Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dick Cheney steps up to the plate and calls bluff.

Don’t do it, Helen
not by Dick Cheney

I’m very sorry to learn that White House fixture Helen Thomas has vowed to kill herself if I run for President. Because, by an unbelievable coincidence, I just decided to announce my candidacy.

I’ve even picked out a few cabinet members. Take a look, Helen. Check out the picks HERE.

Best line...

I hope you weren’t serious about killing yourself, Helen, because these days, it’s easier than ever, what with helpful guides like the book Final Exit, currently available at a 32% DISCOUNT at

Hat Tip to Huffington Toast.

Senator: Jessica Lunsford Act Could Have Unintended Consequences

In response to the 9-year-old girl's death, Florida legislators stepped in and passed the Jessica Lunsford Act. Gov. Jeb Bush promptly signed the bill, and it will become law effective Sept. 1.

The law is intended to place tougher restrictions on convicted sexual predators, but some say the unintended consequences will affect almost everyone working at or visiting a school.

"When you're in the heat of the battle, and after the awful things that happened to Jessica and what took place, sometimes we go too far to try and correct it," state Sen. Stephen Wise said.

Do you think the Jessica Lunsford Act goes 'overboard?' does it make our children any safer? I'm talking about it Monday.

Tom Tancredo as the Fonz

Check out this Denver Post Editorial...

Like the Fonzie character on "Happy Days," U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo can't bring himself to say, "I was wrong." Click HERE.

GOP Chairman Says Party Backs Tancredo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.- The chairman of the Republican Party said Friday the party backs Rep. Tom Tancredo, despite rifts the Colorado congressman has created with some Hispanic groups.

If Tancredo is nominated for a fifth term, the party will back him, Ken Mehlman said. That's a sharp change from 2002, when a spokeswoman for the party said Tancredo did not speak for mainstream Republican values.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

Bangladeshis protest U.S. politician's Mecca remark

DHAKA - Thousands of Bangladeshi Islamic activists staged a noisy protest in the capital Dhaka on Friday after a U.S. congressman suggested the United States might consider bombing holy sites, including Mecca.

"Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest)", "Be Aware Bush-Blair", "World Muslims Unite to Fight U.S.-British Aggressions," protesters chanted.

U.S. Republican Tom Tancredo made the comment on July 14 in answer to a radio host's question about a possible response to any hypothetical nuclear terrorist attack on the United States.

"If this happens in the United States and we determine that it is the result of extremist fundamentalist Muslims, you could take out their holy sites," the Colorado Republican said.

"You're talking about bombing Mecca?" the host asked.

"Yeah," Tancredo responded, according to an audio excerpt posted online by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based group. A spokesman for the congressman confirmed the substance of Tancredo's remarks.

Moulana Mohammad Hemayetuddin, a leader of the Islamic Constitution Movement, told protesters in Dhaka: "Such extremist remarks will spark more fire which will engulf not only the U.S., but the whole world."

Police said there was no trouble during the march.

Muslim dominated Bangladesh supported the U.S. in its war on terror following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and the Washington.

Friday, July 29, 2005

630 WMAL Suspends Michael Graham

In a statement released last night, 630 WMAL president and general manager Chris Berry announced midday personality Michael Graham would be indefinitely suspended pending an internal investigation into Graham's July 25th remarks that Islam is a terrorist organization.

"Talk radio is an excellent forum to discuss issues important to our society. Nevertheless, the statements that Michael Graham made on July 25 crossed the line," Berry said. "He has been suspended pending an internal investigation. We do not condone his position, and we believe his statements were irresponsible."

Shortly after the second round of bombings in London last week, Graham began telling listeners Muslim leaders were complicit in terrorism, since they had not said or done enough to curb extremism.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a press release late Monday condemning Graham's remarks and urging the station to reprimand him. The station has received hundreds of emails and calls since then, both supporting and criticizing Graham.

Yesterday, CAIR and other American Muslim leaders gathered in Washington to announce a fatwah, or religious edict, against terrorism, citing criticisms that Muslim leaders had not said or done enough to curb extremism.

Well, well, well what did Michael say that upset CAIR?

Read what Michael has to say on his Blog...


My radio station, 630 WMAL, has publicly announced that I've been suspended by ABC (no doubt Ted Koppel and Peter Jennings are thrilled) and I am "under investigation" for my discussion on Islam and the tragedy of its current links to terror.

What exactly is I'm being "investigated" over, I have no idea. After all, everything I do, I do on the air in front of thousands of people. What's to investigate?

But I do know the one and only reason I've been suspended: CAIR.

As a talk show host, author and columnist, I've repeatedly criticized the current state of Islam and called for its reform. As for the "controversial" statement that "Sadly, as it is constituted today, Islam IS a terrorist organization, but the good news is that the major of Muslims--who don't support terror--can change that and take back their religion," I first made that statement on the air last Thursday.

Did I get suspended Thursday? No. Friday? No. Monday? No.

It wasn't until CAIR launched its campaign against me in the mainstream media and the story appeared in the Washington Post-Democrat that my job was threatened.


I've extended an invitation to Michael Graham to join us Monday on the show.

Here is The Washington Post account...

Radio talk-show host Michael Graham was suspended by station WMAL-AM yesterday for repeatedly describing Islam as a "terrorist organization" on his program.
Graham, 42, said on his mid-morning program on Monday that the fault for recent acts of terrorism lies not with Islamic radicals alone but also with Muslims generally because religious leaders and followers have tacitly supported extreme elements. "The problem is not extremism," Graham told listeners. "The problem is Islam." He also said, "We are at war with a terrorist organization named Islam."
Read the rest of the article HERE.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Father Of The Year? NOT!

Dad of 12 admits he's gay

An Austrian couple with 12 children have split up - after the husband admitted he was gay.
Mum Alina Look dumped husband Hannes after his shock revelation.
Hannes had announced that he was leaving the family home at Graz for another man.
Hannes told Alina he only made her pregnant so she had "something to do".
Alina said: "I received a phone call from a friend who told me she had seen Hannes with another person, she said they had been kissing and cuddling.
"I didn't believe her when she told me the other person was a man, but when I confronted Hannes he admitted everything.
"He told me he had only had sex with me so I would get pregnant and it would give me something to do. I can't believe we had so many children together, my whole life has been a lie."
She has now written a book " time to pray" about her ordeal which she hopes will bring in money to support her family in their home in Graz, Austria.

Miami Leaders Apologize for News Release About 'Ghetto Talent Show'

Miami city leaders are apologizing for a press release which invited summer campers to a "Ghetto Talent Show" and "Watermelon Eating Contest." Yahoo! News reports that the press release also invited the children to prove they, quote, "know the meaning of ghetto style" and that they would have a chance to, quote, "prove just how ghetto they are."
Members of the African-American community expressed outrage at the invitation, which was for the grand finale picnic for Miami's summer camp program, which is scheduled for Friday (July 29th).
Miami Parks Director Ernest Burkeen, who is black, issued an apology which stated that the name of the talent show has now been changed to "Funky Talent Show." Burkeen also offered an explanation for the usage of the word "ghetto." He said, "The word 'ghetto' was used to imply a down home show, not something offensive, but embracing the culture of today's youth and their language."

What were they thinking?

Fewer early sign-ups as Army struggles to recruit soldiers

WASHINGTON — The Army, which expects to miss its 2005 recruiting goal by about 12,000, already is falling behind for next year. Read the rest of the article HERE.

Why is the Army failing to meet it's recruiting goal? Is it because, as my producer Alex says, Americans don't believe in this war the way they believed in WWII?

Thursday Morning at 8AM ET I'll be joined by Imam Muhammad Musri

Imam Muhammad Musri President of the Islamic Society of Central Florida joins me to discuss a variety of issues including Islam and Congressman Tancredo's comments made on my show. He oversees seven Mosques and the Muslim Academy of Central Florida. As always your calls are welcomed 407-916-5400 and Toll Free 1-866-916-5400.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

FBI: Tinker Rumor Not Credible

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- The FBI said Monday that it found no credible threat in an online rumor regarding rocket launchers and Tinker Air Force Base.

"The FBI is aware of the alleged incident. We have conducted a thorough investigation and have found no credible threat," FBI officials said via a press release.

Despite the FBI claims Doug Hagmann and the Northeast Intelligence Network stand by their story. Doug says the have 3 independent sources who say it happened. Ask yourself the following "If it was true, would they tell us?" What would the ramifications be for the airline industry?

Skirmish Over a Query About Roberts's Faith

Congressional Republicans warned Democrats on Monday not to make Judge John G. Roberts's Roman Catholic faith an issue in his confirmation hearings for a seat on the Supreme Court, reviving a politically potent theme from previous battles over judicial appointees.

