Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Study: 1 million sex crimes by illegals

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin in CNN interview

Researcher estimates more than 100 sex offenders crossing border daily.

Based on a one-year in-depth study, a researcher estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each.

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta analyzed 1,500 cases from January 1999 through April 2006 that included serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides and child molestation committed by illegal immigrants.

She found that while the offenders were located in 36 states, most were in states with the highest numbers of illegal immigrants. California had the most offenders, followed by Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York and Florida. Read the rest of the WND article HERE.
Illegals in food industry deepen health concerns Undocumented restaurant workers from areas with higher communicable-disease rates --Business Journal of Phoenix
"Since illegal aliens are not screened as legal immigrants are, they can walk in with all manner of dangerous contagious diseases, including drug-resistant tuberculosis, which can cost up to $1 million to treat, Chagas, acute hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis C, and sexually transmitted diseases," said Scottsdale Congressman J.D. Hayworth, a Republican advocate of stricter border controls.

"Many of these diseases are reaching alarming proportions in the rest of the world, especially tuberculosis. Continued illegal immigration risks the reintroduction of diseases we eradicated long ago," said Hayworth.

Dutch pedophiles are launching a new political party

Dutch pedophiles are launching a new political party: that will push for a cut in the legal age of consent from the current 16 to 12, with the goal of eventually eliminating a minimum age altogether. The Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party said on its website that it will be officially registered today (May 31st). The plan has caused widespread outrage in The Netherlands, with a poll published yesterday showing that 82 percent of those surveyed want the government to do something to stop the new party. Among the other items on the Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party's agenda:

*Allowing private possession of child pornography.
*Allowing sex with animals.
*Sex education for toddlers.
*Allowing everyone to go naked in public.
*Legalization of all hard and soft drugs.
*And, oddly, free train travel for everyone.

Hey who are we to judge?(biting sarcasm) It's just another alternative lifestyle. Maybe they're born attracted to children?

The World's Snappiest Comebacks

From the Wahington Post...

If one will be remembered for a single remark, as the recently departed Lloyd Bentsen is, let it be for the perfect put-down. Most of us never get to experience the joy of excoriating an opponent with a dead-on, devastating riposte. We always think of it too late.

When Bentsen told a baby-faced Dan Quayle, "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy," he was following in the tradition of expert quipsters Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker and Winston Churchill, whose lines are still remembered. Perfect put-downs transcend their settings. In politics, the successful put-down supersedes any issues of substance, just as on the playground. There are certain yo-momas from which no one can recover.

One-liners can be devastating, but the beauty of Bentsen's put-down was the way it built rhythmically on itself through repetition and short, declarative sentences. In the 1988 vice presidential debate, Quayle, 41, had just finished comparing himself to Kennedy on the matter of experience.

"Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy," Bentsen started, and viewers couldn't help but notice the visual difference between the two men -- Quayle's boyishness and Bentsen's gray-haired, patrician looks. "I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine . Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy." Snap!

Ronald Reagan was good at these.

"There you go again," he said in a 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter, accusing the president of misrepresenting his record. The line was accompanied by a smile and a patronizing shake of the head, and the audience laughed, sealing the deal. Reagan: 1, Carter: 0.

For instance, after her breakup with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman appeared on David Letterman's show and was asked how she was doing.

"Well, I can wear heels now," she replied.

There's a classic one of these about Churchill -- possibly apocryphal, but so good it bears repeating.

A woman supposedly told him, "If I were your wife, I would poison your coffee."

Churchill replied, "If I were your husband, I would drink it."

What's your favorite comeback?

Ode to Katie

Since becoming co-host of NBC's Today in April 1991, Katie Couric has often used her perch to salute her liberal heroes (including Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter) or complain about "right-wing conservatives." In her years on Today, She's lectured Charlton Heston about the need for gun control, championed the need for campaign finance "reform," and even touted the wonders of France's nanny state. Here are some of the most outrageous quotes from Katie's career, many accompanied by audio and video clips.

My 2 favorite Couric moments were her colonoscopy and when a pigeon took a dump on her.

Katie was also the Unabomber's pen pal-read HERE.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

PC reviews X-Men3

A non-stop, adrenaline-charged action ride. It's darker than its predecessors—as expected.

Christian producer Ralph Winter believes the movie pushes viewers to consider how we behave toward those who are different from us. "I think the issue about tolerance is how we treat each other and how we get along with people we don't quite understand or who don't quite look the way we do," he said. "How do we live together? How do we treat each other?"

That established, X-Men: The Last Stand does a better job of raising tough questions than it does answering them—which is apparently what Mr. Winter intended. "No one wants to be preached at in a movie theater," he said. "Movies that raise issues are more interesting than movies that try to give answers."

The message that every person is valuable and deserves acceptance comes through loud and clear (between explosions and dismemberments, that is). What's less clear is whether tolerance means embracing the choices other people make along the way. For the solution to the conflict those words generate, we have to turn away from the movie screen—and toward the Bible—for solid guidance.

Hat Tip to Pluggedinonline

Remember tolerance and diversity brought us 9-11.

List one positive accomplishment of George W. Bush

Rules; One accomplishment per person, no duplications. Post away!

Bernard Goldberg stops by to talk about 110 PEOPLE PEOPLE SCREWING UP AMERICA

Here's some newbies he added to the list Ramsey Clark (Saddam Hussein's lawyer), Lynx and Lamb Gaede (Neo-Nazi folk singing twins), and the "Gang of Five" (the five U.S. Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of the new eminent domain standards (Justices Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kennedy) among others.

STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community

Local6 is reporting...

Doctors said sexually transmitted diseases among senior citizens are running rampant at a popular Central Florida retirement community, according to a Local 6 News report.

A gynecologist at The Villages community near Orlando, Fla., said she treats more cases of herpes and the human papilloma virus in the retirement community than she did in the city of Miami.

"Yeah, they are very shocked (to hear the diagnosis)," gynecologist Dr. Colleen McQuade said. "I had a patient in her 80s."

Friday, May 26, 2006

An Apology

I want to apologize to the legion of David Hasselhoff fans that were/are offended by comments made by me and my guest Debbie Schlussel this morning on the show. We were talking about David Hasselhoff being a girlie man and crying on American Idol Wednesday night when the winner was announced. I said that David Hasselhoff hasn't been relevant in 20 years. Unbeknownst to me my board-op and producer are Hasselhoff groupies that quickly came to his defense and pointed out his extensive body of work. See HERE. Kit could not be reached for comment .

I sent this off to Bill O'Reilly's producer this morning.

A Nebraska judge has sentenced a man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a child to 10 years of probation instead of prison time, because she thought that the offender, at 5-foot-1, was too small to survive behind bars. District Judge Kristine Cecava said 50-year-old Richard W. Thompson deserved a long sentence, but he'd be put at special risk in prison because of his size. She said, "You are a sex offender, and you did it to a child." But, she said, "That doesn't make you a hunter. You do not fit into that category." There were several conditions put on Thompson's probation, and he faces 30 days of jail each year of his probation unless he follows them closely. Judge Cecava told him, "I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society is not misplaced."

