Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'll be on Live & Direct with Rita Cosby on MSNBC tonight at 9PM ET

We'll be discussing the strange case of Farris Hassan and whether he or his family should be held financially accountable for the cost of his rescue. Much like runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks was held responsible for the cost of her massive manhunt.

Check out Rita's interview with Farris...
Farris Hassan talks about trip to Iraq 16 year-old speaks exclusively to Rita Cosby about his solo journey

A little background from Newsbusters...
Farris Hassan: Youthful Idealist or Bumbling Jihadist?

What say you?



At 1:25 PM, Anonymous bill "t.f.a." clinton said...

The family should pay for their irresponsible son's expensive actions.

I'm guessing that any parents who allow their kid to be that much out of control must be Democrat-loving liberals, so, if they can't afford to pay for their kid's nonsense, the kid could work off his debt by taking a "position" as an aide for Congressman Barney Fag (D Massa-two-shits).

At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should have just left him over there.

Jim in PA


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