Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shirley offers fix for bad parenting

Sterilize irresponsible moms, dads, he says

Charleston City Councilman Larry Shirley says the robbery of a downtown video store -allegedly by a band of kids, including one too young to be charged - is a sure sign society has gone awry, and it's time to start a "dialogue."

And one of the things he says needs to be talked about is whether bad parents should be sterilized.

"What we've got is a failure in society, whether it's in Mount Pleasant with yuppie parents or whether it's on the East Side with poor crackhead parents," Shirley said Friday. "We pick up stray animals and spay them. These mothers need to be spayed if they can't take care of theirs. ... Once they have a child and it's running the streets, to let them continue to have children is totally unacceptable." Deadbeat dads might ought to be sterilized as well, he said.

Hitler had an idea like this they called it Eugenics. It didn't go over too well.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cop Killer Fatally Shot

This thug was from the islands. I'd love to know his legal status. I wonder if this was yet another illegal alien doing the job that Americans refuse to do, you know kill cops and deal drugs.
The officer that took him out is to be commended for saving the taxpayers a lot of money.

What's really going on inside Iran?

We'll find out at 8:05AM ET this morning when I talk with Ghazal Omid author of Living In Hell.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Police: Girls Stole Fanny Pack With $50,000 Inside From Parent

Follow-up to today's story...I asked who would carry $50,000 in a fanny pack besides a drug dealer?

Dad says $35,000 for Vegas trip vanished at Colonial High

Alfred Magill doesn't expect that he will ever see his $35,000 again. The best he can do is hope he wins it back.

On Tuesday, Magill took his daughter to Colonial High School to register her. When he realized he didn't have the right paperwork, he dashed out, leaving his fanny pack behind. Inside was more than $42,000 in cash, 33 credit cards and five debit cards.

He rushed back to the school, but the pack was gone. That was the money he planned to take on his next bi-monthly gambling trip to Las Vegas this week.


Mohammed gets the Nick Berg treatment
(Hat Tip to HotAir)

Four canceled performances of a Mozart opera have reignited an anxious and heated debate in Europe over free speech, self-censorship and Islam.
Yahoo News
Jesus and Buddha are beheaded in this production as well. No news on whether the Christians and Buddhists are planning to riot.
Check out Robert Spencer with a video version of Jihad Watch HERE.
Here's the next thing they're going to be pissed off about an Italian film called The Stone Merchant

High School Confidential: Secrets of an Undercover Student

Do you want to find out what's really going on inside your child's High School? This will open your eyes and blow your mind.

Book Description

It's spring semester at Mirador High in Southern California, and twenty-four-year-old Jeremy Iversen is going deep undercover to deliver the real deal about the dull classes and fast times of American teens today.

Trading in his suit and tie for jeans and skater shoes, Iversen posed as a senior transfer student. He took six classes five days a week, dissected a cat, got sent to detention, hung out at the mall, signed yearbooks, and graduated in cap and gown. He infiltrated the homes of his teenage friends, met their parents, and went to their parties. For one entire semester, he led the life of a modern-day high school student -- and lived to tell all about it.

Going way beyond the usual clichés of jock and nerd, the book introduces readers to a revolving cast of fascinating characters from every walk of social life: promiscuous freshmen girls, lunchtime alcoholics, evangelical Christians, perfectionist drug dealers, masochistic vampires, steroid-raging baseball stars, and one principal who will stop at nothing to make her failing school look good.

In this fast-paced exposé, Jeremy Iversen blows the lid off a secret world in which the sexual revolution runs unchecked, where the use of recreational drugs is chronic, and where apathetic teachers don't even bother to teach. This Wild West wonderland, however, lives by strict unwritten rules and ultraconservative politics, creating a pressure cooker of conflict that's bound to explode. High School Confidential isn't confidential anymore.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some Americans Believe Bush Acted to Reduce Gas Prices Ahead of the Elections

Welcome to Conspiracy Central.

Analysts scoff at the idea that the Bush administration -- or for that matter any White House -- could manipulate gas prices for political benefit, but a surprising number of Americans believe that's exactly what's behind the significant decline in prices at the pump. A new Gallup poll found that while 53 percent of those surveyed don't believe the Bush administration manipulated the price of gas so it would fall before the November elections, 42 percent agree with that conspiracy theory -- almost two-thirds of them Democrats.

White House spokesman Tony Snow spoke about the suggestion of manipulation yesterday, saying, "The one thing I have been amused by is the attempt by some people to say that the president has been rigging gas prices, which would give him the kind of magisterial clout unknown to any other human being. It also raises the question, if we're dropping gas prices now, why on earth did we raise them to $3.50 before?" When asked if it was possible that oil companies would reduce their prices to help Republicans, Energy Department analyst Joanne Shore told AP, "What company in their right mind would step forward to kill their profit?"

Analysts admit that the post-summer decline in gas prices has been steeper than usual, but say there's nothing sinister behind it. Before summer began, there were concerns about rising demand, the threat of hurricanes and the increasing rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran over Iran's nuclear program. But those fears had largely gone away by the end of the summer, lessening analysts' fears. Additionally, there has been growing domestic inventories of fuel and slowing economic growth, further pushing down prices.

Hottest item in the Muslim world? Pope on a rope!

To discuss Monday's high level summit at the Pope's summer residence in Italy with Muslim leaders, and whether or not it will do any good to settle tensions in the Arab World over the Pope's misunderstood remarks, I brought Papal expert Peter Pham on the show.

Dr. Pham is a Contributing Editor of, author of a book on Papal Succession and was a senior consultant on the Papacy for CBS News last year. He is currently the Director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University (VA).