The Senate's 'Tough' Immigration Bill

Thomas Sowell spills the beans...

Some people are worried that amnesty will give illegal aliens the same rights that American citizens have. In reality, it will give the illegals more rights than the average American citizen.

Since most of the illegals are Mexican, that makes them a minority. Under affirmative action, combined with amnesty, they would have preferences in jobs and other benefits.

Those who set up their own businesses would be entitled to preferences in getting government contracts. Their children would be able to get into college ahead of the children of American citizens with better academic qualifications.

Illegals who graduate from a high school in California can already attend the University of California, paying lower tuition that an American citizen from neighboring Oregon.

Under the supposedly "tough" immigration bill in the U.S. Senate, illegals don't have to pay all the back taxes they owe. An American citizen gets no such break from the government and can end up in federal prison, like Al Capone.

If an American citizen gets stopped by the police for a traffic violation and the cops discover that he is wanted for some other violation of the law, they can arrest him for whatever else he has done.

But if an illegal alien gets stopped for going through a red light and the police discovers that he is in the country illegally, in many communities the cop is forbidden to arrest him for that -- or even to report him to the feds.

If an American citizen forges a Social Security card in order to get a job, he can be arrested. Under a provision recently passed by the Senate, illegal aliens who forged Social Security cards not only get a pass, they get to collect Social Security benefits. MORE

Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think

Sen. Jeff Sessions from Human Events...

I am going to take some time tonight to inform my colleagues about some of the problems with the legislation before us. It is worse than you think, colleagues.

The legislation has an incredible number of problems with it. Some, as I will point out tonight, can only be considered deliberate. Whereas on the one hand it has nice words with good sounding phrases in it to do good things, on the second hand it completely eviscerates that, oftentimes in a way that only the most careful reading by a good lawyer would discover. So I feel like I have to fulfill my duty. I was on the Judiciary Committee. We went into this. We tried to monitor it and study it and actually read this 614-page bill, and I have a responsibility and I am going to fulfill my responsibility.

I think the things I am saying tonight ought to disturb people. They ought to be unhappy about it. It ought to make them consider whether they want to vote for this piece of legislation that, in my opinion, should never, ever become law.

I would also just point out I will be offering tomorrow, or soon, an amendment to deal with the earned-income tax credit situation that is raised by this legislation, focusing on the amnesty in the bill and what will happen after amnesty is granted, before they become a full citizen. The Congressional Budget Office has concluded that the earned-income tax credit will pay out to those who came into our country illegally $29 billion over 10 years. The earned-income tax credit has been on the books for some time. It is a good bit larger than most people think. The average recipient of it receives $1,700. Lower-income people get a larger amount. Over half the people who we expect will receive amnesty are without a high school degree. They are receiving lower wages. They will be the ones who will particularly qualify for this. This is a score that has been given to us by the group that is supposed to score it—$29 billion will be paid out.

If they go all the way and become a citizen they will be entitled to this like any other citizen, and they will be entitled to get it under my amendment. But I do not believe we should award people who have entered our country illegally, submitted a false Social Security number, worked illegally—I do not believe we should reward them with $29 billion of the taxpayers’ money. That is a lot of money.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Good News From Iraq

By Roger Aronoff and Cliff Kincaid

President Bush on Sunday hailed the formation of a unity government in Iraq, making the announcement in person so that at least some of the media covering the White House would be forced to pay attention to it. This is good news, of course, and there is much more good news out of Iraq. But there’s no counting out the terrorists, who can always depend on the media to make them seem more formidable than they actually are. In this battle, one thing is clear: America must be able to neutralize the pernicious influence of Al-Jazeera, the Arabic TV channel that now wants to expand into U.S. and Western media markets with an English-language broadcast. Read the rest HERE.

'Good news' from northern Iraq

Retired Iraqi Gen. Georges Sada, a former fighter pilot-turned-Christian evangelist, says Kurds are converting to Christianity "by the hundreds" in northern Iraq. MORE

The good news from Iraq -- leading indicators
Commentary has posted the article by Amir Taheri, "The Real Iraq," that I discussed yesterday. Taheri compares the Iraq of today to the one he has known over the past 40 years by looking at five leading indicators. Each supports his view that the country has made extraordinary progress in just a few years.

American Idol Funniest Moment: Clay Aiken Surprises His Impersonator

While in general the comedy skits on American Idol 5 lacked in comparison to American Idol 4’s roast of Corey Clark, there was one shining moment that will likely go down as one of the funniest moments in American Idol history. In a re-occurring segment called the Golden Idol Awards, Ryan Seacrest presented candidates for “Best Impersonation.” The nominees were Kenneth Maccarone as Cher, Seth Strickland as Michael Jackson, and Michael Sandecki as Clay Aiken.

While Michael Sandecki might not have advanced in the audition process, Seacrest announced him as the Golden Idol Award winner in the “Best Impersonation” category. Michael joined Seacrest on stage, where Seacrest requested that he sing live. As Michael warbled through “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” the stage doors opened up to reveal Clay Aiken. Surprised by the sudden loud cheering, Michael turned to see Clay Aiken and appeared to nearly go into shock on the stage. As Clay Aiken joined Michael in song, Michael excitedly jumped around the stage. Hat Tip to RealityTVMagazine.


Simon Cowell was correct when he predicted Taylor Hicks would become the next American Idol after his performances Tuesday night. The 29-year-old Alabama native beat out 22-year-old Katharine McPhee after receiving a majority of the 63.4 million votes cast. Last season's American Idol winner Carrie Underwood kicked off the two-hour results show by taking the stage alongside Taylor and Katharine and singing "I Made it Through the Rain." The rest of the evening was packed with performances from a host of singers and the Top 12 American Idol finalists. Below is a list of the evening's performances:

Carrie Underwood with the American Idol Top 12 - "I Made It Through The Rain."
Paris Bennett with Al Jarreau - "We're In This Love Together"
Chris Daughtry with Live - "Mystery"
Katharine McPhee with Meat Loaf - "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"
American Idol men - "Takin' Care Of Business/Tobacco Road/Don't Stop"
Elliott Yamin with Mary J Blige - "One"
Carrie Underwood - "Don't Forget To Remember Me"
Taylor Hicks with Toni Braxton - "In The Ghetto"
American Idol women - "Man, I Feel Like An Woman/Trouble/I'm A Woman/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
Michael Sandecki and Clay Aiken - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
Burt Bacharach section:
Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee - "What The World Needs Now"
Ace Young and Melissa McGhee - "The Look Of Love"
Kellie Pickler - "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"
Bucky Covington - "Raindrop Keep Fallin' On My Head"
Mandisa - "I Say A Little Prayer"
Lisa Tucker - "Alfie"
Elliott Yamin - "A House Is Not A Home"
Kevin Covais - "What's New Pussycat" (This was a Howl!)
Chris Daughtry, Kevin Covais, Ace Yamin - "The Best That You Can Do"
Paris Bennett - "(They Long To Be) Close To You"
Dionne Warwick - "Walk On By/That's What Friends Are For"
The Brokenote Cowboys - "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys"
Prince - "Lolita/Satisfied"
Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"
Taylor Hicks - "Do I Make You Proud"


WASHINGTON --- Sen. Chuck Grassley today said the immigration reform bill being debated in the U.S. Senate is riddled with loopholes and flaws. During a speech on the Senate floor, he outlined for the American people nearly 30 flaws within only two sections of the bill.

