Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Speaker focuses talk on diversity

Diversity and multiculturalism have always interested Tulsa poet and attorney Hannibal Johnson.

"There are few issues that are more important than learning about diversity," Johnson said Tuesday at the Tulsa Press Club during a speech on increasing diversity in the workforce and improving race relations in Oklahoma.

The Press Club, a collective of print and broadcast journalists that started more than 75 years ago, regularly invites guests to speak at the club's downtown location.
I'm ticked off that I wasn't invited to their little get together!

Now check out some of the quotes from Hannibal who is down on Tulsa and down on OK.

"We live in a relatively segregated city," Johnson said(really? what do you base that on?), adding that "our state has become a hot-spot for right-wing extremists like the Ku Klux Klan." (really? where? can you sight any evidence to support that claim?).

"Oklahoma has a reputation of being a closed-minded place, and that reflects badly on our state," Johnson said. (according to who?)


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you buddy, but diversity is what's killing this country. Affirmative action is reverse racism, and that is why some white people have issues. When you end affirmative action, than talk to me about equality in this country.

In Florida we have this FCAT test you must pass before graduating from high school, or you don't receive a diploma. You have 5 chances to pass the test. My white daughter, is a little dim and it took her two times to pass it. So the Orlando Sentinel newspaper has an article on graduates, from an "F" rated primarily minority high school. This girl failed the test 5 times, she tried so hard to pass but couldn't. So they gave her a special test, that she passed allowing her to get her high school diploma, and graduate with honors...

Is this how we got Presidential candidate Obama and his wife? Ohh, you can't pass the tests, everyone else has to pass in college. So we just give you a little push, make an exception because you a minority, from a D to a B? Is that how this affirmative action stuff works? Tell me bro..

At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We live in a relatively segregated city," Johnson said(really? what do you base that on?),

I base it on the fact that I've lived here for 20 plus years and in that time for the most part north tulsa is black, south Tulsa is white, east Tulsa is vietnamese and mexican.

Live here for a bit before you question a native

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Pat Campbell said...

Dear Town Clown,

We looked at 20 to 30 homes in the area including south tulsa. In fact the one house I looked at in south tulsa had people from pakistan & india living on either side. I didn't come across an exclusively white neighborhood, most seem to be ethinicly diverse. Income rather than color dictates who lives where.
Mr. Johnson seems to imply that the segregation is impossed rather than Voluntary(i.e. North Tulsa nobody is forcing anyone to live there). Perhaps you should read the article next time before you make a fool of yourself!

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous brookieboo said...

Pat (or is it a closeted Patsy), Tulsa and Oklahoma in general is part of the Bible belt and if you have traveled or lived anywhere besides parts of Florida and the mid West, you know that this area is backwards and racist. OK has the fewest # of school days in the nation, and it shows! Not sure what you've done in your past life to end up here, but it seems like a good fit.

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Pat Campbell said...

Dear brookieboo,

They say that ignorance is bliss based on that statement you must be one happy man. First of all get your facts straight. Tulsa isn't just in the Bible belt it's known as the Buckle of the Bible belt. It is neither backwards or racist it is conservative and the people have strong traditional family values.
Values that frown on some of your lifestyle choices
which makes you feel uncomfortable. May I suggest you sprout a pair and perhaps consider moving out of your mother's basement after all at your age it's a bit embarrassing! There is a place for people like you it's called California. May I suggest Berkly or San Francisco where you'll find plenty of like minded whiners? Also Geography was not your forte, for the record I've lived in NY
(which last time I checked was not in the Midwest, PA, OH & FL. Unlike you I've traveled extensively around the great country of ours. It's really sad to see someone at your age so angry, bitter & hateful. What happened? Didn't mommy hug you enough?


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