The subject came up after reports about a meeting on Friday at which Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, is said to have asked Judge Roberts whether he had thought about potential conflicts between the imperatives of their shared Catholic faith and of the civil law. The discussion was described by two officials who spoke anonymously because the meeting was confidential and by a Republican senator who was briefed on their conversation.

Judge Roberts responded that his personal views would not color his judicial thinking, all three said, just as he has testified in the past.

An opinion-page article in The Los Angeles Times on Monday by Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor, included an account of Mr. Durbin's question. Professor Turley cited unnamed sources saying that Judge Roberts had told Mr. Durbin he would recuse himself from cases involving abortion, the death penalty or other subjects where Catholic teaching and civil law can clash.

If that is true why bother putting him on the court?

Is religion a valid issue when it comes to a Supreme Court nominee? Should it be?

Pope won't call Islam religion of peace

Unlike George Bush he won't bow to the gods of political correctness...

Pope Benedict XVI yesterday refused to declare Islam "a religion of peace."

Asked by reporters whether Islam could be considered a religion of peace shortly before entering a meeting with priests and deacons of Valle d'Aosta in northwest Italy where he is spending a brief holiday, the pontiff refused to reply positively.
Read the rest of the WorldNetDaily article HERE.

5 Egyptians arrested with maps of NYC subway, video of landmarks

Douglas Hagmann's Northeast Intelligence Network is reporting...
Five Egyptian men with maps of the New York City subway system and video of New York landmarks have been arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark, N.J.

ABC News is reporting that FBI and law enforcement officials said that the five men — four illegal immigrants and one law enforcement fugitive — were arrested Sunday night following a tip to the Newark Police Department. In addition to the subway maps and video, the men had train schedules and $8,000 in $20 and $50 bills.

The men were identified as: Karim Ahmed Abdel Latif Ahmed, 21; his brother Mahoud Ahmed Abdel Latif Ahmed, 19; Ahmed Mohamed Atta, 30; Mohamed Ibrahim Gaber, 34, and Mohamed Palat Anwar Jozain. When Newark authorities converged at the group's location at 246 Ferry St., Karim Ahmed answered the door and agreed to allow police to enter. Officers said they noticed the maps, and video cameras and Karim and his brother agreed to a search.

Karim said he had the maps because he had a new job as a street vendor. Initially, Karim said no one else was in the apartment, but police came upon the three other men upon further search.

FBI officials said the men have no known link to a terror network but noted that none of them could adequately explain the items they had in their possession, the large amount of money or their reasons for being in the United States. Mohamed Ibrahim Gaber has been a fugitive since he jumped ship from an Egyptian flagged freighter in September 2000.


Former vice president Al Gore is saying that he got occasional tips on comic timing and delivery from the late Johnny Carson during the mid-1990s, even getting a couple of jokes from the comedy legend, the New York Times reports. Gore said he'd called Carson several times for guidance, explaining, "He let me call him up and bounce jokes off him and he would give me advice on the presentation of gags. It was such a privilege." Gore said he approached the then-retired Carson -- who died in January --through a mutual friend.

There's no way to verify this story because Johnny's DEAD!

Hanoi Jane now Baghdad Jane

Jane Fonda is planning to go on a cross-country bus tour in March to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq. She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter, and said she'll use a bus that runs on, quote, "vegetable oil," AP reports. Fonda said war veterans she's met on her book tour across the country have encouraged her to break her silence on the Iraq war. "I've decided I'm coming out," she said. She added, "I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam. I carry a lot of baggage from that."

What do you think of Fonda's plans to go on a cross-country bus tour to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq?

This just in from the "Too Little, Too Late" Dept.

Knoll apologizes to Marine's widow
Lieutenant governor says she regrets her appearance at funeral upset family

HARRISBURG -- After setting off a swirl of protest over her appearance at a slain Marine's funeral last week, Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll yesterday apologized profusely for unintentionally causing the Marine's family any additional pain or distress.

Read the rest of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article HERE.

"I wanted to assure you once again that my intention was not to add to what must be a tremendously heartbreaking, difficult period," Knoll wrote. "I have attended dozens of funerals to offer my sympathy and condolences to the families of soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice."

How many other funerals has this dingbat crashed? This is just the first time she got busted.

Three Teens Arrested For Sexually Battering 10-Year-Old

WFTV 9 is reporting...

TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- Three are teenagers accused of raping a 10-year-old neighbor and Titusville police think, for one of the boys, it's just part of a brutal crime spree. That teen is also accused of raping one of the 10-year-old victim's friends.
Read the rest HERE.

You missed the interview with 18 year old Jeremy Kent last night on TV. He claims he's a victim. He claims the girl told him she was 15 and that the sex was consensual. This is all a terrible misunderstanding. He'd like to make it up to the girls family by doing yard work?!?

Monday, July 25, 2005

What, besides an excessive fondness for groceries, do Catherine Baker Knoll and Michael Moore have in common?

Jack Kelly of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette slams Lt. Gov. Moonbat. It's an excellent read. Check out his Blog HERE.

Jack Kelly joins me at 8:35AM Tuesday morning.

Tancredo protest held at state Capitol, Congressman won't apologize

DENVER - Nearly 200 people gathered at the state Capitol Monday to ask for the resignation of U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, (R-Colorado). Watch the Video HERE.

From the Rocky Mountain News...

Hispanic, Islamic groups call on Tancredo to resign

Do you agree that the website joke is offensive?

Some veterans and law enforcement officials are angry about a movie website promoting the new comedy Wedding Crashers that jokingly encourages visitors to wear a fake Purple Heart medal, the Associated Press reports. Purple Hearts are given to soldiers wounded in combat. In the movie, one ploy actors Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson use to hit on women is to pretend to be Purple Heart recipients. New Line Cinema's website includes a fake, paper Purple Heart to cut out, with the line, "Carrying a Purple Heart in your jacket guarantees you attention, admiration and plenty of free booze." Not everyone thinks it's funny. Thomas Cottone, Jr., a special agent with the FBI who enforces a federal law that bans wearing, manufacturing, buying, selling or trading a Medal of Honor, told AP, "I challenge the producer of that movie to go to Walter Reed Hospital and walk through the ward and see if he still wants to print out a fake Purple Heart. Talk to some of these people who don't have legs anymore and see how funny they think that movie is."

Are the veterans and law enforcement officials being too sensitive?

Are you surprised that the moviemakers weren't more sensitive to this during wartime?

PA Gov.Rendell to send apology to Marine's family

Written apologies will be sent to a fallen Marine's relatives angered by Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll's uninvited appearance at the soldier's funeral and her criticism of the war in Iraq, Gov. Ed Rendell said Sunday.
Rendell said he will send a personal letter to the family of the late Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, of Westwood, and will ask Knoll to do the same. Goodrich, 32, a police officer and infantry unit leader, died July 10 in a mortar attack in Hit, Iraq.

Rendell said he hadn't spoken with Knoll about the incident, but was disturbed by the family's charge that she made a political statement against the war.

"It's not the business of state government to support the war, but our state supports the men and women who are fighting this war," Rendell said during an appearance in Mt. Washington. Read the rest of the Tribuine Review article HERE.

Rumors have already begun swirling that he might drop her from the 2006 ticket.

The Tancredo Express just keeps on rolling!

In this morning's Rocky Mountain News...

Rally targets Tancredo
Holy sites comment reason for protest

A rally will be held at the state Capitol today to decry Rep. Tom Tancredo's suggestion that the U.S. could deter terrorist attacks inside its borders by threatening to bomb Islamic holy sites.

The group, led by political activists Manolo Gonzalez-Estay and Leroy Lemos, will gather on the west steps of the Capitol building at noon today for what it is calling an "Enough is Enough" rally.

Newsmax's lead story today...

Cong. Tancredo: We May Bomb Mecca

Rep. Tom Tancredo isn't backing down from controversial comments he made last week when he told a Florida radio host that the U.S. should threaten to bomb Mecca if Islamic terrorists successfully detonate a nuclear device in America.

WorldNetDaily is reporting...

Tancredo talk too offensive? Too bad, says congressman
Lawmaker notes al-Qaida cares little if West hurt by images of beheadings, bombings, falling bodies

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Congressman Tom Tancredo takes to the pages of the Denver Post today in an effort to resurrect his reputation.

Bigger sins than offending
By Rep. Tom Tancredo R-Colo.

By now, many people in America - and likely around the world - are familiar with my statements regarding a possible response to a nuclear attack on U.S. cities by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.

Without question, my comments have prompted strong reactions from many quarters, but they have also served to start a national dialogue about what options we have to deter al-Qaeda and other would-be Islamic terrorists.

Many critics of my statements have characterized them as "offensive," and indeed they may have offended some. But in this battle against fundamentalist Islam, I am hardly preoccupied with political correctness, or who may or may not be offended. Indeed, al-Qaeda cares little if the Western world is "offended" by televised images of hostages beheaded in Iraq, subway bombings in London, train attacks in Madrid, or Americans jumping to their death from the Twin Towers as they collapsed. Read the rest HERE.