“I was burned once in 1986 when I voted for amnesty believing that it would solve our problems. Now, we have a 12 million illegal immigrant problem. I’m not getting burned again,” Grassley said. “Not only do we have a glide path to citizenship, but it’s a glide path with plenty of loopholes that don’t meet the common sense test.”

Grassley has a number of amendments that would help fix the shortcomings in the bill. It’s expected that debate on the bill will conclude this week.

Here is a list of Grassley’s “Top 10.”

1. $2,000 Fine -- Under the bill, an illegal alien can go from illegal to legal by paying a small fine of $2,000. Often, illegal aliens will pay more than five times this amount to a smuggler to get across the border. Also, the $2000 fine may not have to be paid until year eight, which allows the illegal alien to live, work, and play in the United States for years free from deportation. This imposes a financial burden on the American taxpayer for health, education, and infrastructure costs that aren’t reimbursed for five or ten years.

2. Taxes -- Under the bill, illegal aliens get an option to only have to pay three of their last five years in back taxes. Law-abiding American citizens do not have the option to pay some of their taxes. The bill would treat lawbreakers better than the American people. The bill also makes the IRS prove that illegal aliens have paid their back taxes. It will be impossible for the IRS to truly enforce this because they cannot audit every single person in this country.

3. Security Clearances in 90 days – Under the bill, the Department of Homeland Security must perform background checks on illegal aliens in the United States. It also encourages the federal government to complete the background checks on 10 million illegal aliens in 90 days. This is a national security concern because Homeland Security will be pressured to complete these checks without doing a thorough job.

4. Work Requirements – Under the bill, illegal aliens must prove they’ve worked in the United States for three of the last five years. It also says they have to work for six years after the date of enactment of the bill. However, there is no continuous work requirement for amnesty. They could work for 30 days, take off 30 days, work for 30 days. The bill also says that illegal aliens have to prove that they’ve worked in the United States for three of the last five years by showing IRS or Social Security records, or records maintained by federal, state, or local governments, employers, unions or day labor centers. However, the bill also allows illegal aliens to ask anybody to attest that they have been employed. This invites fraud, and the government cannot realistically investigate all these cases.

5. Confidentiality – Under the bill, if an illegal alien applies for amnesty, the federal government cannot use information provided in the application for anything but adjudicating the petition. For example, if illegal aliens write in their applications that they are related to Osama Bin Laden, then our government cannot use that information. In fact, it says that the Secretary of Homeland Security can only share that information if someone requests it in writing. This provision severely handicaps national security and criminal investigators.

Also, if a federal agent does use information provided by an illegal alien in an application for amnesty the agent would be fined $10,000. This is five times more than the alien has to pay to get amnesty.

6. Social Security to illegal aliens -- Under the bill, illegal aliens are not prohibited from getting credit for the money they’ve put into the Social Security system if they’ve worked in the U.S. illegally. Illegal immigrants who paid Social Security taxes using a stolen Social Security Number did not do so with the expectation that they would ever qualify for Social Security benefits. (The Ensign amendment would have taken care of this, but it did not pass.)

7. Employers get a tax pardon for hiring illegal aliens -- Under the bill, employers of aliens applying for adjustment of status “shall not be subject to civil and criminal tax liability relating directly to the employment of such alien.” Businesses that hired illegal workers would now get off scott-free from paying the taxes that they owe the government. This encourages employers to violate our tax laws and not pay what they owe the federal government. In addition to not having to pay their taxes, employers are also off the hook for providing illegal aliens with records or evidence that they have worked in the U.S. The employer is not subject to civil and criminal liability for having employed illegal aliens in the past, or before enactment.

8. Family Members of H-2C Visa Holder need not be healthy -- Under the bill, spouses and children of H-2C visa holders are exempt from a requirement proving that they meet certain health standards. The visa holder is required to undergo a medical exam, but their family members are not which potentially puts Americans at risk.

9. Mandatory Departure isn’t really Mandatory -- Under the bill, the Secretary of Homeland Security “may grant” Deferred Mandatory Departure to illegal aliens in the 2-5 year category. The Secretary “may” also waive the departure requirement if it would create substantial hardship for the alien to leave.

10. No Interview Required. – Under the bill, illegal aliens in the 2nd tier who are required to leave the country can re-enter the United States on a visa. However, the bill does not require these individuals do not have to be interviewed. The bill doesn’t give discretion to our consular offices to require an interview. The 9/11 hijackers weren’t subject to appear in person. Today, the State Department requires most applicants to submit to interviews, and waives them only for children and the elderly.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Fake Soldier Tale Debunked

By Michelle Malkin

Meet "Jessie MacBeth." He's the latest cause celebre of the anti-war Left -- a "former Army Ranger and Iraq war veteran" who accuses his fellow troops of committing a litany of atrocities against innocent civilians. Anti-Vietnam War veteran John Kerry and the Winter Soldiers cast a long shadow.

There's just one problem: According to Department of the Army spokesman Paul Boyce, there is no record of "Jessie MacBeth," a.k.a. Jesse Adam MacBeth, having served in either the Rangers or the Special Forces -- or in any part of the Army at all. Boyce told me Tuesday that a check on MacBeth's credentials came up empty. "At a minimum, this appears to have been concocted" and "some sort of hoax," Boyce said. Special Operations Command and the State Department have been alerted.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Saudi Men Who Rode School Bus Released

TAMPA - A judge ordered two Saudi men to be released Tuesday morning after they were charged with trespassing on school property.

Deputies arrested Shaker Mohsen Alsidran and Mana Saleh Almanajam on Friday after they boarded a school bus bound for Wharton High and then gave different stories.

An investigation revealed both are in the United State legally and studying at the English Language Institute at the University of South Florida.

They also found no evidence of criminal activity.

Students on the bus became alarmed, as did the bus driver, who called ahead. Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies met the bus at the school and detained the men. No one was injured and nothing out of line occurred on the bus, deputies said.

Almanajam, 23, and Alsidran, 20, each were charged with trespassing on school property. Both were held at the Orient Road Jail.

