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Damascus, Syria." Here he is in an interview
which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on July 17, 2005 provided to us by
with thanks to Sr. Soph.
Block quote start
Shalah: How old was the martyrdom-seeker who carried out the Netanya operation? He was 13 years old. Today he's 18 years old...

Host: You sent a 13-year-old?

Shalah: No. He was 13 when the Intifada started.

Host: How old is he today?

Shalah: 18 years old.

Host: Just a boy, then.

Shalah: Did I send him? Did I force him? They made the decision themselves. He wants to fight. He wants to become a martyr, because the alternative is such
a life... You know what is happening in Palestine. Therefore, he believes, and I too believe, that this path of martyrdom is the solution...

Host: ... Will lead him to Paradise.

Shalah: It will lead him to Paradise and replace the hell he's in. We are victims.

Host: But these were civilians.

Shalah: What "civilians"?

Host: ...But against 16-year-old girls who went shopping?

Shalah: Look, some time ago I heard (Muhammad Hassanein) Heikel, who is the most prominent Arab journalist, one of the most important Arab journalists these
days, and he said that the distinction between civilians and soldiers in a modern state - a Nation State - is a lie. This civilian uses ballot boxes to
bring Sharon to power, and she supports his policy.

Host: They will support Sharon even more now.

Shalah: I don't care. I condemn the killing of civilians in London and New York, by the way, but I do not condemn the killing of civilians in Netanya, because
the people in Netanya live on my land, and they are killing me in Tulkarm, Jibalya, and Gaza.
Block quote end

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