Monday, January 23, 2006

Why is the ACLU getting involved in an alleged police pursuit?

Jim Phillips from PursuitWatch stopped by to discuss what we know about Friday's incident.

The Central Florida chapter of the ACLU joined forces on Sunday with another local civil-rights organization to look into a fatal crash that was caused by a pickup being followed by Orlando police.

The Friday night accident also sent six people to the hospital. Their conditions are unknown. As of late Sunday, police had not released their names nor the identity of the motorist who died.

A statement from an agency spokeswoman said Sunday that the department would not release any information until today.

Many in the west Orlando neighborhood where the crash occurred gathered Sunday to talk about what they had seen. Civic leaders and neighbors at the crash site expressed distrust in the department's investigation.

"Primarily, because we are a black community, there's complete disregard for our civil rights," Bishop O.M. Vickson I said.

J. Willie David III, president of the Florida Civil Rights Association, said he thinks there's a good chance that officers would protect their own.
Identities in fatal accident released


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous GatorBob said...

"Primarily, because we are a black community, there's complete disregard for our civil rights," Bishop O.M. Vickson I said.
Primarily, because you live in a black community, you should be kissing the policeman's asses instead of always playing the second-guessing game.
Next you'll read where Bishop Vickson is holding a ralley condeming the OPD because there is too much crime in his community. The blame game is getting old......nobody would be hurt if the idiot would have pulled over and obeyed the police, it's called proximate cause.

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous bill said...

Stop blaming the people who are charged with stopping criminals, and start blaming the criminals.

Criminals are irresponsible, thus posing a danger to themselves and other people, much like animals, and, like dangerous animals, they belong on a leash or in a cage.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

iiDo you think ol' Bishop spoke on "Keeping the Dream Alive" on MLKjr Day? Funny, I thought MLKjr was all about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, doing the best job (no matter what it is), and following the tenants of a positive faith. Tragic as the deaths are, they were preventable; Do the Right Thing. Get over, get on.


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