Ahmed Bedir with the Central Florida Council on American Islamic Relations talked to the men in jail and says they were simply confused and thinks their trip was a misunderstanding.

He says the real concern is the message this incident sends to others of Middle Eastern descent living in the United States.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Natalie Maines(the fat one) is at it again!

Lead singer Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is taking back her apology for saying during a London concert in 2003 that they were ashamed that President Bush is from Texas. Maines says in Time magazine this week of her apology, "I don't feel that way anymore. I don't feel he is owed any respect whatsoever." After the 2003 remarks, Maines received death threats and there was a backlash from other country stars and from country radio, with many stations refusing to play the band's records. But Chicks' member Martie Maguire now says it was a blessing in disguise. She tells Time, "I'd rather have a small following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith. We don't want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do." The Chicks' new album, with the first single, "Not Ready to Make Nice," is due out on Tuesday (May 23rd).

Jack Kelly says On immigration, conservatives need to give Bush a break!

Medicare and Social Security are going broke chiefly because there aren't enough workers paying into the systems to support beneficiaries. Unless millions of new workers can be found to pay the payroll tax, the retirement of the baby boom generation will bust both programs.

President Bush hasn't done enough to secure our borders. But he has done more than Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, his dad and Bill Clinton combined.

Saudis jump aboard Florida school bus

Police try to determine intent: '1 of the guys was wearing shorts with a black trench coat' WND is reporting...
TAMPA, Fla. – Local and federal authorities are trying to determine the real reason two Saudi men jumped aboard a local school bus on Friday, alarming students as well as education officials.

Mana Saleh Almanajam, 23, and Shaker Mohsen Alsidran, 20, were immediately taken into custody when the bus arrived at Wharton High School, and they are being charged with trespassing on school property, and are held without bail.

"Both defendants gave several versions of the reason they took a school bus to a high school," Hillsborough County sheriff's spokesman J.D. Callaway told the Tampa Tribune, noting the pair seemed cagey and evasive as they answered questions. "They said they wanted to go to Wharton to look around, and then they said they wanted to go there to have some fun, and then they said they wanted to enroll in the English classes there."

"We're not sure if this was a situation of them just being new to this country, or if they were confused or what it was," he continued. "We were unsure as to exactly what the final reason was, but it did cause great concern for the students on the bus and for us. One of the guys was wearing shorts with a black trench coat."

During their time on the bus, the men were reportedly speaking in Arabic, making funny sounds and laughing.

The FBI was notified, along with the sheriff's Homeland Security Division, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Regional Domestic Security Task Force, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"It sounds like a dry run for a Beslan type of terror attack in the U.S.," said one concerned WND reader. "I don't believe these guys."
Doug Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network joins me Monday at 6:05AM ET with details.

Debbie Schlussel and Michelle Malkin are all over it as well.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nebraska grocer mandates Spanish for employees

WND is reporting...

OMAHA, Neb. -- A new policy at a local supermarket has some shoppers upset.

No Frills on 36th and Q streets is asking some employees to learn Spanish so they can help customers who only speak that language. No Frills said it made the decision purely based on the bottom line. Spanish-speaking managers can cater to the large contingent of south Omaha Spanish speaking clients, but the policy is getting a mixed reaction from shoppers.

No Frills Manager Dick O'Donnell said he decided a few years back to brush up on his Spanish. He figured doing so would help him with the store's growing number of Latino shoppers. Store managers said at least two-thirds of customers at the store speak Spanish, and for years it has carried a large collection of Hispanic groceries, so this is the next logical step.

"You can help people so much with just small problems that they have, with our customer service counter, or if they're looking for something, or directions to some place.," O'Donnell said.

Now, No Frills is making Spanish mandatory for all managers, pharmacists and butchers at the store on 36th and Q. The company will pay for all classes, including overtime. Managers who don't want to learn Spanish have the option of transferring to other stores. No other No Frills locations are included in the mandate.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Iran Might Require Jews and Christians to Wear Badges; Will American Media Report It?

Noel Sheppard is reporting at NewsBusters...

A number of Canadian news websites are reporting that the Iranian parliament passed a law this week requiring non-Muslims in the country to wear certain insignia identifying them as such (hat tip to Drudge). As reported by Canada’s National Post: “Human rights groups are raising alarms over a new law passed by the Iranian parliament that would require the country's Jews and Christians to wear coloured badges to identify them and other religious minorities as non-Muslims.”

The article continued: “‘This is reminiscent of the Holocaust,’ said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. ‘Iran is moving closer and closer to the ideology of the Nazis.’"

Apparently, this has been confirmed by Iranians now living in Canada: “Iranian expatriates living in Canada yesterday confirmed reports that the Iranian parliament, called the Islamic Majlis, passed a law this week setting a dress code for all Iranians, requiring them to wear almost identical ‘standard Islamic garments.’"

Read the rest HERE.

Iranian embassy denies dress code

English only? It's racist!

SENATOR HARRY REID: I have affection for my friend from Oklahoma, but I have the greatest disagreement with him on this amendment. While the intent may not be there, I really believe this amendment is racist. I think it’s directed basically to people who speak Spanish.

Hat Tip to Expose the left

Local6 reports...
The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to make English the national language of the United States. Sort of.

It first voted 63-34 to establish English as the national language of the United States.

A few moments later, it voted 58-39 to call English a "common and unifying language."

Both were added to the immigration bill that is being crafted by the Senate.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., who supports "national" but not "common and unifying," complained that his colleagues were trying to "have it both ways."

Mel Martinez continues to spiral out of control...

Tim Chapman reported last week:

To qualify for full Social Security benefits, a worker must register 10 years of work. Under current law, illegal immigrants who obtain legal status can use their previous illegal work history to apply for Social Security benefits.

A compromise immigration bill pending right now in the U.S. Senate (sponsored by Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Mel Martinez (R-FL)) comes at a time when our nation is facing an enormous crisis on the entitlements front. A recent report moved the year in which Social Security will go broke from 2041 to 2040. Congress cannot afford to keep the promise of Social Security to its own citizens, let alone illegal workers.

To remedy the situation, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) has offered an amendment to the pending Senate immigration bill that would reverse this law to ensure that law-breakers are not rewarded for their past work at the expense of immigrants who have waited in line and American citizens.

Mary Katherine Ham can't believe it:

But here's the substance of the debate-- Should ILLEGAL immigrants, once made legal by the McCain legislation, be entitled to receive the Social Security benefits they have paid into the system while ILLEGALLY using FRAUDULENT Social Security numbers STOLEN from actual, legal citizens of the United States of America.

The fact that this is even up for debate is just beyond insane. Everyone knows we will never have enough Social Security funds to serve, you know, actual citizens.

Every single one of those senators knows that, and they're debating whether we should extend such non-existent, unsustainable, budget-busting, generation-saddling benefits to millions of people who fraudulently entered the system by stealing the identities (and sometimes ruining the credit) of legal Americans?!?