Also see Pope's critics "hypocritical"

Mysterious callers sought in Page corruption case

Q: Could Ernest Page really be this stupid?
A: Yes!
Threatening a witness after he testified while the jury is deliberating, priceless!
"Investigators are trying to find those responsible for a series of threatening phone calls to a witness who testified against former Orlando Commissioner Ernest Page during his corruption trial last week.A spokesman for the State Attorney's Office said an unnamed witness in the case received three calls on Friday before a jury returned a guilty verdict against Page on two felony charges.

Randy Means, chief of investigations for the State Attorney's Office, said a "key witness" in the case was threatened Friday, but the agency would not release the witness' name because of security concerns. The first two calls were made by a man and the third by a woman. All of the calls were placed from a pay phone at the Orange County Courthouse.

"There are some people in the [Southwest United Communities] community who stood to gain financially, and we assume there are people who are angry at the loss of potential revenue," Means said. "Tampering with a witness is very serious, and we consider this tampering."

In the third call, which authorities consider the most serious, a woman told the witness, "This is not over. You better watch your back. We'll be looking for you," according to a police report. "

'South Park' Makers Say It's 'Open Season on Jesus,' Not Mohammed

ABC's Jake Tapper interviewed Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the sleazy cartoon "South Park" for Friday's "Nightline." It's been "vilified as crude, disgusting, and nihilistic." Actually, it may be calmly, dispassionately, almost scientifically decribed as crude, disgusting, and nihilistic. But Tapper elicited some interesting commentary on how which religions can be mocked:

"That's where we kind of agree with some of the people who've criticized our show," Stone says. "Because it really is open season on Jesus. We can do whatever we want to Jesus, and we have. We've had him say bad words. We've had him shoot a gun. We've had him kill people. We can do whatever we want. But Mohammed, we couldn't just show a simple image."

Read more at NewsBusters HERE.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hate crime at local mosque!

What great police work! There hasn't been an arrest. They don't even have a suspect. Yet they know the motive. How is that possible? Then out of the blue C.A.I.R. brings in their big gun from Tampa for a press conference in Melbourne. It's almost like it's pre-scripted. Ask yourself "Who benefits from a story like this?". It's all about victim status. It's also a great way to stifle your critics.

Gunfire At Mosque Prompts Hate Crime Investigation

Here's an interesting twist. The man allegedly shot at is African-American. Did the gunman shoot at him because he was black or because he was a muslim?

Check out this great column by John Leo Faking the hate

Here's a little sample...

Caught in the act. Two weeks after the murder of Matthew Shepard, a lesbian student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota said two men shouted antigay slurs at her and then slashed her face. Outraged students raised nearly $12,000 as a reward for information about her attackers. Then the student confessed she had made up the story and cut her own face. In a similar incident, a lesbian student at Eastern New Mexico University said she had been attacked after her name was included with the names of seven professors on an antigay "hit list" posted at a local laundromat. Police arrested her after a surveillance camera at the laundromat showed her posting the list.

Here's the transcript of my recent Tucker appearance,

Sept. 11 inscriptions spark outrage

Inscriptions etched into Arizona’s Sept. 11 monument — meant to inspire and capture the horror of the terrorist attacks — sparked the beginnings of a political blog battle this week.

A timeline and record of key events and quotes are etched onto a giant angled ring reflected by sunlight in what designers said was intended to capture how Arizona and the nation responded to the attacks, and to remember the strong emotions.

But this week, blog visitors have said they’re shocked at some of the inscriptions, which they describe as political statements against the Bush administration and its war on terror.

One inscription states, “You don’t win battles of terrorism with more battles.” Another: “Congress questions why CIA and FBI didn’t prevent attacks.” And another reads, “Erroneous US air strike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians,” referring to a wedding reportedly hit by mistake in Afghanistan.

“It’s a worldview that is critical of America, and in many cases cheapens 9/11,” said Greg Patterson, a lobbyist and consultant who operates the EspressoPundit blog, where he and his readers have been critical of the memorial. “It is bent on attacking the Bush administration’s take on the war, at the expense of the memory of 9/11.”

Tons of photos at HotAir

Photo series: The Arizona 9/11 Memorial; Audio update: AZ governor comments on controversy

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Now here's a car dealership ad I would proudly run on my show!

Stations say ‘jihad’ car spots go too far

Some Columbus radio stations have rejected as insensitive an advertisement for a car dealership that invokes Islamic references.

The general manager of the dealership, though, says the promotions — which he called "tongue-in-cheek" — will air on some stations beginning next week.

In the spot, Keith Dennis of Dennis Mitsubishi talks about "launching a jihad on the automotive market."

Sales representatives "will be wearing burqas all weekend long," the ad says. One of the vehicles on sale "can comfortably seat up to 12 jihadists in the back."

"Our prices are lower than the evildoers’ every day. Just ask the pope! " the ad says. "Friday is fatwa Friday, with free rubber swords for the kiddies."

Plus let's add a FREE Pope on a rope with every test drive.

Who could possibly be offended, other than jihadists and terrorists? Moderate Muslims shouldn't be offended. I think we all need to lighten up.

Follow-up Dealership Caves, pulls ad, Jihadists spokesgroup was offended!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is Osama Dead?

Master of puppets.
(Hat Tip to HotAir)

The French Got It All Wrong, again!

On Saturday, September 23, the French newspaper L’Est Republicain reported that Osama bin Laden had died in Pakistan. The cause of his death, according to the report, was a “very serious case of typhoid” which led to “paralysis of his internal organs.” The newspaper, which claimed to have obtained the news from a credible Saudi source, said that the al Qaeda chieftain, who remains the most wanted man in the world, died on August 23.

EXCLUSIVE to the Northeast Intelligence Network & Canada Free Press

23 September 2006: You can’t believe all the news that’s originated from Saudi sources, printed in French newspapers, and broadcast on major news outlets throughout the U. S., Canada, and Europe.