Hugh Hewitt weighs in on Tancredo...

Tancredo's Crusade and its Costs

Congressman Tom Tancredo takes to the pages of the Denver Post today in an effort to resurrect his reputation. He fails because he doubles down on his absurd insistence that "bombing Mecca" ought to be "on the table." No serious politician in the country has come to Tancredo's defense, and indeed I have not seen any credible authority on war or religion endorse this foolishness. No serious Christian theologian can endorse what is obviously an immoral threat against another faith. Tancredo is drawing encouragment from the small percentage of Americans who have fallen into the erroneous belief that all of Islam is arrayed against the West.


Tancredo made all of their jobs more difficult, and ours as well, by sounding exactly like a Christian jihadist would sound, even though it is clearly contrary to Christian teachings to threaten retaliation against non-combatants even in a just war.

Read the rest HERE.

British terror police face shooting backlash

Cry me a river...

Police chiefs investigating the London bomb blasts were under growing pressure on Sunday over the shooting dead of an innocent man as they faced a backlash from the Muslim community and some politicians.

The controversy surrounding the shooting on Friday of Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician living in London, is a serious setback for the capital's police, who are trying to build trust with British Muslims to gain vital intelligence on extremist elements. Last night police made a third arrest in connection with the July 21 attempted suicide bombings.

On Sunday, ministers and senior police officers defended a policy of shooting dead individuals suspected of being suicide bombers, in spite of calls from British Muslim groups, human rights bodies and politicians for a public inquiry.

This clown was behaving in a suspicious manner. He was wearing a heavy bulky coat in mid summer. He was seen coming out of a house that was under surveillance for possible terrorist links. He ran away from the cops. He has no one to blame but himself for his death. Had he stopped, when told to do so, he'd be alive today. End of story!

Lt. gov. crashed Marine's funeral, kin say

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting...

The family of a Marine who was killed in Iraq is furious with Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll for showing up uninvited at his funeral this week, handing out her business card and then saying "our government" is against the war. Read the rest HERE.

See what Michelle Malkin has to say about Pennsylvania's moonbat Lieutenant Governor, Democrat Catherine Baker Knoll, reportedly showed up uninvited at a Marine's funeral and voiced her anti-war views. Click HERE.

The Boston Globe dedicates today's editorial to Tancredo's comments made on my show.

Words of war

THE TWO leaders of the West's struggle against Islamic terrorism, President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, rightly emphasize that just a small minority of Muslims embrace terror acts. It is crucial in the struggle against terrorism for mainstream Muslims to isolate and turn against those who kill innocents in the name of their faith. This is why it was so dismaying when a Colorado congressman talked about bombing Islamic holy sites to avenge a hypothetical nuclear attack by terrorists -- as if the faith itself were at fault. Osama bin Laden could not ask for a better recruiter. Read the rest HERE.

This train just keeps rolling!

Check out this little pearl of wisdom...

Respect for Islam as a religion must be a pillar of US antiterrorism policy if the United States is to function effectively in a world with more than 1 billion Muslims.

Leonard Pitts refers to Tancredo as the Cliff Clavin of Congress in his little rant.
9/11 brought an upsurge in yahooism

Oddly enough even though this story has received national and international attention there has not been a single mention by the local print(Orlando Sentinel)or TV media. It's as if the story never happened?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shoulder Fired Missile Incident at OKC Airforce Base

Northeast Intelligence Network is reporting...

CONFIRMED: Shoulder Fired Missile Incident at OKC Airforce Base

22 July 2005: On July 14, 2005, three individuals were observed outside of the perimeter of Tinker AFB, OK. They were looking through binoculars, taking pictures and one appeared to be holding a large weapon at chest level. The weapon appeared to be aimed towards a low flying aircraft. The three individuals were described as being of Middle Eastern decent and left the area when approached. The weapon was later identified as a rocket launcher (MANPAD) and the low flying aircraft to be a B-1 Bomber. FBI in Oklahoma City and AFOSI determined the threat to be credible and are investigating.

Read the entire article HERE.

I put this story up for your discernment. I'm unable to confirm it with anything else in print. I checked all of the Oklahoma newspaper and TV sites. No mention at all of this incident. It was up on World Net Daily yesterday but disappeared. Go figure?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Upcoming TV Appearances

Friday 2:30PM ET I'll be on Fox News Live

Saturday at 8:00PM ET I'll be on Heartland with John Kasich on Fox.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office left one word off a Miranda rights form and now at least 25 cases against suspected killers, robbers and drug dealers are compromised. The mistake could result in overturned convictions, dismissed charges and weakened cases for prosecutors. So how did this happen?! We'll ask Pat Campbell, Florida radio talk show host.

See story below...
Missing word in BSO's Miranda warning allows accused killers to go free

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thanks to Peter Boyles for having me on his show.

Peter Boyles hosts the morning show on 630 KHOW Denver's talk station. We did a first ever simulcast between 540WFLA and 630KHOW. Our topic? Tom Tancredo and the run away media freight train over comments made on my show last week.

Tancredo voicing views of public, radio host says

His remarks about retaliation on Mecca have ignited debate
By M.E. Sprengelmeyer

WASHINGTON - Back when Pat Campbell was a math teacher, he never imagined he'd see his name in Pravda, Al Jazeera and media outlets around the globe.

That's what happened this week, when the self-made radio talk show host in Florida guided U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo into some dicey talk about deterring terrorism that triggered an international backlash.

Read the rest of the Rocky Mountain News story HERE.

Also read...

Griego: Tancredo peddles fear as bold pragmatism

Tom Tancredo is to columnists as manna was to the Israelites. A gift from God. So outlandish has he become.

Unfortunately, there is nothing sustaining or nourishing about what Tancredo has to say. This does not keep us from writing and him from making headlines for comments condemned internationally as inflammatory, misguided and irresponsible

And check out this little gem from Today's Washington Post...

Al-Abdullah, the Kuwaiti political scientist, put some blame on the way the question was put to the congressman. "These imaginary 'what if' questions are endless," he said.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Is it time for Tancredo to apologize?

I'm talking about it Thursday morning. Hugh Hewitt lays out the case for an apology on his blog.
Read it HERE.

John Dowless from The Florida Judical Confirmation Network joined us this morning to discuss Bush's nominee for the SCOTUS.

He's urging everyone to contact Bill Nelson's office and ask him to support Judge John Roberts.

Nelson, Bill (D - FL)
(202) 224-5274
Web Form:

Man dies after sex with horse[This article contains graphic and adult content.]

Soon to be Darwin Award winner for 2005.

San Francisco - A man died of internal injuries from sex with a stallion at a ranch used by a bestiality ring, police in the northwestern United States state of Washington said on Monday.

The man suffered fatal trauma while being sodomised by a stallion at a stud farm that catered to men who wanted sex with animals, Enumclaw Police Commander Eric Sortland told AFP.

"From the medical examiner's office to the sheriff to the police detectives, we have never seen anything remotely close to what we have in the past two weeks," Sortland said.

The shocking events at the ranch were exposed after a man's body was dropped off at a hospital southeast of the city of Seattle on July 2 after his encounter with the horse.

"Basically, his colon was ruptured, along with his lower organs in that region, and he bled out," Sortland said.

A cache of hundreds of hours of videotaped man-on-beast sex sessions was found hidden in a field, Sortland said.

The animals kept at the farm included ponies, horses, goats, sheep and dogs, according to the police commander.

Images of the flock of offerings on the bestial dude ranch were relayed over the internet and records indicate men had come from throughout the United States, according to police.

"Unfortunately, these people were very diligent in filming their activities," Sortland said of a viewing task detectives have found unpleasant.

Police were still reviewing the recordings to determine the range of activities, according to the commander.

Because sex with animals is not barred by law in Washington state, no arrests have been made, according to police who nonetheless continued to investigate on Monday to determine whether any illegal activity had taken place at the ranch.

The case is being used by state legislators backing a bill that would make it illegal to have sex with beasts, Sortland said.

These people are mentally ill, sick! Something has to be done to protect the animals from these sick perverts. Where's PETA when you need them. Perhaps I shouldn't rush to judgment after all this is just another "Alternative Lifestyle". For all we know the man may have been born attracted to animals.

Proposed GOP Bill Would Deport All Illegal Immigrants

Republican Senators John Kyl of Arizona and John Cornyn of Texas have proposed a bill that would require all of the estimated 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. to leave the country. The legislation would give the illegals five years to do so, and if they refuse, they'd face fines of $2,000 a year for each year they stay beyond they deadline if they subsequently left and then tried to apply to immigrate legally, Reuters reports.