Sen. Ensign, God bless him, offered an amendment suggesting illegals should not be eligible for Social Security benefits accrued while illegal.

The U.S. Senate voted to kill that amendment, 50-49.

Mel Martinez-YEA Bill Nelson-NAY

Bush promised us 6,000 new border patrol agents by 2008

Yet he only asked for funding for 1,000. What happened to the other 5,000 he promised?
The debate occurred as the White House sent Congress a formal request for $1.9 billion to cover the costs of steps on immigration that President George W. Bush announced earlier in the week.

Bush is requesting funds to pay for 1,000 new border agents, as well as the cost of fences and surveillance aircraft. It would also help cover the cost of deploying National Guard troops along the border.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dave Vonklieist of In Plane Site joins me Friday at 8AM.

For more info click HERE.

Check out Popular Mechanics in 3/2005


Here’s a sample of what critics who previewed “The Da Vinci Code” yesterday had to say about the movie:

· “Dud”; Unwieldy”; “Plodding.” (Reuters)

· “A Bloated Puzzle”; “The movie is so drenched in dialogue musing over arcane mythological and historical lore and scenes grow so static that even camera movement can’t disguise the dramatic inertia”; “No chemistry exists between the hero and the heroine.” (Hollywood Reporter)

· “Almost as bad as the book.” (Boston Globe)

· “High-minded lurid material sucked dry by a desperately solemn approach”; They’ve “drained all the fun out of the melodrama.” (Variety)

· When the movie “takes a brief wrong turn, and Howard momentarily loses control of his huge, streamlined vehicle, it’s hard to say where to put the blame.” (

· “Critics Crucify ‘Da Vinci Code.’” (Australian Associated Press)

· “Critics largely panned the cinematic version”; “The movie did receive some lukewarm praise, but the majority of the response was highly critical”; “One scene during the film, meant to be serious, elicited prolonged laughter from the audience. There was no applause when the credits rolled; instead, a few catcalls and hisses broke the silence.” (CNN)

· “At one point, some of them responded in the auditorium with laughter to one of the developments in the plot—something director Ron Howard would not have anticipated.” (Press Association Newsfile)

· “Shrugs of indifference, some jeering laughter and a few derisive jabs”; “The Cannes audience clearly grew restless as the movie dragged on to two and a half hours and spun a long sequence of anticlimactic revelations”; “Some people walked out during the movie’s closing minutes…and there was none of the scattered applause even bad movies sometimes receive at Cannes.” (AP)

Mike Knesevitch of stops by the PC Show

Mike runs a web site that accurately predicted Saddam Hussein`s capture, the winner of every state in the last presidential election, even Harriet Miers` withdrawing her Supreme Court nomination two days before she actually did.How? By showing people that are buying stock in these things. It`s called We discussed American Idol, the bird flu and presidential candidates for 2008.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Alan Chambers from Exodus International joined us on the show today.

Worldwide Network of Former Homosexuals Says to John Stossel: 'Give Us a Break'; Journalist's Book Says Change for Homosexuals is a Myth

ORLANDO, Fla., May 11 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The largest network of former homosexuals in the world is challenging an ABC news correspondent's claim that change for homosexuals is a myth. Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, says John Stossel's new book, "Myths, Lies & Downright Stupidity" is an ignorant and callous dismissal of the lives of thousands of former homosexuals.

Featured last night on Fox's O'Reilly Factor, Stossel further commented on his book, "One of the myths is that you can change homosexuality. There are these groups like Exodus International that says, 'We can fix you. If you just pray, if you turn your life over to Jesus, we can make you straight.' And I've talked to lots of people who supposedly were cured and they were not."

Chambers, himself a former homosexual who was interviewed by John Stossel for a segment on this topic, responded, "John Stossel's assertion that homosexuals cannot change is an affront to the thousands of individuals, like me, who have experienced it."

"In addition, his mischaracterization of our views and oversimplification of this issue devalues the unique personal stories behind it," said Chambers. "In its 30 year history, Exodus International has seen tremendous growth in the ex-gay moment at large and has helped thousands of conflicted homosexuals seeking change, to find it. It is unfortunate that Mr. Stossel did not accurately or adequately research this side of such an important social issue."

Exodus International is a resource and referral organization with over 130 member ministries across North America. The organization has been in existence for 30 years and offers help to the over 400,000 people who contact the ministry each year. To learn more about Exodus, go to:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sexual-orientation questions cause stir at high school

Parents are angry and school leaders are promising action in response to a "Heterosexual Questionnaire," approved by two teachers, that asked students questions such as: "If you have never slept with someone of your same gender, then how do you know you wouldn't prefer it?"

Pentagon releases film of Sept. 11 plane attack

WorldNetDaily is reporting...

Videos forced public by Judicial Watch not markedly better than previous footage

In response to a Freedom of Information lawsuit, the Pentagon today release two videotapes of American Airlines Flight 77 slamming into the famed office building on Sept. 11, 2001.

Government watchdog Judicial Watch filed suit against the Defense Department in February, hoping to force the Pentagon to release the video to shed light on various conspiracy theories about what happened there on 9-11. Theories have been put forth alleging a government drone or missile hit the Pentagon rather than a hijacked airliner.

One of the videos, which recorded a frame every half second, shows what Defense officials say is the nose cone of the plane hurling toward the Pentagon.

Watch the video HERE. Hat Tip to Ian Schwartz at Expose the Left.

According to Judicial Watch, the legal group originally filed a Freedom of Information Act request Dec. 15, 2004, seeking all records pertaining to camera recordings from the Sheraton National Hotel, the Nexcomm/Citgo gas station, Pentagon security cameras and the Virginia Department of Transportation. The Department of Defense admitted in a Jan. 26, 2005, letter that it possessed a videotape responsive to Judicial Watch's request. However, the Pentagon advised that the video is exempt from release because it is "part of an ongoing investigation involving Zacarias Moussaoui."

Reading "Da Vinci Code" does alter beliefs: survey

LONDON (Reuters) - "The Da Vinci Code" has undermined faith in the Roman Catholic Church and badly damaged its credibility, a survey of British readers of Dan Brown's bestseller showed on Tuesday.

People are now twice as likely to believe Jesus Christ fathered children after reading the Dan Brown blockbuster and four times as likely to think the conservative Catholic group Opus Dei is a murderous sect.

"An alarming number of people take its spurious claims very seriously indeed," said Austin Ivereigh, press secretary to Britain's top Catholic prelate Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

"Our poll shows that for many, many people the Da Vinci Code is not just entertainment," Ivereigh added.

He heads a prominent group of English Roman Catholic monks, theologians, nuns and members of Opus Dei, who commissioned the survey from leading pollster Opinion Research Business (ORB) and have sought to promote Catholic beliefs at a time when the film's release has provoked a storm of controversy.

