Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Momentum: The Best Way to Begin Your Week

Quote for the day:

“If it’s easy to do, it’s easy not to do.” -Jim Rohn


Monday Momentum: The Best Way to Begin Your Week
By Jill Koenig
Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker

Let me ask you, how did you begin your day today?

And how do you approach your week?

With positive determination and strength, eager to seize the day and opportunities before you?

Or with apprehension, dreading all you have to do?

Do you guide the direction of your week based upon your Goals?

Or do the circumstances of the week sweep you off track leaving you feeling like there’s never enough time?

I learned very quickly that Mondays are a crucial day.

Some people are going to have a rough week simply because they have not decided to create an amazing one starting right now,today.

Your Goal for Mondays should be to create as much momentum asyou possibly can towards completing your Goals and objectives,creating measurable progress, advancing your mission, giving asmuch as you can and taking a bite out of life.

I call it “Monday Momentum.”


Because Monday sets the tone for the remainder of the week.

When you create momentum, it is actually easier to do what needs to be done later and the energy that your momentum creates actually carries you through.

Momentum breeds Momentum.

Momentum feeds your energy.

Momentum is contagious.

Here are tips for creating Monday Momentum:

* Plan your entire week on paper in advance on Sunday evening.

* Get up a little earlier Monday mornings.

* Listen to an uplifting motivational or educational audio. is a great one to get yourhead on straight to take on the week with focus, clarity andenthusiasm. (spaced repetition is one of the most powerfullearning strategies known to man)

* Get your workout in early in the morning. (this will energizeyou to take on the day and you can even do this while you arelistening to the audio)

* Look at your Goals. Rewrite them.

* Drink lots of water and be sure to follow healthy diet and nutrition ( to keep your energy upthroughout the day.

The beginning of anything is always a crucial time.

The same applies to your week.

The first hour in the morning is the rudder of your day.

No one should be hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock.

You should be popping out of bed like bread pops out of the toaster!

When you get off to a great start on Monday morning, the rest of the week will follow and you will breeze through the rest of theweek with vitality and vigor.

What you do with your time and what time of day you do it iscritical to understand in relation to Time Management. High performing men and women consistently apply this secret and advance rapidly in life.

And Time Management is as much about having the right prioritiesand energy to create an amazing day full of momentum to buildupon, which will lead to an amazing week, which leads to anamazing month, which leads to an amazing year, which leads to anamazing life… follow me?

Create a new habit of generating Monday Momentum.

What will it cost you if you don’t?

Become invigorated.

Become unstoppable.

Live Your Dreams,

Jill Koenig

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Jill Koenig, the “Goal Guru” is America’s Top Goal Strategist.
A best selling Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker, she is an
expert on the subjects of Goal Setting, Time Management and
Business Success. Her Goal in life is to help you UNLEASH your
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bill Nelson heralds the quality of his intercourse

No doubt reminiscing about his days on the Orange Blossom Trail.(That's a joke)
I wonder if he used Cialis or Viagra?

Say hello to the Dillon Minigun

Sort of makes you proud to be an American! I've got a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. It's almost unfair you barely have time to scream "Allah" before the Dillon smokes you.

I need one of these mounted in the back of my minivan to help deal with I-4 traffic and Road Rage.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CAIR goes after Cal Thomas

An Islamic advocacy group(sic) is urging its supporters to call a Washington, D.C., radio station to "express your concerns about the Islamophobic attitudes" expressed by conservative columnist and author Cal Thomas.

In a commentary on news-talk WTOP radio Monday morning, Thomas discussed the car-bomb terror attacks recently thwarted in the United Kingdom. The eight Muslims arrested in connection with the plot include several physicians. "How much longer should we allow people from certain lands, with certain beliefs to come to Britain and America and build their mosques, teach hate, and plot to kill us?" Thomas asked.

He also compared Muslims to a "slow-spreading cancer” that must be stopped.

HERE is my response to CAIR.

Flying Humanoids Filmed Over Mexican Skies