In other provisions of the proposed legislation:

*A tamper-proof Social Security card would be created to prevent illegal immigrants from getting jobs.

*Companies that hired illegals would face tough fines.

*Funding would be provided for the hiring of 10,000 new Department of Homeland Security personnel for getting illegals out of the workforce.

*The recruitment of 10,000 new Border Patrol agents over five years would be authorized, as well as new unmanned aerial vehicles, cameras, barriers and sensors along the Mexican border.

*A guest worker program would be created, but workers would only be allowed to stay for two years at a time for a maximum of six years and wouldn't be allowed to bring their families with them.

*A total cost wasn't given, but a fact sheet showed partial costs of over $12 billion.

What do you think of this proposed legislation that would require all the illegal immigrants in the country to leave?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

U.S., Turkey Condemn Congressman's Remarks

This train just keeps rolling...

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- Top U.S. and Turkish officials on Tuesday condemned comments made last week by Rep. Tom Tancredo that the United States could ''take out'' Islamic holy sites if there was a nuclear attack on America by Muslim fundamentalists.

Hey Mom I'm in the NY Times!!

''You're talking about bombing Mecca,'' said talk show host Pat Campbell of WFLA-AM in Orlando, Fla.

''Yeah,'' Tancredo responded.

Read the rest of the outrage HERE. Including a cameo by Howard Dean.

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Tancredo owed an apology to Muslims around the world.

Judge John G. Roberts SCOTUS Nominee

Judge Roberts was appointed to the D.C. Circuit in 2003 by President George W. Bush (he was also nominated by the first President Bush, but never received a Senate vote). Before his appointment, he practiced at Hogan & Hartson from 1986-1989 and 1993-2003. During the interlude, he was the Principal Deputy Solicitor General in the first Bush administration. He also served in the Reagan administration as a Special Assistant to the Attorney General from 1981-1982 and as Associate Counsel to the President from 1982-1986.

Judge Roberts attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He then clerked for Judge Henry Friendly on the Second Circuit and for Justice Rehnquist.

Judge Roberts is fifty years old. He and his wife have two children.

Hat Tip to The Supreme Court Nomination Blog.

Here is a transcript of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for John G. Roberts dated Jan. 29, 2003.

He put in his time advising the Bush legal team in Florida during the battle over the 2000 presidential election and has often argued conservative positions before the court -- but they can be attributed to clients, not necessarily to him.
That includes a brief he wrote for President George H.W. Bush's administration in a 1991 abortion case, in which he observed that "we continue to believe that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overruled."


Tom Tancredo to appear on Connected on MSNBC

They'll be using audio from my show...

And later, Congressman Tom Tancredo joins us to answer the question, "What were you thinking?" On a radio show last week he told listeners that if the U.S. were attacked by a nuclear bomb and Muslim terrorists were to blame, we would "take out their holy sites." In other words, bomb Mecca. Um, that sparked some controversy

The Tancredo Interview has been picked up by Al Jazeerah News.

Colorado Muslims Seek Meeting With Tancredo Over his 'Bomb Mecca' Remark

WASHINGTON, D.C., 7/18/05-

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said today that it is working with leaders of the Colorado Muslim community to set up a meeting with Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) over his recent remarks suggesting support for bombing Mecca, Islam's holiest site.

Tancredo made the remarks during an interview on the Pat Campbell Show in Florida last Thursday discussing what should be done in response to an attack on this country by "extremist fundamentalist Muslims." Tancredo said one possible response would be to "take out their holy sites." When Campbell asked if the congressman was "talking about bombing Mecca," Tancredo replied, "Yeah."

To listen to an excerpt of the interview, go to:

On Sunday, Tancredo released a statement saying he was just trying to figure out how the United States could deter future attacks. The statement said: "Among the many things we might do to prevent such an attack on America would be to lay out there as a possibility the destruction of these sites."

"I do not advocate this," said Tancredo in his statement. "Much more thought would need to be given to the potential ramifications of such a horrific response."

SEE: "Tancredo Clarifies 'Ultimate Response'"

CAIR said local and national Republican leaders should repudiate the congressman's remarks and Tancredo himself should apologize immediately to the people of Colorado and to the American Muslim community.

The Washington-based council asked Muslims and other people of conscience to contact the Republican Party to ask for an apology and repudiation of the offensive statements. (E-Mail:, Copy to: )

CAIR, America's largest Muslim civil liberties group, has 31 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

Update on The O'Reilly Factor

Bad News- I'm not on tonight

Good News- I'll be on later this week.

Details to follow.

I'll be on The Charles Adler Show at 4:30PM ET

He's heard on CJOB68 - Manitoba's Information Superstation.

You can listen live online HERE.

Who is Charles Adler? Read his impressive Bio HERE.

This is cutting edge talk radio at its very best. Join CJOB's Charles Adler as he takes the issues important to you and presents them in a way that provokes thought and reaction on the Corus Radio Network. Charles calls it "Big Hairy Talk." There's no fence sitting allowed! Call 1-800-665-2202 and join Charles and his "Ace" technical producer Kevin (Lizard) Wallace as part of Adler Nation across the Nation weekdays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm weekdays.

Thanks to Keith and Gail of 600KCOL Fort Collins, CO

Thanks to Keith and Gail of 600KCOL Fort Collins, CO. for having me on the show this morning to talk about the Tom Tancredo story. Great interview, great questions from a couple of pros.

Check out the latest from The Rocky Mountain News...

Tancredo: No apology
He believes bombing of Muslim holy sites has been discussed

Latest twist and turns in the Jessica Lunsford case.

State attorney says computer records don't warrant charges

By Dave Pieklik
According to documents released Monday afternoon, investigators say they discovered child pornography on Mark Lunsford's home computer.

Lunsford, the father of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was killed in February, denies looking at the images, while the sheriff's office says none of the images had been "downloaded, filed or saved."

The 852 pages made public by the State Attorney's office in Brooksville contained transcripts of interviews with accused killer John Couey's housemates Dorothy Dixon, Matthew Dittrich and Madie Secord and also information about the hundreds of leads investigators checked out during the opening days of Jessica Lunsford's disappearance. Read the rest of the article HERE.

Couey's relatives say he abused them
The family never told police, according to newly released records in the Jessica Lunsford case.
But Couey had even more victims, according to family testimony.

Karen Couey, 43, estranged wife of John Couey, said her husband once was accused of sexually molesting her daughter from a previous relationship when the girl was about 6. Karen Couey separated from John Couey soon after. Madie Secord, 27, Couey's niece, told investigators Couey rubbed her genital area underneath her clothes when she was about 7. Her younger sister, Brenda Webb, now grown, said he raped her when she was about the same age.

A third sibling told investigators that Couey kissed her neck.

Despite the claims, Couey's family would not kick him out. Or, if they did, he would end up back in their circle years later, they said.

You know you've finally arrived when you get written up in PRAVDA

U.S. Congressmen says USA could "take out" Islamic holy sites

19:08 2005-07-18
It’s become a common error mixing terrorists with Islam followers. The error turns inexcusable, when it is made by high ranking politicians.

As the AP reports, a Colorado congressman told a radio show host that the U.S. could "take out" Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons. Rep. Tom Tancredo made his remarks Friday on WFLA-AM in Orlando, Florida.

Talk show host Pat Campbell asked the Littleton Republican how the country should respond if terrorists struck several U.S. cities with nuclear weapons.

"Well, what if you said something like - if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites," Tancredo answered.

"You're talking about bombing Mecca," Campbell said.

"Yeah," Tancredo responded.

The congressman later said he was "just throwing out some ideas" and that an "ultimate threat" might have to be met with an "ultimate response," says the AP.

Although his spokesman stressed Tancredo was only speaking hypothetically, the threat was in line with an alarming tendency in the United States.

Last week the U.S. did not let one of Britain's most senior Muslim leaders, Dr. Zaki Badawi, head of the Muslim College, enter the United States without explanation. Late June the Bush administration officials staged a meeting with the representative of the Uzbek opposition who is linked to terrorist organizations of radical Islam.

No doubt, such a remark would cause a rising tide of discontent amid true followers of Islam. Unfortunately, it could be left unnoticed by U.S. allies and the world powers' leaders letting the United States act often recklessly and make steps which would deteriorate stability of the world.

British think tanks have already warned about danger of the UK’s close alliance with the United States. The experts believe the cooperation of Britain and the U.S. in Iraq puts Britain at particular risk of terrorist attack.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Transcript of Tancredo comments

Comments made by Rep. Tom Tancredo on Friday during an on-air interview on radio station WFLA in Orlando, Fla. Host Pat Campbell and the congressman were discussing the possibility of future terrorist attacks inside the United States.

Campbell: Worst case scenario, if they do have these nukes inside the borders and they were to use something like that — what would our response be?