ORB interviewed more than 1,000 adults last weekend, finding that 60 percent believed Jesus had children by Mary Magdalene -- a possibility raised by the book -- compared with just 30 percent of those who had not read the book.

The English group demanded that the "Da Vinci Code" movie, being given its world premiere at the Cannes Film festival on Wednesday, should carry a "health warning".

This is not the fault of the book or the movie. It is a damning indictment of the Church and 40+ years of failed catechesis. The faithful are so poorly schooled in their own religion that they are gullible when it comes to this rubbish.

Senate Immigration Bill Would Allow 100 Million New Legal Immigrants over the Next Twenty Years

If enacted, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) would be the most dramatic change in immigration law in 80 years, allowing an estimated 103 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years—fully one-third of the current population of the United States.

Much attention has been given to the fact that the bill grants amnesty to some 10 million illegal immigrants. Little or no attention has been given to the fact that the bill would quintuple the rate of legal immigration into the United States, raising, over time, the inflow of legal immigrants from around one million per year to over five million per year. The impact of this increase in legal immigration dwarfs the magnitude of the amnesty provisions.

In contrast to the 103 million immigrants permitted under CIRA, current law allows 19 million legal immigrants over the next twenty years. Relative to current law, then, CIRA would add an extra 84 million legal immigrants to the nation’s population.

The figure of 103 million legal immigrants is a reasonable estimate of the actual immigration inflow under the bill and not the maximum number that would be legally permitted to enter. The maximum number that could legally enter would be almost 200 million over twenty years—over 180 million more legal immigrants than current law permits.

Read the entire Heritage Foundation report by Robert Rector HERE.

John Kasich from FNC joins me to talk about Bush's speech

Text of Bush's Speech on Immigration

Too little, too late!

6,000 National Guard troops on the border sounds good but they've been neutered by Bush. They can't arrest, detain or deport. It's all show.

He says he's going to put more border patrol agents on the border. why should I believe him now? He promised 2000 before but only delivered 210.

I like the tamper proof biometric I.D. but don't let the government do it, farm it out to the pros at Visa of MasterCard.

Bush says it's not amnesty but they still win they get to stay if they jump through the hoops.

It's all Smoke and Mirrors look what Mel Martinez has lined up for you...

Reform bill to double immigration

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gore Plays President on Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

Al Gore was on Saturday Night Live this evening, playing the President prior to the beginning of the show. When he was introduced the audience roared with applause. Gore, making fun of the Global War on Terrorism, referred to some type of war on Glaciers. He says “glaciers that were once melting” are now “on the attack” and that “renegade glaciers” have captured parts of Michigan and Maine and assures us that “we will not let the glaciers win”.

He referred to Michael Moore as Supreme Court Justice and George Clooney as the newly confirmed Chief Justice. Ah, even though this was done on Saturday Night Live, you knew it was the kind of world only liberal’s dream of.

He was also in the show later, on the “Weekend Update” segment to play a silly game of “point, counter-point” with one of the anchors. One of the anchors said that “global warming is a scientific fact”. It was quite obvious that this was a propaganda piece for his new movie on global warming.
Huge Hat Tip to Ian Schwartz at Expose the Left. Watch video HERE.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I went to see Mission Impossible 3 Friday night with my wife.

One word Tremendous! Full details Monday morning.

Scholars debunk facts in a work of fiction

Here's a great article from The Dallas Morning News on "The Da Vinci Code".

Errors large and small

The very first sentence in the book implies this is more than a mere tale. "Fact: The Priory of Sion — a European secret society founded in 1099 — is a real organization." This arcane society, according to Brown's telling, has been the keeper of the secret about Jesus' marriage.

But the "fact" is almost certainly wrong. Last month, "60 Minutes" piled up evidence that a Frenchman — an anti-Semite with a history of criminal fraud — "created" the priory as a hoax in the 1950s.

The book reeks of truthiness and smartiness — the appearance of being truthful and smart without necessarily being either. The protagonist is a Harvard prof (in a department that doesn't exist). The plot is propelled by a series of puzzles based on famous artworks.

But the debunking books list factual errors large and small:

The glass pyramid at the Louvre has 673 glass panes, not 666. The Dead Sea Scrolls were written by Jews and say nothing about Jesus. They were discovered in 1947, not the 1950s.

If the figure to the left of Jesus in "The Last Supper" is really Mary Magdalene, as the book claims, then Leonardo left out an apostle. If it's really John, as most art historians claim, Leonardo was neither the first nor the only artist to paint him as a beardless, long-haired young man.

Brown's best "proof" of a romance between Jesus and Mary Magdalene comes from the Gospel of Philip, one of the Gnostic gospels. In "The Da Vinci Code," the quote reads: "The companion of the Savior is Mary Magdalene. Christ loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on her mouth."

But Ehrman, a text scholar, says the only manuscript we have of that gospel is full of holes. And that all we have of that passage is "The companion of the (gap) Mary Magdalene (gap) more than (gap) the disciples (gap) kiss her (gap) on her (gap)."

If Brown can't get inarguable facts right, the experts say, what faith can readers place in his conclusions about the nature of Christianity? Read the rest HERE.

Invasion of Privacy?

Aerial photos of every property in Orange and Seminole will soon be sold on the Web.

But after contracting with the counties and taking the photographs, Pictometry, based in Rochester, N.Y., partnered with Microsoft Corp., which is already offering the images online through its Windows Live Local Web site at The images also can be viewed at the real-estate Web site

You got to love the Sentinel! Cutting edge stuff! I told you about Zillow on 4/26/06. Check my Blog HERE. Sunday I expect them to break the story on the Lincoln assassination.

ICE Agent 007 Gets Probation For Mall Exposure

ORLANDO - The former head of a Homeland Security program targeting child predators will serve no jail time for exposing himself to a teenage girl in a mall.

No conviction will appear, either, on the record of Frank Figueroa, 49, if he successfully completes 363 days' probation. The sentence was ordered Friday by Orange County Judge Leon B. Cheek III, who granted a defense request to withhold judgment.

Cheek noted that Figueroa faced a similar charge 29 years ago and expressed concern about a pattern of behavior.

As part of his probation, Figueroa, the former agent in charge of the Tampa office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, must do 200 hours of community service work, undergo a psychosexual evaluation, and stay away from food courts and areas where teens congregate. Read the Rest HERE.
This clown refuses to accept full responsibility for his actions. Had the victim been one year younger Figueroa would have been charged with a felony. This pathetic excuse for a man put his wife and 14 year old daughter on the stand to defend him. He gets to retire from the agency in one year and collect his pension. He also pointed out to the judge that he is a Latino. What difference does that make? Debbie Schlussel has the goods on 007 HERE.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A CHAIN-smoking Scots youngster who became pregnant at 11 is set to become the UK's youngest mum.