That’s the word from Hamid Mir, Osama bin Laden’s official biographer and the only journalist to interview the elusive al Qaeda emir in the wake of 9/11.

In an exclusive release to the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press, Mr. Mir called the report was “rubbish” and said that it represented “old wine in an new bottle,” an apparent allusion to Congressman Curt Weldon’s statement last March to The Philadelphia Inquirer that bin Laden had died in Iran.


FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON ON NOT CAPTURING BIN LADEN: 'At least I tried. That's the difference between me and some, including all the right wingers. They ridicule me for trying. They had eight months to try, they did not try. I tried. So I tried and failed'...


Hat Tip to Drudge

On a related note KEITH OLBERMANN goes down on Clinton.

All that was missing was the blue dress during Keith Olbermann's "interview" of Bill Clinton.

J$ has the roundup here:


low-light, during the "interview" Keith hands Clinton a check to help with schools in Africa.

Doesn't MSNBC have a policy about paying for interviews?

Friday, September 22, 2006

He came. He spoke. He raised $2 million

Jim Stratton, of the Orlando Sentinel, stopped by the show this morning with his first hand account of President Bush's appearance at the Charlie Crist fundraiser in Orlando.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker

Description: It may be politically incorrect, but it's a proven fact: The best guarantee of a young woman's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health is having a strong and loving father. Dr. Meg Meeker, a child and adolescent physician, has seen it over and over again: Fathers make the difference. In Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, Dr. Meeker pinpoints the ten crucial masculine virtues that a father must use to save his daughter from the perils kids face today. Dr. Meeker provides specific tips - illustrated through real-life father-daughter relationships - on: Authority: why your daughter needs it - and why only a father can provide it * Love: how fathers determine what a daughter expects from men * Eating and emotional disorders: why a father is essential to prevent or cure anorexia, bulimia, and other similar problems * Connectedness: how fathers must parent as well as provide * Humility: how fathers must teach that self-esteem begins at home * Faith: why daughters must learn about God from a man * Courage: why fathers must trust their masculine instincts to protect their daughters * Faithfulness: how fathers can teach daughters to succeed through perseverance * Adoration: why every daughter needs it from her father * Integrity: why fathers should establish moral clarity for daughters. Meg Meeker, M.D. is a child and adolescent physician living in Traverse City, Michigan. She is a highly sought-after consultant and national speaker on teen health issues, and has authored two other books on teens. She currently teaches family practice residents in Michigan.

Bush threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age after 9/11

We need more of this tough talk backed up with action. Vote Dick Armitage for President!

Pakistan's Leader Says U.S. Threatened to Bomb His County After 9/11

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said in a 60 Minutes interview set to air this Sunday (September 24th) that the U.S. threatened to bomb his country after the 9/11 attacks if he didn't help in America's campaign against the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan. Musharraf said that then-deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage delivered the message to Pakistan's intelligence director, saying, "Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age." Musharraf told 60 Minutes, "I think it was a very rude remark," but said he acted responsibly, explaining, "One has to think and take actions in the interests of the nation and that is what I did." U.S. government officials told both AP and Reuters they wouldn't comment.

Before 9/11, Pakistan was one of the few countries that maintained relations with the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan, but within days of the terrorist attacks on America, Musharraf cut those ties and cooperated with U.S. efforts to track and capture al-Qaida and Taliban forces that sought refuge in Pakistan. AP reports, however, that although Pakistan is still viewed as a close ally of the U.S. in the war on terrorism, it sometimes seems reluctant to go after the Taliban.

Musharraf also told 60 Minutes that there were demands made with Armitage's threat, including that Pakistan turn over its border posts and bases for the U.S. military to use in the fight against the Taliban. He called some of the demands, quote, "ludicrous," including one that he suppress domestic expression of support for terrorism against the U.S. Musharraf said, "If somebody is expressing views, we cannot curb the expression of views."

Bombshell: ABC:independently confirms success of CIA “torture” tactics

Check out this video of ABC's Brian Ross on O'Reilly last night. Hat Tip to Hot Air.

Video: Rangel warns Chavez not to attack “my president”

Leading Dems Condemn Chavez Over Bush 'Devil' Remarks Amid Further Insults from Venezuelan Prez

Two leading House Democrats condemned Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez yesterday (September 21st) for calling President Bush "the devil" in his speech the day before at the United Nations General Assembly. But their criticism came as Chavez launched another volley against Bush as the Venezuelan leader visited a Harlem church.

In a news conference yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Chavez, quote, "an everyday thug." The California Democrat, who's a frequent Bush critic, continued, "Hugo Chavez abused the privilege that he had, speaking at the United Nations. He demeaned himself and he demeaned Venezuela." Meanwhile, senior Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel of New York released a statement in which he expressed his, quote, "extreme displeasure" at Chavez's remarks. He said, "George Bush is the president of the United States and represents the entire country. Any demeaning or public attacks against him are viewed by Republicans, Democrats, and all Americans as an attack on all of us."

But Chavez wasn't letting up yesterday, saying during an appearance at Mount Baptist Olive Church in Harlem that Bush is, quote, "an alcoholic and a sick man." That drew a round of applause from the crowd, which included actor Danny Glover, and he also got laughs and applause when he mockingly compared Bush to John Wayne. During the appearance, Chavez promised to double the amount of discounted heating oil his country sends to needy Americans under a program he began last winter, when he accused Bush of neglecting America's poor.

This is nothing more than an insincere tactic meant to deflect criticism away from Democratic attacks on Bush.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome to Hugo's Book Club

Don't waste your time buying this Bush Hating, Anti-American screed.

