Saturday, April 21, 2007

Teacher Resigns Over Student Affair Allegations

ORLANDO, Fla. -- An Orlando high school teacher resigned on Thursday amid accusations that she had an inappropriate relationship with a female student.

Allison Reopel, 25, taught and coached softball at Oak Ridge High School in Orlando.

The allegations surfaced after a teacher said he witnessed Reopel and an 18-year-old student involved in what he believed to be a sex act, police said.

She allegedly was caught having oral sex with a female student in a classroom. Please watch the Local6 video. I was blown away by the Oak Ridge High School student who said "If they're going to do that kind of thing they should take it off campus", oblivious to the fact that Teachers shouldn't be having sex with students. This predatory lesbian has not been charged because of the age of the student. The State should immediately revoke her teaching licence and see that she never has access to kids again. You have to wonder if there are other victims.


At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this new America, created by Jerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, Okra Winfree, Rosie O. etc. where, wrong and freakishism is normal, and anything else is biased, bigoted, or racisist. I can totally understand why this type of activity is going on. It is normal to the majority of American's, otherwise we wouldn't have this crap on Television.

We'll Snoop Doggie PC... Welcome to the new America. These are the same people that keep voting for Diasy Lynum, than cry because the crime in their hood is so high, and when the POlice respond they cry POlice brutality, and targeting black people.

How about that HS principal that caught on video in his office, having sex with one of the teachers?

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with what the anon above me said. People need to stop being brainwashed into thinking that these kinds of people any kind of authority figures like teachers/professors has the responsibility of making sure that the lines aren't being across. Regardless of how old they student maybe...heck, so what if she's 18? She is still under supervision of the teacher who is supposed to be guiding her, not hump each other behind the book shelf. Anyway, I strongly believe that Reopel should've had her teaching license revoked cuz this has nothing to do with horniness, but rather something psyhologically wrong with her so bad that she probably cant fix without being permenantly cut off from her freakish ways around students.


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