Friday, December 08, 2006

Spencer Gifts Pulls All “Pornaments” from Web Site

A week ago the heavily-trafficked Internet news site The Drudge Report reported a controversy that had just begun in Jacksonville, Florida. Spencer Gifts retail stores located in malls across America were displaying, in plain view for kids to see and in violation of Florida and other states’ laws incredibly pornographic Christmas tree ornaments called “pornaments.”

It’s quite a leap we’ve made in thirty years of culture rot from mistletoe to Spencer’s naked, tumescent elves and “S & M Santa” tied up for a whipping. Not to mention a Spencer’s snowman engaged in anal sex with Spencer’s promotional copy describing “Frosty’s F*#k Face.”

As Mrs. Billy Graham said years ago: “If God doesn’t judge America for its immorality, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.”

Two days ago school kids protested outside Spencer Gifts in Jacksonville. Miami’s “lunatic lawyer” (quote provided by Archangel of Light Howard Stern) sent letters to Spencer’s and law enforcement personnel, and the battle was joined.

Guess what? Spencer Gifts has pulled from its web site all offerings of the pornaments. All of them. This follows Spencer’s pulling of the pornaments from Florida stores because of the legal “lunacy” coming from Coral Gables.

Isn’t the real First Amendment terrific? Note to ACLU: We’ll forget the reason for the season when you all stop your jihad on Christians, which will be never as to both.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once famously said that America’s culture elites have “dumbed deviancy down.” More than a decade ago former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich wrote the bestselling expose,’ Unlimited Access, on the security lapses of the Clinton White House. In that book, Aldrich recounted the placement of pornographic Christmas tree ornaments on the official Clinton White House Holiday tree. Remember that, you voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Was Monynihan on to something? Of course. He generally was. And so has been Jack Thompson for the last twenty years. The victories are few, but they are sweet nevertheless. The reason for Christmas is known. He is returning. Get ready.

-Jack Thompson


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