Here's the Cliff Notes version of...
Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance by Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is considered the father of modern linguistics. In this richly detailed criticism of American foreign policy, he seeks to redefine many of the terms commonly used in the ongoing American war on terrorism. Surveying U.S. actions in Cuba, Nicaragua, Turkey, the Far East and elsewhere over the past half a century along with the modern American war in Iraq, Chomsky indicates that America is just as much a terrorist state as any other government or rogue organization. George W. Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq drew worldwide criticism, in part because it seemed to present a new philosophy of pre-emptive war and an appearance of global empire building. But according to Chomsky, such has been the operating philosophy of American foreign policy for decades. Opponents of the Bush administration's tactics consistently point out how the American government supported Saddam Hussein for many years prior to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait (pictures of Donald Rumsfeld shaking Saddam's hand are easy to come by) as a means of pointing out how the United States is happy to fund despots when it's in American interests. But Chomsky, armed with extensive historical notation, takes this notion further, arguing how the repression of other nations' citizenry is, in fact, the very reason Americans support certain foreign leaders. The charges made throughout the book are severe, as are the dire consequences he posits if current trends are not reversed, and Chomsky is no more likely to make friends or gain supporters from the mainstream now than he's ever been. But Hegemony or Survival is relatively dispassionate. Instead of relying on camp or shock value or personal attacks as some of his contemporaries have done, Chomsky drives his well-supported points steadily forward in an earnest and highly readable style. --John Moe

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another reason not to use Mass Transit in Orlando

LYNX Rider Diagnosed With Tuberculosis

There's one important detail missing from the story. Was the infected person A) homeless or B)an illegal alien?
What other formerly eradicated diseases can we bring back to Orlando? How about leprosy?

Check out the Brian Williams interview with Ahmadinejad

Video: Ahmadinejad: Democracy through war impossible

What is Brian Williams thinking? He's putting Ahmadinejad on equal footing with Bush. He's legitimizing this third world thug that should be arrested for his role in American Hostage Crisis of 1979. Williams fawned over this third world despot and did everything except give him a reach around. Brian ought to be ashamed of himself. He did the western world a great disservice by legitimizing Ahmadinejad. History will be Brian's judge, he'll be held in the same high regard as Neville Chamberlain

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On MSNBC's Tucker, radio host Campbell said, "Robertson may have actually been on to something when he suggested possibly assassinating Hugo Chavez"

During an exchange regarding the Havana Summit of non-aligned nations on the September 15 edition of MSNBC's Tucker, conservative Orlando, Florida, radio host Pat Campbell said that "Pat Robertson may actually have been on to something when he suggested possibly assassinating Hugo Chavez." Throughout the segment, host Tucker Carlson suggested that both "the left" in general and Sam Seder, host of Air America Radio's The Majority Report, in particular are guilty of "defending the enemies of America."

As Media Matters for America noted, Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition of America, suggested assassinating Chavez on the August 22, 2005, edition of Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club. Read yhe rest of the transcript and watch the video HERE.

Media Matters has been urging their readers to contact me.

When contacting the media, please be polite and professional. Express your specific concerns regarding that particular news report or commentary, and be sure to indicate exactly what you would like the media outlet to do differently in the future.

Here are some examples of the vile crap I've been receiving from the lunatic left.

From: Lloyd Longdail []
Sent: Tue 9/19/2006 5:22 PM
To: Campbell, Pat (orlando)
Subject: John McCain

Hi Pat,
I have now watched you twice on Tucker Carlson, and each time the subject of torture is discussed, you always talk about electrodes being attached to McCain's testicles. Why are you so fascinated by the Seantor's testicles? Are you a gay, cock-suckin, shit-eating, sado-masochist?

Your biggest fan.

Here's another gem it's short, sweet and to the point.

From: []
Sent: Tue 9/19/2006 6:38 AM
To: Campbell, Pat (orlando)
Subject: Hugo Chavez

Hey, you fat fuck. Chavez is GOOD for his people, unlike our MORON bush who is the wickedest president in history.

This one's sort of funny.

From: Doug Railey []
Sent: Tue 9/19/2006 12:52 PM
To: Campbell, Pat (orlando)
Subject: Sam Seder

Pat -

I saw you on "Tucker" the other day.

Man, you sure showed Sam Seder who's boss!
It's no wonder Air America is on the skids.

I have added you to my list of great Americans!

Roy Cohn
J.B. Stoner
Lester Maddox
Strom Thurmond
Bobby Baker
Oliver North
David Duke
Lyndon LaRouche
Richard Nixon
Rush Limbaugh
Sean Hannity
Bill O'Reilly
Tony Blankley
Joseph McCarthy
Jim Bakker

Also, I wanted to thank you for your continued help with killing and maiming those who hate us because we are free! I'm just glad we are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here. The lib's want us to cut and run like sissy-boys!

You look like you were either in the military or prison. Did you ever do time in a level-four facility?

Keep doing God's work for a safe and strong America!!!


Why is this story on the front page of the Sentinel?

Sellers act on faith
Some believe a saint might help in a buyer's market.

As the real-estate market softens, some people are turning to faith -- and a shovel -- to sell their stagnant properties.According to tradition, burying a statue of St. Joseph in the lawn -- and praying to the patron saint of house sellers -- will help a real-estate deal.And with sales of existing single-family homes falling significantly in Central Florida, it's a tradition that appeals to sellers such as Tricia Caldiero. Read the rest HERE.

I'm sorry this is superstition and belongs next to the horoscopes.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Malcolm Hoenlein discusses upcoming rally

NOTE: Iranian President Amadinejad is scheduled to attend the opening sessions of the U.N. General Assembly this coming Wednesday, September 20th.... inspiring a major solidarity rally

WHO: Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the coordinating body on international Jewish concerns for 52 national Jewish organizations. He has served as a Middle East specialist at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. In addition, he served on the editorial staff of ORBIS, the Journal of International Affairs.