Isn't it Ironic? An 11 year old who sees nothing wrong with chain smoking, drinking, engaging in promiscuous unprotected sex, having a child out of wedlock, when it comes to abortion she won't do that because she knows that's wrong! How is it possible to raise a child who knows abortion is wrong yet she is oblivious to everything that got her to that point?

Check out this quote from her 34 year old single mom...

"I am not ashamed of my daughter – in fact, I am proud of her for keeping her baby."

What kind of a chance does this baby have being raised by a 12 year old? Ever hear of adoption?

Ramesh Ponnuru joins me to discuss The Party of Death

"The party of death started with abortion, but its sickle has gone from threatening the unborn, to the elderly, to the disabled; it has swept from the maternity ward to the cloning laboratory to a generalized disregard for 'inconvenient' human life."

So begins The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life, by National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru.

Debbie Schlussel joins me at 7AM to talk about the Cult of Oprah

Catch Debbie on "FOX News Live," Friday Afternoon, at 2:20 p.m. Eastern to discuss her views about Oprah Winfrey and the related article in today's USA Today, quoting her on the absurd idea of Oprah as American moral authority.

Doug Hagmann from the Northeast Intelligence Network joins me Friday at 6AM

Doug updates on the Atwar Bahjat story with an analysis of the beheading tape. Plus Doug weighs in on the National Security Agency's Massive Database Of Americans' Phone Calls.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bob Cox of olbermannwatch joins PC.

"No one in the media is more deserving of a daily blogospheric bitchslap than Keith Olbermann"

Why is Keith obsessed with gay male escorts like Jeff Gannon? Inquiring minds want to know!

Audio should be up on our site by mid-day. Click HERE.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Puerto Rico's budget woes boost Orlando teacher recruiting

Jan Hall's going to love this...

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orange County education recruiter Javier Melendez said Wednesday simple math is leading him to Puerto Rico to hire new teachers later this month.

Florida needs to hire 32,000 teachers to keep pace with increasing enrollment and stringent class-size requirements. Melendez said his district in Orlando needs 2,400 new teachers alone.

A government budget impasse in Puerto Rico has thrown more than 100,000 public employees out of work, including about 42,000 teachers. The crisis has crippled government services and hurt business in this U.S. territory.

"They have a special situation and we have a special situation because we are a booming district," Melendez said. "This is a good opportunity for us to go over there and support those teachers who want to come to the continental U.S."

Melendez said he has been recruiting in Puerto Rico for eight years, but the current financial crisis has created a unique opportunity to get talented teachers.

Melendez plans to travel to Puerto Rico in late May with a team to interview hundreds of hand-picked educators. School officials require candidates speak English and Spanish and give special consideration to certified teachers in hard-to-fill positions such as math, science and special education.

"Obviously," he said, "Orlando and central Florida are very attractive to Puerto Ricans because of our proximity to the island and our large Puerto Rican population."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

David Blaine: Drowned Alive

Dr. Ruden, Physician to the Stars, is concerned about David’s skin, among many other things. The hands, of course, but now the rest of him, too. The palms of the hands, he explains, are hyperkeratotic tissue: the cell turnover is very fast. Born, live, die fast. There are a lot of dead cells on the palms, and dead cells don’t give a fig about homeostasis. They get jerked around by whatever the environment throws at them, and when it’s immersion in water the prune effect is the result.

Routine HIV testing sought for U.S. adults and teens

CDC says it should reduce transmission, ease stigma

Testing for the AIDS virus could become part of routine physical exams for adults and teens if doctors follow new U.S. guidelines expected to be issued by this summer.
Federal health officials say they'd like HIV testing to be as common as a cholesterol check.

The guidelines for routine testing would apply to every American ages 13 to 64 under the proposal by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One-quarter of the 1 million Americans with the AIDS virus don't know they are infected, and that group is most responsible for HIV's spread, CDC officials said.
This is a terrible idea! Why test everyone? Not everyone is at risk. This would be like screening everyone for lung cancer, not everyone's at risk. Target the at risk group, smokers. When it comes to aids test the at risk groups(i.e. Homosexuals, IV drug users, promiscuous individuals that engage in high risk activity-anal intercourse). Who do you think will pick up the tab for widespread testing? Insurance companies that will pass the cost along to us in the form of increased premiums.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code

VATICAN CITY - In the latest Vatican broadside against "The Da Vinci Code", a leading cardinal says Christians should respond to the book and film with legal action because both offend Christ and the Church he founded.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, a Nigerian who was considered a candidate for pope last year, made his strong comments in a documentary called "The Da Vinci Code-A Masterful Deception."

Arinze's appeal came some 10 days after another Vatican cardinal called for a boycott of the film. Both cardinals asserted that other religions would never stand for offences against their beliefs and that Christians should get tough.

"Christians must not just sit back and say it is enough for us to forgive and to forget," Arinze said in the documentary made by Rome film maker Mario Biasetti for Rome Reports, a Catholic film agency specializing in religious affairs.

"Sometimes it is our duty to do something practical. So it is not I who will tell all Christians what to do but some know legal means which can be taken in order to get the other person to respect the rights of others," Arinze said.

"This is one of the fundamental human rights: that we should be respected, our religious beliefs respected, and our founder Jesus Christ respected," he said, without elaborating on what legal means he had in mind.

If this was a film slamming Mohammed and Islam cities would be burning right now.

Are OPD officers too quick to tase?

From 2003 to 2005, Orlando cops tased 1,243 people, often in violent situations. But a review finds they also used stun guns after minor traffic stops in Parramore and on angry drunks downtown. Read the Sentinel article HERE.

This is what we are up against...

The following is an excerpt from the TimesOnline - with a link provided to the complete article below the excerpt. Everyone needs to read this account of the "punishment" given to this victim at the hands of Islamic men yelling “Allahu Akbar.” --Doug Hagmann, Director NEIN

7 May 2006: Even by the stupefying standards of Iraq’s unspeakable violence, the murder of Atwar Bahjat, one of the country’s top television journalists, was an act of exceptional cruelty. Nobody but her killers knew just how much she had suffered until a film showing her death on February 22 at the hands of two musclebound men in military uniforms emerged last week. Her family’s worst fears of what might have happened have been far exceeded by the reality. Complete TimesOnline article

Remember, given the opportunity they would do this to you and your children.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I-Drive Sex Attacker Gets Life Sentence

Local6 is reporting...

A 36-year-old man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 12-year-old British tourist in an elevator last July was sentenced to life behind bars, according to Local 6 News.

Carl Moore, 36, was arrested last July after police said surveillance video at the Enclave Suites located on International Drive showed him trying to sexually assault a girl.

Moore admitted he followed the girl from a parking lot, stopped the elevator and lifted her shirt to grope her.

Thursday, Judge Jose Rodriguez gave Moore the maximum sentence.

"And I will sentence the defendant -- as difficult as it is -- to spend the rest of your life in prison," Rodriguez said. "I believe it's the only way that our society and our community can be protected."