Tancredo: What would be the response? You know, there are things that you could threaten to do before something like that happens and then you may have to do afterwards that are quite draconian.

Campbell: Such as...

Tancredo: Well, what if you said something like — if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, um, you know, you could take out their holy sites . . .

Campbell: You're talking about bombing Mecca.

Tancredo: Yeah. What if you said — what if you said that we recognize that this is the ultimate threat to the United States — therefore this is the ultimate threat, this is the ultimate response.

I mean, I don't know, I'm just throwing out there some ideas because it seems to me . . . at that point in time you would be talking about taking the most draconian measures you could possibly imagine and because other than that all you could do is once again tighten up internally.

Here's the John Travolta quote from the movie Swordfish.

Stanley: War? Who are we at war with?

Gabriel: Anyone who impinges on America's freedom. Terrorist states, Stanley. Someone must bring their war to them. They bomb a church, we bomb 10. They hijack a plane, we take out an airport. They execute American tourist, we tactically nuke an entire city. Our job is to make terrorism so horrific that is becomes unthinkable to attack Americans.

The former FBI consultant, Paul L. Williams, who's creating all the BUZZ joins me at 8AM Tuesday.

Author: Al-Qaida Has Nuclear Weapons Inside U.S.

A new book written by a former FBI consultant claims that al-Qaida not only has obtained nuclear devices, but also likely has them in the U.S. and will detonate them in the near future.

These chilling allegations appear in "Osama's Revenge: The Next 9/11: What the Media and the Government Haven't Told You," by Paul L. Williams (Prometheus Books).

Williams claims that al-Qaida has been planning a spectacular nuclear attack using six or seven suitcase nuclear bombs that would be detonated simulantaneously in U.S. cities.

"They want the most bang for the buck, and that is nuclear," Williams told NewsMax.

"I expect such an attack would come between now and the end of 2005," the author said. Read the rest HERE.

He names cities in this WorldNetDaily article...

The cities chosen as optimal targets are New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and Washington, D.C. New York and Washington top the preferred target list for al-Qaida leadership.

Possible dates...

Bin Laden's goal, according to G2 Bulletin sources, is to launch one initial attack, followed by a second on another city to simulate the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The optimal dates for the attacks are Aug. 6, the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, Sept. 11 and May 14, the anniversary of the re-creation of the state of Israel in 1948. No specific year has been suggested, however, this Aug. 6 represents the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima attack.

Reade the rest HERE.

Paul Sperry joins me at 7AM Tuesday to discuss Pakistan.

Read his article at

It's Pakistan, Stupid!

Behind the scenes, homeland security officials are wringing their hands over intelligence indicating al-Qaida is preparing to attack major American cities, including Washington, using Pakistani nationals and possibly Pakistani-Americans.

Internal Department of Homeland Security documents I've obtained show officials fear Pakistan-based al-Qaida may be sending terrorists our way, including ones trained in terror camps up and running inside Pakistan -- that's right, Pakistan. The terror-training camps we shut down in Afghanistan are now open for business on the other side of the border, despite Islamabad's apparent efforts to crack down on them.

According to the closely held intelligence bulletins, officials worry Pakistanis trained in the camps are trying to sneak into America to carry out terrorist attacks. In fact, U.S. border authorities are reminded each day in shift musters that Pakistanis pose the No. 1 terrorist threat to America right now. And for the past several months, they have been under orders to increase scrutiny of travelers of Pakistani origin.

Fox, MSNBC, and CNN picking up the Tancredo story.

Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca

DENVER — A Colorado congressman told a radio show host that the U.S. could "take out" Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (search) made his remarks Friday on WFLA-AM in Orlando, Fla. His spokesman stressed he was only speaking hypothetically.

Talk show host Pat Campbell (search) asked the Littleton Republican how the country should respond if terrorists struck several U.S. cities with nuclear weapons.

"Well, what if you said something like — if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites," Tancredo answered.

"You're talking about bombing Mecca," Campbell said.

"Yeah," Tancredo responded.

The congressman later said he was "just throwing out some ideas" and that an "ultimate threat" might have to be met with an "ultimate response." Read the rest HERE.

Here's the CNN version.

Here's the MSNBC version.

And The Washington Post

Details unclear in boy's shooting. Mother starts own probe of teen's death in Sanford.

SANFORD -- The events leading to the fatal shooting of a teenager by a pair of security guards early Saturday morning remained murky Sunday as the boy's mother began her own inquiry.

Two guards at Country Lake Apartments near Seminole High School shot into a car driven by Travares McGill, killing the 16-year-old at 3:10 a.m. The guards, Bryan P. Ansley and William P. Swofford, told police they thought the boy was trying to run them down. Read the rest on the Orlando Sentinel story HERE.

Gee what's wrong with this story? A 16 year old out at 3:00AM, driving a car that doesn't belong to him, without a license, in a threatening manner and guess who's the bad guy? That's right the Security Guards, go figure!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Adoption Agency Rejects Catholic Parents

A Christian adoption agency that receives money from Choose Life license plate fees said it does not place children with Roman Catholic couples because their religion conflicts with the agency's "Statement of Faith."

Bethany Christian Services stated the policy in a letter to a Jackson couple this month, and another Mississippi couple said they were rejected for the same reason last year.

"It has been our understanding that Catholicism does not agree with our Statement of Faith," Bethany's state director Karen Stewart wrote. "Our practice to not accept applications from Catholics was an effort to be good stewards of an adoptive applicant's time, money and emotional energy."

Sandy and Robert Steadman, who learned of Bethany's decision in a July 8 letter, said their priest told them the faith statement did not conflict with Catholic teaching.

Loria Williams of nearby Ridgeland said she and her husband, Wes, had a similar experience when they started to pursue an adoption in September 2004.

"I can't believe an agency that's nationwide would act like this," Loria Williams said. "There was an agency who was Christian based but wasn't willing to help people across the board." Read the rest of the article HERE.

Tancredo clarifies 'ultimate response'

Should U.S. bomb Islamic holy sites after nuke terror attack on America?

Clarifying remarks from a radio interview that drew praise from some supporters, Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., said he was not suggesting that the U.S. should nuke the Islamic holy site Mecca as a response to a nuclear homeland attack by al-Qaida.

The congressman's press secretary told WorldNetDaily the comments were an off-the-cuff response to a hypothetical situation.

"He doesn't believe that we should go out and threaten to bomb anybody's holy city," said spokesman Will Adams.

In the interview this morning with Pat Campbell of WFLA radio in Orlando, Tancredo discussed his request for a briefing from the Justice Department on information it has on plans revealed by WND this week for a nuclear attack on the U.S. by al-Qaida terrorists.

Campbell noted that just after the London bombings last week, former Israeli counterterrorism intelligence officer Juval Aviv predicted an attack in the U.S. within the next 90 days. Aviv believes the plan is to attack not one big city, like New York, but half-a-dozen smaller ones, including towns in the heartland.

The host asked Tancredo, "Worst case scenario, if they do have these nukes inside the border, what would our response be?"

The congressman replied: "There are things you could threaten to do before something like that happens, and then you have to do afterwards, that are quite draconian."

"Well," Tancredo continued, "what if you said something like, 'If this happens in the United States and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you could take out their holy sites.'"

Campbell: "You're talking about bombing Mecca?"

Tancredo: "Yeah. What if you said, we recognize that this is the ultimate threat to the United States, therefore this is the ultimate response."

Read the rest of the WorldNetDaily article HERE.

See what they were saying about Tancredo's comments on HERE.

HERE'S what they are saying about the clarification.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm on Flashpoint with Lauren Rowe this Saturday(7/16/05) at 7:30AM on Local6. Posted by Picasa

Major Programming Change as of August 1st

Dr. Laura is out, Mike Gallagher is in the 6:00 to 9:00PM ET time slot.

Check out Mike's website HERE.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hear what Congressman Tom Tancredo had to say on my show today!

Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado talks about possible sleeper cells already in the US & how we would deal with a large scale nuclear terror attack. Listen HERE.

Here's what Doug Hagmann's Northeast Intelligence Network is saying on their site...

Exclusive: US Representative Tom Tancredo in Response to U.S. Nuke Threat:
We Could Nuke Mecca

14 July 2005: He is a no-nonsense House Representative from Colorado, a staunch critic of the federal government's lax immigration and border enforcement policies, and one who recognizes the clear and present threat posed by Islamic terrorists inside the United States. In an exclusive interview today with Pat Campbell, host of AM 540 WFLA said yesterday he would request a briefing from the Justice Department on information it has on plans revealed by WND this week for a nuclear attack on the U.S. by al-Qaeda. Responding to a question by Mr. Campbell about our possible response to such a threat, Representative Tancredo said that there are things that could be done to pre-empt a threat, and in response to an attack as well. One response would be to take out one of their holy cities with a nuclear bomb if it was clearly proven Islamic terrorists were behind such an attack.