Mr. Hoenlein has written and lectured across the US and abroad on international relations, Israel and Middle East affairs, Soviet and World Jewry, terrorism, the American Jewish community, and intergroup relations. He has traveled extensively in East and West Europe, Central Asia, the Persian Gulf, North and South Africa, Australia and the Middle East, meeting with leading government officials, world leaders and Jewish communities.

: A national rally is being held at noon on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at the United Nations in New York City. This rally is to show solidarity with Israel and to support the war against global terror and its state sponsors, and to demand the release of the three Israeli soldiers STILL being held hostage. . The demonstration will coincide with the presence of world leaders -- including Iranian President Amadinejad -- at the opening sessions of the U.N. General Assembly.

Many thousands of people from the eastern seaboard and beyond, are expected to join the mass rally in solidarity with Israel, in support of the war against global terror and its state sponsors, and to demand the release of the three Israeli soldiers being held hostage. Cosponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, in conjunction with United Jewish Communities, UJA-Federation of New York, and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs as well as scores of national and local organizations, the demonstration will coincide with the presence of world leaders at the opening sessions of the U.N. General Assembly. It is expected that Iranian President Amadinejad will be in attendance.

Michael Harrison from Talkers Magazine

Michael Harrison Editor and Publisher of Talkers Magazine (The Bible of the Talk Radio Industry) stopped by the show this morning to discuss the changing face of radio.

From Friday's NY Times Changing Its Tune

Richard Miniter just back from Gitmo

Richard Miniter writing in the NY POST - Just back from Gitmo - Gitmo is too soft on terrorists and here's why


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Check out this Mo Rocca wannabe from Air America

Check out this clown from Air America. His name is Sam Seder, he's a Mo Rocca wannabe that was Janeane Garofalo's co-host on the Majority Report until Friday(9/15). The program was canceled. This is the guy the pitted me against Friday on MSNBC's Tucker. I have never met a more ill informed talker in all my life. This guy was clueless! He claimed we get 60% of our oil from Venezuela? Hello! Not according to the Energy Dept. see HERE. This poor dufus couldn't even tell us who's at Gitmo when I put him on the spot. To show you how out of touch with reality this dweeb is he actually said that Jerry Falwell and the religious right are more of a threat to this country than Osama bin Laden and Al Queda?

I'll play the audio first thing Monday morning plus make a transcript available Monday by 3:00PM ET. One word says it best UNBELIEVABLE!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Face(s) of Moderate Islam


Israeli-US plot behind pope's remarks: Iran hardline press... *

Italian nun slain in Somalia, Pope link speculation...


'No reason to cancel pope's trip to Turkey'...

Vatican tries to calm; militants vow war...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'll be on MSNBC's Tucker Friday at 4:30 & 6:30PM ET

Here's a transcript of my Wednesday appearance...

CARLSON: Welcome back.

Time “3 on 3,” where we welcome two of the sharpest people we know to discuss three of today‘s most interesting stories.

Joining us first from Orlando, Florida, Pat Campbell. He‘s the host of “The Pat Campbell Show.” And from New York City, our old pal Rachel Maddow from Air America Radio. Click HERE.

Rosie O'Donnell isn't just another angry lesbian

Video: Rosie Sez ‘radical Christianity’ is just as ‘threatening’ as radical Islam

Rosie O’Donnell didn’t take long to break out of her shell and spew her liberal hate. On yesterday’s garrulous fem talk show “The View”, Meredith Viera’s replacement compared the “threat” of “radical” Christianity in America to radical Islam throughout the world. Yeah, because you know about those crazy Christians beheading terrorists and flying planes into buildings.

Hat Tip to Hot Air.

Do you remember this little jewel?

O'Donnell Halted Her Partner's Breastfeeding

Comedienne Rosie O'Donnell banned her partner Kelli Carpenter from breastfeeding their daughter Vivienne just a few weeks after she was born--because she was jealous of their bonding sessions. Kelli gave birth to Vivienne in 2002, and the lesbian couple have been raising her along with their three other adopted children.

But O'Donnell admits she felt left out of the motherhood process whenever she observed her partner nursing their child.

She says, "Kelli only nursed for like a month and then I was very angry.

"With the other babies, nobody nursed because they were adopted. But with this baby she was the only one getting to bond, so I was like, 'The nursing is over!' I cut her off.

"I'm like, 'You've had your limit, honey, no more!'"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Melinda Duckett’s Grandparents partially blame CNN’s Nancy Grace for her suicide

The grandparents of Melinda Duckett have gone on record as saying that they believe that the grilling that CNN’s Nancy Grace gave Melinda Duckett contributed to her decision to commit suicide. Did this interview go too far? It leads to some interesting questions regarding interviewing parents of missing children. What is the media’s role? Does the media have a right to ambush a parent during an interview as police investigate a case? We all want the truth to come out and more importantly Trenton Duckett to be found.

Hat Tip to missingexploited

Marilyn Aciego from the Leesburg newspaper The Daily Commercial joined me this morning with the latest details.

Neil deMause from Field Of Schemes stops by to discuss the new arena.

Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit

"Are you a sports fan distraught over your home team's move to another city? Or someone whose city has just lured a team to your home turf with a brand new stadium? Or maybe you don't follow sports, but as a taxpayer are outraged over cutbacks in school funding and other services."--BOOK JACKET. "Forget about the false tales of "welfare queens" who supposedly rode around in Cadillacs. Field of Schemes introduces you to some real welfare kings."--BOOK JACKET. "A used-car salesman turned baseball owner promises to pay for a new stadium out of his own pocket, if the state government just agrees to move a highway to clear the land. Several backroom deals later, the state is raising a quarter-billion dollars towards the stadium costs - and the team owner is getting his stadium scot-free."--BOOK JACKET. "The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft wants to buy a football team, but only if the state will build him a new stadium first. So he pays the $4 million cost of a referendum - even as his camp spends millions more in advertising to make sure he wins. In exchange, he gets at least $300 million in public money to build his team's new home."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Dubai, 12 Sept. (AKI) - Osama bin Laden is planning to carry out new, more destructive attacks inside the United States, and there is someone working on this terror plot currently in the US, according to Hamid Mir, the famed Pakistani journalist who obtained the only post-9/11 interviews with Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. In an interview quoted on the website of the al-Arabiya television network, Mir spoke about his last trip to Afghanistan and his meeting with al-Qaeda members and Taliban leaders.

