Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lou Dobbs: Law Firm teaches how to avoid hiring Americans

Video raises concern about firms' H-1B abuses
2 lawmakers urge labor secretary to probe 'blatant disregard for American workers'
Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer

A video clip that teaches employers how not to hire Americans has prompted two lawmakers to ask Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to investigate whether U.S. companies may be abusing the H-1B visa program.

Here's the clip...

Too many people have been brain washed with the deliberately misleading garbage that immigrants, illegal, and legal, take only menial jobs that Americans don't want to do. And this video is proof positive that there are unscrupulous and sleazy lawyers who are willing to deprive Americans of jobs for the almighty dollar! Greed rules these law firms.


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what sleazy former slip and fall lawyer, and immigration attorney did we used to have in Orlando, who is now head of the RNC? Mel Martinez! All these Senate clowns are bought and paid for by big business, and special interest lobbyist's. They aren't representing the American people.

I saw this video on CNN the other night, in disgust. We are going to make illegal immigrants with 8th grade educations, and 25% of the illegals have less than an 8th grade education American citizens? What about the drop out rate for US Hispanics now? Hell we have a 25% graduation rate in Detroit. Get the 75% of the drop outs in the fields picking fruits, changing linens in the hotels. Get them out of the drug selling business, and dreams of being millionaire NBA bassetball stars.

Why is there so much emphasize on a college degree for the current American citizen? All we are getting out of the colleges now are brainwashed liberals programmed with Democrat liberal ideals. Why not on the job training, apprenticeships, management internships for Americans that score high on aptitude tests, like in the past. Probably because aptitude tests are discrimatory, because it conflicts with affirmative action, and minorities score badly on aptitude tests... Previously Plumbers, carpenters, electricians were jobs that used to be you started as an apprentice, worked up to Journeyman, than a Master Electrician, etc. I took an aptitude test back in the late 60's to be an Electrician apprentice with the United Brotherhood of Electrical workers. So now we bring in Mexicans with fake ID's, fake licenses as Electricians, etc. and they claim these people will do the jobs Americans won't do. Duhh...

There are plenty of career fields where college has no significant impact. Of course you would need a degree to be a doctor. We don't need any more lawyers... We already have enough foreign born immigration lawyers ie: Mel in this country now, trying to destroy the American dream for US born citizens.

Develop a battery of tests (which we used to have) that assesses aptitude and skills needed to execute a specific job field, give the test, and hell with this affirmative action BS. Either your a stupid white person, a stupid latino, a stupid whatevever american.. and all your good for is picking fruit, and changing linens at the local hotel, and not colleting welfare, or selling drugs..

I remember our former President Bill Clinton stating his goal was for every American to have a college degree. Stupido or whato?? What the hell would this country be if everybody had a BA, or BS degree, etc? All Democrats I suppose... You can still have an MBA and be a stupid dumb ass. ie: George Bush, algore, or JFK Kerry.


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