Through the courtesy of AM 540 WFLA and Mr. Patrick Campbell, the Northeast Intelligence Network is offering the audio excerpt from this interview. Click on the link below to download the MP3 audio and listen from your computer. The Northeast Intelligence Network applauds Representative Tancredo for all of his anti-terrorism efforts to keep our country safe. We also applaud Mr. Campbell for asking the tough but necessary questions - AND getting the answers.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Congressman Tom Tancredo is my guest 8AM Thursday.

Tancredo to request al-Qaida nuke briefing
Congressman to ask Justice Department for report on 'American Hiroshima' plan is reporting...

WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., a staunch critic of the federal government's lax immigration and border enforcement policies, said yesterday he would request a briefing from the Justice Department on information it has on plans revealed by WND this week for a nuclear attack on the U.S. by al-Qaida terrorists.

Read this story...

Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.
Terrorists, bombs smuggled across Mexico border by MS-13 gangsters

You're invited to a party!

NARAL hosts 'Screw Abstinence Party'
Abortion-rights group to cut loose at local fund-raiser

WorldNetDaily is reporting...

An affiliate of one of the nation's leading abortion-rights groups is taking a hard-edged swipe at cultural conservatives by inviting young donors to a "Screw Abstinence Party."

The Washington-state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America says the first-of-its-kind fund-raiser tomorrow night in Seattle targets young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

A promo for the event says: "Tired of Bush & Co. spending your tax dollars on abstinence-only-until-marriage initiatives that promote dangerous misinformation? Throw your hands up and say it loud: 'Screw Abstinence!'"

Sounds like a classy event. Should I wear tails?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mark Fuhrman joins me at 8AM Wednesday morning to discuss the Terri Schiavo case.

Silent Witness
The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death
by Mark Fuhrman

We all watched Terri Schiavo die. The controversy around her case dominated the headlines and talk shows, going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the White House, and the Vatican.

And it's not over yet. Despite her death, the controversy lingers. In Silent Witness, former LAPD detective and New York Times bestselling author Mark Fuhrman applies his highly respected investigative skills to examine the medical evidence, legal case files, and police records. With the complete cooperation of Terri Schiavo's parents and siblings, as well as their medical and legal advisers, he conducts exclusive interviews with forensics experts and crucial witnesses, including friends, family members, and caregivers.

Fuhrman's findings will answer these questions:

-What was Terri and Michael Schiavo's marriage really like?
-What happened the day Terri collapsed?
-What did Michael Schiavo do when he discovered Terri unconscious? How long did he
wait before calling 911?
-What do medical records show about her condition when she was first admitted to
the hospital?
-What will the autopsy say?

The legal issues and ethical questions provoked by Terri Schiavo's extraordinary case may never be resolved. But the facts about her marriage, her condition when she collapsed, and her eventual death fifteen years later can be determined.

With Silent Witness, Fuhrman goes beyond the legal aspects of the case and delves into the broader, human background of Terri Schiavo's short, sad life.

Karl Rove-Should he stay or should he go?

White House Won't Comment on Any Involvement By Karl Rove in Leak of CIA Agent's Identity

White House spokesman Scott McClellan refused to comment yesterday (July 11th) on any involvement of top presidential adviser Karl Rove in leaking the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame, saying repeatedly in a contentious news briefing that he couldn't say anything because the leak is under investigation. Reporters continued to press McClellan, pointing out that he'd freely spoken in the past two years about the case, even saying that Rove was not involved, however McClellan refused to budge, saying the investigator had asked the White House not to comment during the probe.

The tough questioning came after Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, acknowledged that Rove spoke to Time magazine's Matthew Cooper, one of the reporters who disclosed Plame's name in July 2003. In an e-mail to his bureau chief at the time, Cooper described the conversation, saying Rove told him that former ambassador Joseph Wilson's trip to Africa to investigate administration claims that Saddam Hussein had tried to buy uranium from Niger hadn't been authorized by CIA Director George Tenet or Vice President Dick Cheney. Instead, quote, "it was, [Rove] said, Wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on weapons of mass destruction issues, who authorized the trip."

After his trip, Wilson wrote a New York Times Op-ed piece saying the uranium claim was untrue, and he has since charged that he wife's identity as a CIA agent was disclosed in retaliation. Ruskin has said that his client didn't disclose Plame's name, and was just warning Cooper off writing that the CIA or Cheney had authorized the trip, not trying to out Plame.

President Bush has promised to fire anyone found to have leaked Plame's identity, and Democrats yesterday were calling on him to dismiss Rove or at least take away his security clearance. Among them was Senator Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said, "The White House promised if anyone was involved in the Valerie Plame affair, they would no longer be in this administration. I trust they will follow through on this pledge. ... this rises above politics and is about our national security."

During the time of the leak, Rove was Bush's top political adviser, and he now serves as deputy White House chief of staff. Rove is one of Bush's closest confidants, and the president described him publicly as the, quote, "architect" of his re-election.

Do you think Rove is guilty of any wrongdoing?

Should Rove be fired?

Suffer the little children.

Local6 reporting...

Fla. Man Killed Toddler For Wetting Pants, Police Say
Man Allegedly Took Girlfriend's Son To Motel 6

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- A Lake Worth, Fla., man admits to killing his girlfriend's 3-year-old son because he accidentally wet his pants.


San Francisco Mulls Military Recruiting Ban

SAN FRANCISCO — Anti-war activists submitted a ballot measure Monday that would put the city on record as opposing the presence of military recruiters in public high schools and colleges.

Is there any way to force a city to secede from the Union?

Orlando Diocese Ordered To Pay In Sex Abuse Cases

Local6 is reporting...

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Diocese of Orlando and the Diocese of St. Augustine have been ordered to pay one of the largest settlements in state history in connection with several clergy sexual abuse cases, according to Local 6 News.

The $1.5 million settlement is on behalf of three victims who accused Vernon Uhran and Herbert Reason of sexually abusing them when they were children more than 30 years ago, Local 6 News reported.

Both Uhran and Herbert Reason were priests at Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs, Fla., where some of the abuse allegedly occurred, Local 6 News reported.

You don't pay out this kind of money unless you've done something wrong. The enablers are being held financially accountable. Why aren't they being held criminally accountable, as accomplices, for their actions?

Putting the homeless shelter near Jones High is counterproductive or is it?

This might actually be an incentive to get kids to perform better on the FCATs. If you don't do well you'll wind up here.

On a serious note why can't we do this at Jones High School?

TAMPA - The elementary school with the top student test scores in the state, located in Tarpon Springs, uses a strict approach. Parents must be involved. Students must behave.

If parents and students don't play by the rules at Tarpon Springs Fundamental School, children can be transferred out.

Outrage Of The Week!!!!

The BBC has re-edited some of its coverage of the London Underground and bus bombings to avoid labeling the perpetrators as "terrorists", it was disclosed yesterday.

Early reporting of the attacks on the BBC's website spoke of terrorists but the same coverage was changed to describe the attackers simply as "bombers".

The BBC's guidelines state that its credibility is undermined by the "careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgments".

Consequently, "the word 'terrorist' itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding" and its use should be "avoided", the guidelines say.

Political correctness is going to be the death of us. These clowns have no problem referring to the IRA as terrorists. Who are they worried about offending? What else would you call someone who kills innocent women and children?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Florida State QB Diagnosed With Lyme Disease

Local6 is reporting...

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton has been diagnosed with Lyme disease and will miss the 2005 season, school officials announced Saturday. The news comes one month after Sexton was found disheveled and disoriented on a city street, claiming to be God.

Nice try! I'm not buying, Lyme Disease doesn't make you behave like that, drugs and alcohol can.

Looks to me that they searched long and hard for someone that would diagnose Wyatt the way they wanted to.

Dr. Swami's website, from Hermitage, PA

Seems Dr. Sawmi has a few legal problems too.

Specter Suggests a Chief Justice: O'Connor

WASHINGTON, July 10 - Senator Arlen Specter, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, suggested on Sunday that President Bush could name Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is retiring from the Supreme Court, to the position of chief justice if it opens up.

"I think it would be very tempting if the president said to Justice O'Connor, 'You could help the country now,' " Mr. Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania and a pivotal player in any confirmation hearings, said in an interview on the CBS program "Face the Nation." "She has received so much adulation that a confirmation proceeding would be more like a coronation, and she might be willing to stay on for a year or so."

Just another terrible idea from my favorite R.I.N.O.. Nothing like surrendering to the opposition. Are you sure Specter isn't French? Does he know O'Connor just retired?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lessons from London

Ben Johnson from joins me at 7AM Monday morning to discuss Lessons from London.

Fact #1: The war on Iraq is not a distraction from the War on Terror; it is the War on Terror – and al-Qaeda will stop at nothing to end it.