In his interview with, Mir said that the al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters referred to attacks targeting the US-led coalition forces during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which begins on 24 September, and that the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden was in "good" health during a meeting he had recently with the Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar.

Mir also said that bin Laden has assigned a man named Adnan Al-Shukri Juma to carry out a new attack within the US which is intended to be larger than the 11 September, 2001 attacks. According to Mir, Adnan Jumaa has smuggled explosives and nuclear materials into the US through the Mexican border over the last two years and is hiding somewhere in America where the FBI has not been able to locate him.

The Pakistani journalist also gave a brief background on Adnan Jumaa. Born in Saudi Arabia, he moved to the US where he met a group of a Al-Qaeda members in the Al-Farouq mosque in New York in 2000. He then traveled to an Arab state and from there to Pakistan then Afghanistan. He left there two years ago and since then has smuggled nuclear material from Mexico to the US. Jumaa has earned the nickname "Al-Qaeda nuclear whizz" and is tagged to play the same role in a future attack as Mohammed Atta did in the 9/11 attacks.

Author Paul Williams recently spoke with Hamid Mir. He'll join me at 8:35AM ET Wednesday to discuss how credible this threat is and what the FBI is doing about it.

Audio of Paul Williams interview HERE.

Shackling of juveniles challenged-Public defenders call chaining children abusive

MIAMI -- The arrest of her son for a schoolyard fight was devastating enough, but Giselle Sanchez was horrified when she watched the 15-year-old, his wrists handcuffed and his ankles shackled, shuffle into his first juvenile-court appearance."He's a child, not an animal," Sanchez said. "Why is he in chains?"

Because he committed a crime, he assaulted someone, he's a criminal!

Even the newspaper agrees with me.

Shackles and safetyOur position: Putting restraints on juvenile suspects is justified.

Carlos Martinez, Miami-Dade's chief assistant public defender, joined me at 8AM Wednesday morning for a spirited debate.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What will the Magic be willing to pay for a new arena?

Tune in Tuesday morning as I ask Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

On my show this morning the Mayor said the Magic needs to pony up 25% to 33% of the cost of the new arena.

Nine Months At Ground Zero

The Story of the Brotherhood of Workers Who Took on a Job Like No Other

Charlie Vitchers joined me today to share his story.

Hours after two airplanes hit the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, Charlie Vitchers, a construction superintendent, and Bobby Gray, a crane operator, headed downtown. They knew their skills would be crucial amid the chaos and destruction after the towers fell.

What they could not imagine -- and what they would soon discover -- was the enormity of the task at Ground Zero. Four hundred million pounds of steel; 600,000 square feet of broken glass; and 2,700 vertical feet of building had been reduced to a pile of burning debris covering sixteen acres. Charlie, Bobby, and hundreds of other construction workers, many of whom had helped to build the Twin Towers, were the only ones qualified to safely handle the devastation.

Everyone working the site faced the looming danger of the collapse of the slurry wall protecting lower Manhattan from the waters of the Hudson River, the complexity of shifting tons of steel without losing additional lives, and the day-to-day challenge and emotional strain of recovering victims. Charlie Vitchers became the go-to guy for the hundreds of people and numerous agencies laboring to clean up Ground Zero. What he and Bobby Gray make dramatically evident is how the job of dismantling the remaining ruins and restoring order to the site was far more complex and dangerous than constructing the tallest buildings in the world.

With stunning full-color photographs donated by Joel Meyerowitz -- a celebrated and award-winning artist and the only non-newsroom photographer allowed access to the site -- and first-person oral accounts of the tragedy from the morning of the attack to the Last Column ceremony, Nine Months at Ground Zero is a harrowing but ultimately redemptive story of forthright and heroic service.

Never forget, never forgive, never give up!

Where were you?

What do you remember most?

How did the attacks of 9-11 change your life?

Check out Eben Brown's 9-11 eyewitness account HERE.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Video & Transcript of my 9/1/06 appearance on MSNBC's Tucker

Click HERE.

Here's a transcript of the past Friday's(9/8/06) appearance

CARLSON: Time now for three on three where we welcome two of the sharpest people we know to discuss three of today‘s most interesting stories. Let‘s get right to it. Joining us from Orlando, Florida, Pat Campbell host of “The Pat Campbell Show” and from New York City Sam Greenfield with WWRL‘s “The Morning Show.” Thank you both for coming on.

First up, flawed intelligence in the run up to the war in Iraq. News from no where for most of us, but today the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a report officially the report on pre-war intelligence on Iraq. Among the many findings, no evidence of ties between Saddam Hussein and the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This is news from nowhere Sam as far as I‘m concerned. But what‘s interesting here is you‘re going to hear again this argument about whether or not the Bush administration knew that Iraq didn‘t have WMD. Now nobody contests the fact that they screwed up big time. But in order to believe they did it on purpose, you‘d have to believe that they screwed themselves. In other words, they told a lie they knew everyone would know about really soon. Why would they lie knowing that their lie would be uncovered?

I'm scheduled to be a panelist twice this week Wednesday and Friday. You can catch me at 4:30 and 6:30PM ET both days.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

There's no evidence Saddam Hussein had ties with al-Qaida?

