Saturday, April 28, 2007

Driver's Fondling May Have Caused 8 Traffic Deaths

Here’s my nominee for Illegal Immigrant Of The Week

SALT LAKE CITY -- The driver of a sport utility vehicle that rolled and killed eight of 14 passengers was charged Tuesday with transporting illegal immigrants resulting in death.

Survivors told U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Rigoberto Salas-Lopez was fondling a woman while driving, contradicting the driver's claim that he was trying to avoid an animal when the vehicle went off the road and rolled at least five times early Monday.

Salas-Lopez, 30, was arrested after fleeing into the desert in the Four Corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, police said.

Authorities said Salas-Lopez is from Guatemala as are most of the passengers, and the rest are from Mexico.


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware! Lap dances while driving, kill.


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