Fact #2: Appeasing terrorists cannot buy peace.

Fact #3: The enemy isn’t just “Bin Laden.”

Fact #4: Unbridled immigration and tolerance of radical Islam is hazardous.

Fact #5: The modern Left has become so consumed with hatred of the West that it embraces its would-be destroyers.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Intel analyst: Attack on U.S. imminent

Former Israeli agent says government not preparing citizens

Terrorists will try to carry out an attack on the United States within the next 90 days, a former Israeli counterterrorism intelligence officer predicts.

Juval Aviv, head of the New York-based intelligence company Interfor and a special consultant to the U.S. Congress, told Fox News his information is based primarily on intelligence "floating in Europe and the Middle East."

An event is "imminent and around the corner here in the United States," he said. "It could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could happen in the next few months. Ninety days at the most."

Juval Aviv was a guest on my show Friday morning.

No connection between Iraq and Terrorism? Oh really!

This is an exchange between Ron Reagan Jr. (the former ballet dancer now at MSNBC) and Christopher Hitchens.

CH: Do you know nothing about the subject at all? Do you wonder how Mr. Zarqawi got there under the rule of Saddam Hussein? Have you ever heard of Abu Nidal?

RR: Well, I'm following the lead of the 9/11 Commission, which...

CH: Have you ever heard of Abu Nidal, the most wanted man in the world, who was sheltered in Baghdad? The man who pushed Leon Klinghoffer off the boat, was sheltered by Saddam Hussein. The man who blew up the World Trade Center in 1993 was sheltered by Saddam Hussein, and you have the nerve to say that terrorism is caused by resisting it? And by deposing governments that endorse it? ... At this stage, after what happened in London yesterday?...

RR: Zarqawi is not an envoy of Saddam Hussein, either.

CH: Excuse me. When I went to interview Abu Nidal, then the most wanted terrorist in the world, in Baghdad, he was operating out of an Iraqi government office. He was an arm of the Iraqi State, while being the most wanted man in the world. The same is true of the shelter and safe house offered by the Iraqi government, to the murderers of Leon Klinghoffer, and to Mr. Yassin, who mixed the chemicals for the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. How can you know so little about this, and be occupying a chair at the time that you do?


SKY News is reporting at this hour...

Thousands of people are being evacuated from Birmingham city centre after police issued a terror warning.

Bomb squad officers have reportedly carried out a series of controlled explosions in the Broad Street entertainment district.

West Midlands Police said no vehicles are being allowed past the inner ring road.

Around 200 bars, restaurants and clubs are being emptied and searched

A spokeswoman said: "West Midlands Police are issuing a public warning to people after they received intelligence to suggest a threat to the city centre.

"Our response needs to be proportionate in the actions we are taking and informing the public.

"We are not closing bars, restaurants or clubs but we are asking for them to be searched and for people entering the premises to be searched."

Outlining details of the road closures, the spokeswoman continued: "There will be a higher police presence in the city centre and access by vehicles will be limited.

"No vehicles will be allowed past the inner ring road into the city centre."

Allan Sartori, a Birmingham club owner, said police appeared to have the situation under control in the city centre.

He said evacuating the city centre would have cost "a lot of people a lot of money".

But he added: "People's lives are far more important than money in a situation like this."

More follows...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Netanyahu: Advance warning reports 'absolutely false'

AP story said Israeli embassy tipped off before yesterday's attack

JERUSALEM – Reports that he received prior warning about yesterday's deadly London terror attacks "have no basis in reality," former Prime Minister Benjamin Netantyahu told WorldNetDaily this morning.

"Absolutely not. The reports are entirely false," said Netanyahu, still in London on a trip to address a corporate investment conference yesterday at the Great Eastern hotel near the site of one of the blasts. Read the rest HERE.

I'm on Fox News Live Today at 2:30PM ET.

Oops! No I'm not. Fox just called I got bumped so the could carry a Jeb Bush Press Conference on the hurricane.

Richard Miniter joined us, via phone, from Spain to give us his take on the London bombings

Check out his Blog HERE. Plus find out aboot his books Shadow War and Losing Bin Laden.
Find out where AL-ZARQAWI has been SIGHTED.

Miniter confirmed that he has heard what Doug Hagmann reported earlier on my show. See below...

REPORT: One UK Homicide Bomber Was Recent GITMO Release
7 July 2005; 12:54 ET: Preliminary reports from a source inside the Pentagon indicate that one of the operatives involved in this morning's bombings in London was recently released from the prison at Guantanamo. DEVELOPING…

A Few Reasons Why London Was Attacked . . . .
By Debbie Schlussel

I'm surprised the British are surprised they were attacked by Muslim terrorists, today. It's not surprising, given the following (and we should learn some lessons here):

1) Abu Hamza Al-Masri and his Finsbury Mosque : Sheikh Hamza, a/k/a Captain Hook (he has hooks for hands, as he lost both in an explosion), regularly preached hate at his mosque. And surprise, surprise, it produced Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber, among the mosque's other "luminaries." Masri was involved with Muslim extremist group, Al-Muhajiroun (affiliated with Al-Qaeda), and planned to host "The Magnificent 19" celebration, honoring the 9/11 hijackers. Brits pay over a million pounds a year to PROTECT Abu Hamza. Could Hamza's trial, which just started, have something to do with the attacks? Muhajiroun's British leader, Sheikh Omar Al-Bakri Muhammed claimed he was disbanding the group, so that all members could join Al-Qaeda and commit jihadist attacks, per his fatwa .

2) Britain welcomes extremist terror-supporting imams, like Youssef Al-Qaradawi , spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (not to mention Caribou Coffee and Loehmann's). We revoked his visa because he wouldn't renounce Hamas and supports homicide bombings. He can't come to the U.S. Britain had no such problems with Qaradawi. While Qaradawi defended his support for "martyrdom operations," London's imbecile of a mayor, Ken Livingstone (a/k/a the anti-Giuliani), welcomed him, saying "You are not unanimously welcomed here today. In this, you are not alone. People who raise awkward truths are often like this." And they wonder why London was bombed?!

3) Illegal immigration of radical Muslims to Britain from French refugee camps, such as Sangatte . This has been a constant source of problems between the two countries, with Britain constantly complaining but doing nothing about it, while these escapees smuggle themselves through the Chunnel.

4) Cherie Blair (Mrs. Tony) and other British lawyers who fight for the rights of radical Muslims (and, unfortunately, win) at the expense of their country. Wanna wear a jilbab? Me neither.
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The Devil made me do it!

BTK killer blames 'demon' for murders

WICHITA — Confessed BTK serial killer Dennis Rader made his first public apology for the murders that horrified a community for a quarter-century, blaming a ''demon'' that got inside him at a young age.

"I just know it's a dark side of me. It kind of controls me. I personally think it's a — and I know it is not very Christian — but I actually think it's a demon that's within me. ... At some point and time it entered me when I was very young," said Rader, who was once president of his Lutheran church.

Rader, 60, said his problems began in grade school, with his sexual fantasies that were "just a little bit weirder" than other people's.

"Somewhere along the line, someone had to pick something up from me somewhere that there was a problem," he said. "They should have identified it."

Here's the info on the Press Conference in Alabama about the Jessica Lunsford case.

Local cop thinks technology underutilized in missing child cases

If there’s one thing Ron Watson has learned in 45 years of law enforcement it’s the duck principle.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.

So when Jessica Lunsford disappeared from her Florida home Watson had some ideas about who may have done it.

Following 45 years in law enforcement in the military, the last 16 as Chief of Police Operations at Fort Rucker, Watson now works as a crime scene reconstructionist, focusing mainly on crimes dealing with the elderly.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

I don't see anything new just a whole lot of tease.

Governor to close Schiavo inquiry

The investigating state attorney tells Bush he found Michael Schiavo did not cause his wife's collapse.

LARGO - In what could be a final chapter in the legal saga of Terri Schiavo, Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe says he could find no evidence that Michael Schiavo caused his wife's collapse 15 years ago.

In a June 30 letter to Gov. Jeb Bush, McCabe suggested ending the state's inquiry into the case.

Bush responded Thursday in a two-sentence letter to McCabe: "Based on your conclusions, I will follow your recommendation that the inquiry by the state be closed."

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Your taxes pay for their raises

Scott Maxwell reports in his Taking Names column...

With the United States strapped for cash, members of Congress have again voted to give themselves a raise.

The $3,100-a-year jump means our distinguished ladies and gentlemen will soon earn $165,200 a year.

And most of your Central Florida delegation voted for it.

Democrat Corrine Brown joined forces with Republicans Tom Feeney, Adam Putnam and Dave Weldon to help the automatic raises sail through on a 263-152 vote. (Nothing unites opposing parties like money for all.)

The raise means that the politicians who say there's not enough cash for schools and college grants will make about five times what the average job in Central Florida pays.