Senate: No Prewar Saddam-al-Qaida Ties - By JIM ABRAMS

Oh really? This is utter nonsense! Read'em and weep...

Case Closed From the November 24, 2003 issue of The Weekly Standard: The U.S. government's secret memo detailing cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. by Stephen F. Hayes

No connection to 9-11 are you kidding? Does anyone remember Salman Pak?

Did these clowns in the Senate ever hear of General Georges Sada, who personally supervised the transport of weapons to Syria, or read his recent book, Saddam's Secrets?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Body Of Missing Boy's Mom Found

Sadly, it looks like our suspicions were right.

Gaffney testified to Congress on Islamic Terrorism Thursday

Mr. Frank J. Gaffney, President of The Center for Security Policy, testified before congress Thursday on 9/11: Five Years Later - Gauging Islamist Terrorism. He shared his testimony with us this morning and his strategy for this global war.

Check out his testimony below...
On eve of 9/11 anniversary, Center's Gaffney tells Congress of continuing Islamofascist threat

Here's the new ad Frank talked about on the show.
'No place to run': Center launches TV ad campaign to help win the War for the Free World

Ahmadinejad's visit to the U.N.

Iran's former President is visiting the US this week (Massachusetts' Governor has already declined police protection), while Iran's radical incumbent President Ahmadinejad is planning an "in your face" visit to NYC September 19th to take on President Bush over US opposition to Iran's nuclear program.

To discuss whether or not the US should allow the two Iranian leaders into the country and what their propaganda goals might be, I had as a guest Caroline Glick, Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs for the Center for Security Policy and a columnist for the Jerusalem Post.

A glutton for punishment.

Democrat Charlie Stuart seems eager to take on Ric Keller -- challenging him to debates "anytime, anywhere." Says Stuart in his first post-primary release: “Ric Keller successfully dodged his primary rival, Elizabeth Doran, but we’re going to confront him on the issues ... He can run … but he can’t hide … from us, from his record, or from the voters.”
His full release and statement is below. (Notice Charlie's creative invoking of Mel Martinez's name ... with regards to one of his stances.)
Continue reading "Stuart challenges Keller" »

Hat Tip to Scott Maxwell's Taking Names Blog.

It's not bad enough thet he got his butt kicked by PC, now he wants more!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

PC the "Local Guy" the networks turn to!

I've been on Fox with...
The O'Reilly Factor over a dozen times.
Heartland with John Kasich
Fox & Friends
Fox Live(afternoon show)

Live & Direct with Rita Cosby
Tucker(every Fiday at 4:30PM ET)

Flashpoint with Lauren Rowe

Recently named to Talkers Magazines(The Bible of Talk Radio) Talkers 250 (The Top 250 talkers in radio)

Named One of Orlando's Best Talk Show hosts(#2) by Orlando Magazine 2006.

The Good News from Iraq

Senate Democrats want Donald Rumsfeld to step down as Defense Secretary, but with Iraq scheduled to take control of their armed forces today in what one US general calls a "gigantic step," is Iraq really the failure that Democrats and the Mainstream US Media portray it to be?

Oh wait there's more good news...

Al Qaeda in Iraq's No. 2 man caught
Arrest of top deputy called 'fatal and painful' blow to terror group

Iran's Leader Declares Intent To Speak at U.N.

Diplomats at the United Nations were sent into disarray yesterday when President Ahmadinejad of Iran declared that he intended to attend the General Assembly of the world body on September 19 and to debate his country's nuclear program with President Bush, who is due to address the Assembly that day.

Why would we allow a sworn enemy of the US to come into our country? Adding insult to injury we guarantee him safe passage. What do you think would happen to George Bush if he tried to go to Iran? On the other hand, this could be an opportunity in disguise!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rosie frightens the viewers by discussing her fur on The View.

But Rosie being Rosie, she couldn't resist just a little spice -- she talked about having conversations in the bath with her daughter about pubic hair(WTF???), looked ready to spar when Joy bizarrely ascribed a Japanese accent to Rosie's son Blake, and expressed great joy at the USTA National Tennis Center naming itself after lesbian icon Billie Jean King. But she didn't pontificate, and, all in all, the show had an energy that hasn't been in evidence in some time.'

Alan Grayson stopped by to discuss his loss

Alan Grayson stopped by the show this morning to discuss his primary loss to Charlie Stuart.
He announced that he will be returning to the set of Desperate Housewives where he will resume his roll as Carlos Solis.

Charlie Stuart will be returning to the Island for Misfit Toys for some much needed R&R.

Election Analysis

Jim Kitchens, founder of The Kitchens Group, stopped by with in-depth analysis of yesterday's primary results

Katie Couric Needs Your Help

New "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric needs your help, NewsBusters readers. Tonight on her first show, she said she still hasn't figured out how to end the program.

"All summer long, people have been asking me, How will you sign off at the end of your broadcast? I've racked my brain and so far, nothing has felt right."

After a segment of past anchors' sign-offs, she asked for viewer help.

"If you have a bright idea for a great sign-off, log on to our website at and tell me. I know we'll have a lot of fun reading them, and who knows, maybe one will actually stick."

Got some suggestions for Couric? Post them here or use the link if you want to send them to CBS.

Here's what I submitted... And that's our colonoscopy on the world. I'm Katie Couric, good night.