The whip comes down! We need to write or e-mail this Judge and thank him for getting tuff with child molesters!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher Gets Arrested Again

Pamela Rogers Arrested Again Over Nude Videos

· April 26: Pamela Rogers arrested again in sex case. Her arrest this week stems from further allegations that she has had extensive contact with the boy and his family, including calls, e-mails and text messages along with the nude photos and sex videos, court documents allege. Some of the naked photos and videos she sent after her most recent court appearance on April 12, a warrant says. "These were videos of (the) defendant involved in sexual activity and she was nude in the pictures," the warrant says. MORE

Be sure to check out the phone video at badjocks... VIDEO HERE

· April 13: Teacher's blog causes arrest. A Warren County teacher who got out of jail two months ago after being accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student has blogged about the boy on the Internet, a local prosecutor said. Pamela Rogers, 28, violated her probation by setting up a personal Web page and blog on which she mentioned the boy, District Attorney General Dale Potter said. MORE

The Rev. John Carmichael of the Church of Scientology explains why his religion frowns on talking during labor and delivery.

Scientology Silent Birth: 'It's A Natural Thing'

Since actor Tom Cruise, a Scientologist, announced that he and actress Katie Holmes would follow the Scientology practice of "silent birth" when their baby was born, there has been widespread speculation about what's behind this idea and what it involves. On April 18, 2006--the day Cruise and Holmes' baby, Suri, was born--the Rev. John Carmichael, president of the Church of Scientology in New York, spoke with Beliefnet senior editor Alice Chasan to explain Scientology's views on childbirth, the parent-child relationship, and child development.

Rev. Carmichael joins me this morning at 8AM ET.

The Scientology Lies FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why are we celebrating another country's military victory?

History of Cinco de Mayo
IntroductionThe holiday of Cinco De Mayo, The 5th Of May, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. It is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla, with some recognition in other parts of the Mexico, and especially in U.S. cities with a significant Mexican population. It is not, as many people think, Mexico's Independence Day, which is actually September 16.

Perhaps we should observe other great foreign military battles?

Michael Fumento stops by to tell us what he saw in Iraq

My article "Back to Falluja" in current Weekly Standard
By Michael Fumento
The first article to come out of my trip to Al Anbar, Iraq is the cover story in the current Weekly Standard. You can read it there or online on my website. I've also posted more photos.

Michael made two important observations on Today's show.
1. We need more US Military Troops, at least 12,000 he said.
2. The Iraq military is very poorly equipped.

'America, You Lost'

Terrorist mocks life sentence Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui taunts court after escaping death penalty for role in Sept. 11, 2001, attacks

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is Pope poised to sanction condoms?

Vatican's rethink on ban signals historic move to cut the spread of Aids

Father Jonathan Morris FOX News Vatican correspondent joins me Thursday at 8:00AM ET.

Heavily tax all wire and other transfers of money from illegal aliens to their homelands.

Here's a great idea sent to me by a listener...

If Mexico is getting $20 billion a year from illegal aliens in the U.S., seize about 30% of it. Call it a fine. If you can show that the money was earned here illegally there would be absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bit of it when it is sent back to Mexico to shore up Vicente. Look ... if you drive by a car and solicit a prostitute the cops can confiscate your car. You were using that car in the commission of a crime, it can be taken. If you sell illegal drugs the government can confiscate the money you earned selling those drugs ... and the government can do it under asset forfeiture laws without even proving that you were guilty of a crime. All they need is a reason to believe that you committed a crime. If, in fact, you earned that money legally you can sue the government to get your money back. Same rule for illegal aliens. Confiscate their cash. Take their paychecks. That is money earned during the commission of a crime. If they can prove they earned it legally, let them have it back. This would be a lot of money that could be spent on border and immigration control.

Concerns Raised in U.S. By Mexico's Plan to Decriminalize Possession of Small Amounts of Drugs

Concerns have been raised in the U.S. after the Mexican government said yesterday (May 2nd) that President Vicente Fox will sign legislation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opium, LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, amphetamines, ecstasy and peyote. The legislation, which has been approved by both houses of Mexico's Congress, is intended to free up resources to fight against drug gangs who are waging a violent turf war on the border with the U.S.

Washington, which counts on our southern neighbor's support in battling gangs that move large amounts of drugs to the U.S. through Mexico, was surprised by the legislation. Local authorities on both sides of the border were angered, with Mexican police saying it will make already crime-ridden border cities even rowdier and unruly. Concerns about drug tourists heading to Mexico from the U.S. were also raised, especially as young people already cross the border to drink in borders towns like Tijuana.

Annie Jacobsen author of Terror in the Skies stops by to tell us why 9-11 could happen again

Homeland Security Inspector General tells all.

Confirms Terror in the Skies findings.

(Dallas) In yet another blow to the Department of Homeland Security, former Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin has published a devastating critique of the incompetence, mismanagement, and unaccountability of our country’s most important agency. The “Superman” of DHS, Ervin is featured in an exclusive interview in ANNIE JACOBSEN’S new book Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again. Jacobsen discusses the implications of Ervin’s expose and illuminates the quagmire that is DHS.

Annie Jacobsen’s harrowing first-hand account of her flight with a group of suspected terrorists forces us to ask: Could 9/11 happen again? On June 29, 2004, Jacobsen witnessed what she believed was a terrorist “dry run.” An online article about her terrifying experience quickly made world news, launching her on a year-long investigation. In Terror in the Skies, Jacobsen tells the full story of Northwest 327 and the farcical investigation that followed. What happened on her flight, she discovered, was not an isolated incident, and if our air security does not improve, 9/11 is likely to happen again.

Maria Elena Salinas from Univision stops by the PC Show

To share her perspective on the Illegal Immigration debate plus talk about her new book I AM MY FATHER'S DAUGHTER: Living a life without secrets

Monday, May 01, 2006

The great American turnoff

Read the outstanding column by Debra Saunders at

I am one American who will be moved in the direction not intended by sponsors of the May 1 National Day Without Immigrants Great American Boycott demonstrations.

When supporters of illegal immigration threaten to boycott all stores, it makes me feel like shopping. When I see TV reporters interview demonstrators, who announce that they are undocumented, I can only surmise that illegal immigrants have nothing to fear from immigration authorities.

When demonstrators say that Americans should welcome them because they are willing to work at low wages, I notice that they have depressed wages for other low-skilled workers and made it harder for less-educated Americans to earn a living wage. I salute anyone who wants to work hard, but I cannot feel good about the fact that they do so by dragging down other people's ability to earn a decent living.

When I read Mexican American Political Association flyers for the May 1 event that demand "immediate legalization without conditions," that tells me activists don't want the earned citizenship in the Senate Judiciary Committee immigration bill, because it requires would-be citizens to learn English, attend civics classes, pay a fine and back taxes, and pass a criminal background check. Read the rest HERE.