That is an obscene amount of money! Would someone please tell me what they do that warrants that kind of pay?

A possible hate crime in Orlando?

Arson a Muslim 'heartbreak'
Someone torches house on planned site of Islamic cemetery -- it may mean delays

These eight acres of oak hammocks and horse pasture in east Orange County are a landmark for area Muslims. The land is the planned site of the area's first Islamic cemetery. For the first time, Muslims will be able to bury their own.

Then early Wednesday morning, someone forced open a door of a house on the property, lit a broom in the kitchen and set the empty house aflame.

Investigators concluded the fire was arson. Now they and leaders of the Islamic Society of Central Florida wonder whether the motive is anti-Islamic hate.

Riddle me this Patman. How do you know the motive before you arrest a suspect?


Major, Multiple Terror Attacks in London
Multiple Explosions Rock Subways, Buses, Transportation Systems

*Numerous Casualities in this well planned, highly co-ordinated attacks

*Attacks "Against Infidel Crusaders for Afghanistan, Iraq involvement"

*Recent statement by Ayman al-Zarqawi "warned" of attacks

*Madrid "Redux"

*Major U.S. Cities on heightened alert

7 July 2005: At 8:49 AM London time, a series of near-simultaneous explosions ripped through the London transit system, striking both street-level buses and underground subways and subway stations.

The first blast took place shortly before 9 am at Aldgate; additional blasts followed in rapid succession.

There are almost certainly multiple casualties; until first responders can enter the subway tubes where people are trapped, accurate estimates of the number killed and injured are not available.

There were harbingers of this attack on the jihadi boards in recent days. As readers of the HQ INTEL ALERT will recall from our special alert last week, the new Iranian president had promised as part of his campaign to bring the bloodshed of Iraq to western cities.

Based on celebratory postings on the Arabic language message boards frequented by Al Qaeda and its supporters, a high level of caution is urged for the US and other coalition partners, especially Australia.


Claim of Responsibility
The Islamic Terrorist Organization “Secret Organization Group of Al Qaeda of Jihad Organization in Europe” claims responsibility for the multiple explosions that rocked London during rush hour early this morning. According to their statement, "Britain is burning with fear," and "The heroic mujahidin have carried out a blessed raid in London.

"Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters."

London , UK based Mohammed Al-Massari's Islamic terrorist group, the Tajdeed/Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights organization celebrates attacks. As reported in last week’s HQ INTEL-ALERT, al Massari has been soliciting funding for terrorist attacks in the UK, US and other western countries.

Hat Tip to the Northeast Intelligence Network. Doug Hagmann wil be on the show Friday morning to discuss the latest details.

Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

JERUSALEM - British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.

Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said.

Looks like Netanyahu may have been a target.

Iran and Iraq to sign military deal? Say what?

Former foes Iran and Iraq have said they will sign a military cooperation agreement that will include Iranian help in training Iraq's armed forces.

The agreement marks a considerable advance in relations between the two countries that fought a bitter 1980-1988 war and comes despite repeated US accusations that Iran has undermined security in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

"It's a new chapter in our relations with Iraq. We will start wide defence cooperation," Iranian Defence Minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani told a joint news conference with visiting Iraqi counterpart Sadoun al-Dulaimi.

"We're going to form some committees which will be involved in mine clearance, identifying those missing from the war and also ... to help train, rebuild and modernise the Iraqi army," Shamkhani added.

Iran last year offered to train Iraqi border guards, but Baghdad declined the offer.

Whay aren't we hearing about this in the US Press?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Barbara Boxer claims that 5,000 women will die every year if abortion is overturned.

What bodily orifice did she pull this statistic out of???
Wild, unsubstantiated numbers and fear mongering won't help women. Right now women die from legal and lethal abortion. Was Sen. Boxer equally concerned about Holly Paterson's death from RU-486?

Let's take a look at some hard facts.

Though other abortion advocates have made similar claims, one former director of a national group backing abortion has said the numbers were invented.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League, admits his group lied about the number of women who died from illegal abortions when testifying before the Supreme Court in 1972.

"We spoke of 5,000 - 10,000 deaths a year," he said. "I confess that I knew the figures were totally false [but] it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics?"

Official governmental numbers don't substantiate Boxer's figures.

The National Center for Heath Statistics reveals that, before 1941, in the days before penicillin became available to control infections, there were over 1,400 abortion-related deaths. Following its introduction, the number of deaths was reduced in the 1950s to about 250 per year.

By 1966, with abortion still illegal in all states, the number of deaths had dropped steadily to 120 thanks to new and better antibiotics, better surgery, and the establishment of intensive care units in hospitals.

By the time of Roe v. Wade in 1972, the death rate for illegal abortions had fallen to just twenty-four. Though abortion was legal in 1973, abortion deaths rose to 25 and they rose to 26 in 1974 and 29 in 1975.

Looks to me like the numbers started to go up once we legalized abortion.

Deceased Steelers fan laid out at funeral home on recliner

James Henry Smith was a zealous Pittsburgh Steelers fan in life, and even death could not keep him from his favorite spot: in a recliner, in front of a TV showing his beloved team in action.

The Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home erected a small stage in a viewing room, and arranged furniture on it much as it was in Smith's home on game day Sundays.

Smith's body was on the recliner, his feet crossed and a remote in his hand. He wore black and gold silk pajamas, slippers and a robe. A pack of cigarettes and a beer were at his side, while a high-definition TV played a continuous loop of Steelers highlights.

This is one hardcore football fan.

Would you leave your Church if they did this?

The United Church of Christ's rule-making body voted overwhelmingly Monday (July 4th) to approve a resolution endorsing same-sex marriage, making it the largest Christian denomination to do so. The resolution calls on member churches to consider wedding policies, quote, "that do not discriminate against couples based on gender," and to consider supporting legislation allowing same sex marriage. The vote is not binding on individual churches, but could cause some congregations to leave. The United Church of Christ, a liberal denomination of 1.3 million that's been traditionally strong in New England, was formed in 1957 and has a tradition of support for gays and lesbians. In the early 1970s, it became the first major Christian church to ordain an openly gay minister.

This is what happens when Moral Relativism infects the church.

Moral relativism is the position that moral propositions do not reflect absolute or universal truths. It not only holds that ethical judgments emerge from social customs and personal preferences, but also that there is no single standard by which to assess an ethical proposition's truth. Many relativists see moral values as applicable only within certain cultural boundaries. Some would even suggest that one person's ethical judgments or acts cannot be judged by another, though most relativists propound a more limited version of the theory.

Some moral relativists — for example, Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) — hold that a personal and subjective moral core lies at the foundation of our moral acts. They believe that public morality is a reflection of social convention, and that only personal, subjective morality is truly authentic.

Moral relativism is not the same as moral pluralism, which acknowledges the co-existence of opposing ideas and practices, but does not require that they be equally valid. Moral relativism, in contrast, contends that opposing moral positions have no truth value, and that there is no preferred standard of reference by which to judge them.

Study: Men Endure Pain Better Than Women

Men could never put up with the pain of childbirth, goes a common saying -- or could they? British researchers from Bath University announced in a press release on Tuesday (June 5th) that men are able to endure pain better than women because they don't become emotional about it, and view pain as a problem to be solved.

The scientists said that the difference in how each gender deals with pain has something to do with genetic and hormonal factors, but more to do with social and psychological differences. Men see pain as a practical problem and seek solutions to diminish it, while women focus on pain and how it is making them feel. As a result, women feel pain more acutely, for longer periods, and in more parts of their body.

The researchers tested how long participants could endure having their arms in ice-cold water. Female participants not only noticed the pain sooner, but were unable to put up with it for as long. Critics say that men feel the same amount of pain as women but take the macho approach of trying not to show it. Dr. Ed Keogh, a psychologist from Bath's Pain Management Unit who authored the study, said the findings should help scientists come up with methods of dealing with pain that are tailored to each gender.

Hogwash! I don't buy this for a minute. Whoever did this study must be a guy that never witnessed childbirth.

From an article in today's New York Times about Valerie Plame, the CIA operative at the center of the Plamegate affair and husband of Bush antagonist and former ambassador Joseph Wilson:
Ms. Wilson, 42, whose husband said she has used her married name both at work and in her personal life since their 1998 marriage, declined to speak for this article. She has guarded her privacy, with rare exceptions. She posed with her husband for a Vanity Fair photographer, wearing sunglasses and with a scarf over her blond hair. She drafted an op-ed article to correct what she felt were distortions of her and her husband's actions, but the C.I.A. would not authorize its publication, saying it would ''affect the agency's ability to perform its mission.''

Those were the only two examples given of Plame's rare exceptions to guarding her privacy. Perhaps the Times has not seen the July 2005 issue of Vanity Fair, which contains, in its "Vanities" section, this photograph:
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