Hat Tip to Newsbusters

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Say hello to The Hot Girls of Islam

Check out the eyes on Miss September!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fox's new trainwreck, "Celebrity Duets"

Fox's new trainwreck, "Celebrity Duets," is a mess of a ripoff of "American Idol," "Dancing With the Stars" and "Skating With Celebrities." Do we really need to see Lucy Lawless, aka Xena Warrior Princess, crooning with a creepy-looking Smokey Robinson?! No! Alfonzo Ribeiro says we'll see the famous "Carlton" dance, a la "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," if he makes it into the final two. I'm picking Jai Rodriguez of "Queer Eye" to win it all -- I can't decide who's the bigger diva on stage when he performs with Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, is the first one out. Kind of surprising, since he has his own band, Fozzy, but he tanks on "Duets." If you dare to watch, "Duets" airs this week on Thursday and Friday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Hat Tip to Kara A. Medalis, The Stamford Advocate

From Reuters...

The judges -- Marie Osmond, Little Richard and record producer David Foster -- are tactful almost to the point of being tone-deaf. At times, Little Richard's remarks often made no sense at all, a point duly noted by Foster until he finally gave up on it. Host Wayne Brady has a clever comic sensibility and a quick wit, none of which is apparent in this setting.

Steve Irwin killed by stingray

I don't understand the shock and disbelief concerning his death. I'm stunned that he lived this long. He was constantly putting himself in harms way and flirting with death. I reminds me of the shock over Jerry Garcia's death. People were surprised he died so young. I was surprised he lived as long as he did. Garcia was overweight, diabetic, smoked and had a lifelong heroin addiction.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quote of the Day (one of my favorites)

The graveyards are full of indispensable men.
-- Charles de Gaulle, 1890-1970

A little history below...

When in 1966 Charles de Gaulle ordered France out of NATO and American troops off French soil, Secretary of State Dean Rusk asked him if that included the American soldiers lying dead in the cemeteries at Normandy and throughout France
-Charles Krauthammer quotes

Here's another version...
The cemeteries are filled with people who thought the world couldn't get along without them.
-American Proverb quotes

Orange County Spending Millions On Land Appraised For Much Less

WFTV9 reports...

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Did the state and county overbid tens of millions of dollars for a property that no one will ever live or drive on? The government agencies told Eyewitness News the land was worth it because it is environmentally sensitive.

Channel 9 wanted to know if it was worth the $50 million price tag, considering it was purchased six months earlier for $18 million less.

The 4,500 acres of land in question is called the Joshua Creek Conservation Area. It stretches across east Orange County into Seminole County.

Eyewitness News did some digging and property appraisers said all the land is assessed at about $10 million, but in the land deal it's being bought for $50 million.

Still, the county says it's getting a good deal.

This reminds me of the Parramore deal. Why are we paying so much and who's pockets are getting lined?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Listen up, Democrats. You can win, here's how.

Ric Keller's seat is winnable. Here's our (Orlando Weekly's) advice on how to primp yourselves to do it.

Alan Grayson

Alan, you've got a hell of a resume; three degrees from Harvard? Holy crap. But there's also a good chance you're going to get your butt kicked if you come off as a weirdo, elitist snob. Here's how to prevent that:

Shave the goatee. It makes you look like a comic-book villain. As one political wag told us, If the Republicans are going to make you out to be the Antichrist, don't look the part.

Go ahead, show off the kids. You're a family man, and that always plays well. But do not make a point of listing off their names: Skye, Star, Sage, Storm and Stone. They're probably lovely and all, but this is Central Florida, not central California.

Speaking of which, the Wall Street Journal described your mansion as "pink-painted". You corrected them in an e-mail to us: The exterior tile is pink. The exterior paint is more of a beige. You know, like Cinderella's Castle. Do not describe your house that way again. In fact, you might consider a quick paint job.

If you win the primary Keller's going to paint you as a carpetbagger, so be ready to trot out your 10-year residency in Central Florida. That almost makes you a native. Make sure to act like one. Eat barbecue. Trade in the Cadillac sedan for an Escalade (preferably with flex-fuel capabilities so the environmentalists don't lose faith in you). Learn to say y'all.

Funny stuff! Read their advice to Homer Hartage and Charlie Stuart HERE.

This is priceless!

From today's WASH POST: It's unfortunate so many people took Joe Wilson seriously...

Unbelievable! After 3 years of B.S. calling for Cheney to step down, Bush to be impeached we now find out it was all a lie. Rather than apologize to the Prez and VP this is the best they can do.
Nevertheless, it now appears that the person most responsible for the end of Ms. Plame's CIA career is Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming -- falsely, as it turned out -- that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger and that his report had circulated to senior administration officials. He ought to have expected that both those officials and journalists such as Mr. Novak would ask why a retired ambassador would have been sent on such a mission and that the answer would point to his wife. He diverted responsibility from himself and his false charges by claiming that President Bush's closest aides had engaged in an illegal conspiracy. It's unfortunate that so many people took him seriously.

It's just another nail in the MSM's coffin.

I'll be on MSNBC with Tucker at 4:30PM ET

Here's a transcript of Friday's show.

I did such a good job they decided to make me a regular. I'll be on every Friday at 4:30PM ET

If your name is Mi Suk , I'd say your occupation was determined at birth

Mi Suk Radau

I can't make this kind of stuff up.

Prostitutes busted at Tampa massage parlor

Tampa, Florida - Tampa Police conducted an undercover operation yesterday and arrested three men at two Asian massage parlors. Officers said the Bangkok Health Club and the Magic Health Club, both on West Kennedy, allowed prostitution to take place in their business and operated without a license.

Hat Tip to FARK

Bush gives his best speech since 9-11

I'll have audio on the show Friday morning.

Bush Says U.S. Must Win in Iraq

President Bush said Thursday the war against Islamic militants was like last century's fight against Nazis and communists and that a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq would lead to its conquest by America's worst enemies.

"The security of the civilized world depends on victory in the war on terror, and that depends on victory in Iraq," Bush said in a speech to rally support for his unpopular war strategy two months before congressional elections. The Democrats responded by accusing Bush of pursuing failed policies that have weakened the war on terrorism. read the rest HERE.